Spinning Music Hits One Million Views!

8 09 2011

For this, we need our special announcement hats.  (Sorry, Sandra Boynton toddler in-joke.)

Folks, the counter on the blog rolled over on the Labour Day weekend as Spinning Music welcomed its millionth page view in just over three years.  As Arlo Guthrie would say, “Friends, they may think it’s a movement!”

A million of anything calls for a celebration, so it’s time to break out the Spinning Music swag.  I’ve got a Bondi Band and a $25 iTunes gift card to give away.  (What, you expected a Cervelo?  Hey, we’re a volunteer blog here.)

What’s a Bondi Band?  It’s my favourite head band of the moment – and I am tough on head bands.  This one stays put, wicks sweat, looks good, and amazingly, works equally well for men and women:

I have three colours to choose from: black, orange, and lime green.  The saying on the front?

What else?

Here’s how it works: to enter the Spinning Music 1,000,000 Views Contest, leave a comment on this post telling me your favourite Spinning song of all time, and why.  (Don’t leave your address, e-mail or contact info – I can still get in touch if you win.) 

The contest closes at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 30, 2011.  I’ll do a random draw of everyone who comments, and one lucky commenter will win the Bondi Band and $25 iTunes gift card.

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62 responses

11 12 2012

“Indestructible” by Robyn. This song is very instructor friendly because it’s easy to cue (you can easily tell when the changes in the song are coming), gets the class pumped up and can be used as a flat OR a moderate climb. Win all the way! I’m not allowed to look at any notecards or anything when I teach and I am required to cue ON the music, so I pick songs that are simple yet effective :) AWESOME BLOG!

12 12 2012

Much appreciated Stanko!

22 11 2012
Lisa S

Congrats Cynthia! I have to say your blog posts have saved me from complete mental blocks many a time. You know those days where your child(ren) arent cooperating, trying to put together a playlist, get dinner ready and keep your self sane! Well those are the days I have grabbed a few of your songs. I have to say my favorite is Adrenaline. So many ways to use it, and a good way to keep the class moving! Thank you for always sharing!

19 11 2012

Congratulations, Cynthia, what an accomplishment! I love your blog and regularly “borrow” both your suggested music and instructions that accompany the songs. So many songs to choose from, so hard to pin down just one, but I’ll try. I really love Swedish House Mafia, I use a lot of their music, but my all time favorite from them has to be Greyhound. At almost 7 minutes long, you can do so much with this track. I love how the song keeps building, and with no words, makes it easier to give instructions, especially if you use it later in the ride and are getting a little tired :)

18 11 2012

Congratulations, Cynthia!

One of my favorites is a great piece from the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, “And I Will Kiss,” featuring Evelyn Glennie, Underworld, Isles Of Winds album. It’s about 15 minutes of hard driving, hill climbing music that provides four distinct stopping points, that I call plateaus. We start off from a flat road, get our cadence level up and start climbing, taking up-surges as needed; hit the first plateau; grab a drink and get ready to continue on with our climb – think Tour de France. Each plateau gives the riders a chance to grab some hydration as they look at an ever increasing climb to the top. The final hill is about 3.5 minutes of the strongest climb ever; as they round the top of the hill; coast down and stay on the flats for a 2 minute recovery ride. Wow! What a ride :)

19 11 2012
Mark W

Is this available as a single purchase? On itunes its only available as a full album purchase.

19 11 2012

Hi, Mike:
I own the entire album and, after checking this out, it appears that it’s only available through album purchase on Amazon or ITunes. It’s a bit pricey, but the full album is chock full of great, inspirational tunes for cycling, making it quite worthwhile. There are some YouTube versions that are somewhat shorter, cutting out about 2.5 minutes at the beginning, which is not a bad thing. At least you get a chance to listen to it in its (almost) entirety to see whether or not you want to purchase the album. It’s a great piece. I had about 20 in my class at 5:45 this morning and they really like the driving force of this piece.

18 11 2012
Maureen Flatley

Today a complete tie between:

Fifty Ways to Say Goodbye by Train and This Head I Hold by Electric Guest

28 09 2011
Kaylin MacKenzie

Moves Like Jagger – I cannot get enough of this song while I’m driving in my car, walking to work or out for a run. It is even better during a spin class. It has the right energy and “pump it up” vibe to make me want to spin all day!! This is such a breakthrough hit for Maroon 5!

27 09 2011

Love this website!! I’m a 2 year teacher and always come here when I’m stuck in a rut with my music and my class feels the difference. I can’t pick just one so I’ll give three. One: Heart of a Champion by Nelly…totally amazing climb. Two: Gotta Work by Amerie for a standing run or jumps Three: Bright Lights Bigger City by Cee Lo Green…can’t stop my feet when I hear that beat

27 09 2011

Great picks, Crystal – thanks. Bright Lights Bigger City has a Michael Jackson back beat. I had the headphones so loud while I was listening to your songs that my husband said, “You’re going to damage your hearing!”

27 09 2011

Keep Hope Alive (of course) by Crystal Method! I also loved your Heavy Metal ride. So proud of your million hits!

27 09 2011

Hey, you figured out how to comment! xo

24 09 2011

I am also addicted to Love Glory by Lady Gaga. Its my heart favorite track.

21 09 2011
Christine Hall

Hi Cynthia!
I am new to spinning and LOVE, LOVE your website. Thanks for all the song ideas! Not only do you give us a song, but you tell us what to do with it. Keep it up! :)

19 09 2011
Tina Rathman

Wow. This is a tough one but I think Painkiller is an all time favorite. Thank you again for your website. It has been a wonderful training tool. Thank you , thank you, thank you. Please keep it going.

18 09 2011
Heather Gates

I love Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga. I also love Hunuman by Rodrigo and Gabriela.

18 09 2011

Next 2 you by Buckcherry. ladder intervals, 30/10/20/10/15/10

18 09 2011
Delicious Knowledge (@delishknowledge)

Congrats on a million hits! My favorite cycle song of all time is Untouched by the Veronicas… best song to end class with. You “run” then entire time with quick bursts of explosions. Love it!

18 09 2011
Julie Parks

‘Fire” by Scooter. Talk about a way to end class with insane all out sprints! Your lungs are sure to be on fire after this one!

17 09 2011

Congrats on a million! All summer long I kept checking to see if you were updating or not. So glad you are back! I regularly use Bon Jovi’s Blaze of Glory for a final really hard climb. It might have more to do with my obsession for Jon, but my class loves it, too.

16 09 2011
Rebecca Raber

Your site is awesome!!!! I hope I win!!!

15 09 2011

Great warm up song – Wave Length – Van Morison starts slow and then increases in tempo. Radar Love – Golden Earring – great finish song – think pace line – sprint to the finish!!

15 09 2011

My favorite is “Just Can’t Get Enough” from the Black Eyed Peas. It is great for taps, jumps and climb. Great song. Congrats on 1M!

14 09 2011

Played-A-Live by Safri Duo

14 09 2011

Whoo hoo, Congrats!!!!!

Favorite song is hard to choose for sure, but lately but I would have to say for me and my class Fire by Scooter is amazing for sprints. The second time he yells ‘fire” we are up out of our seats sprinting as fast as we can. It creates so much energy towards the end of class they have to pull from their reserves to make it through it. For butt kicking climbs and shurges, I would say Machines Can Work by Fatboy Slim. That song is over 5:00 minutes with a cool beat and non-stop climb sequences for me!!!!

Congrats again. I love your site!!!


14 09 2011

Hard to choose one, but I was looking over my playlists and the ones that get the most repeats are Love Rollercoaster by the Ohio Players for every whoo whoo you add a little tension to climb the hill then you will hear when you go down the hill, lower tension to an all out sprint. Sometimes people will even put their hands up like a real roller coaster, One Way or Another by Blondie – great for jumps, I know you want me by Pitbull, and A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix) by Elvis Presley climbs and sprints very compelling beat.

13 09 2011

Sandstorm by Darude

13 09 2011
Jenn Salamone

“runaway baby” by bruno mars! it’s relatively short (2:30) and QUICK – perfect for a long extended power flat!

13 09 2011

Tough one there are so many. All of P!nk for sprints but at the moment Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga I get my class to shout the EDGE at the end of the sprint chorus.if they don’t shout it loud enough they do the next one standing LOL. They seem to enjoy it

13 09 2011
Ashley Isak

Lose Yourself by Eminem. Its a great song for climbing and just let you take out that frustration that you have!!

12 09 2011

I love Katy Perry’s Firework… A great sprint and everyone gets into it :-) Congrats on the 1mil mark!

12 09 2011

Congrats! I have several songs I LOVE to play but I’m going to go with Edge of Glory. Always pumps me up when I hear this song.

12 09 2011

Holding Out For A Hero, Club Edit,
As I give riders things to think of and new ways to push themselves This song is great. I tell them that They are each a Hero to someone and right now as they push hard some one somewhere is thinking of them . We are all someone’s HERO, so OWN it and ride BABY!!!

12 09 2011
Jessica @ FitTalker

1 million is AMAZING!
This is also a great post because you can scan thorugh people’s responses for more song ideas.
I agree with Lisa that the Bongo Song is great.
I also love the Pretender by the Foo Fighters. I love using it as the last song for sprints having come off a heavy hill.

I so need a new headband! :)

12 09 2011

my favourite has to be ‘bat out of hell’ by Meatloaf. the thing I love about it is the you have 2 choices a 4.54. ride or a 9.49 ride and if you are as much of a ba^%$£d as i am they dont know which one it is until about 4.50 through either one. Its a killer when its the long one.

then there is all the different tempos, hills sprints, u name it it has it. i have over 1000 songs on the go and they all hate’ bat out of hell’.

12 09 2011

How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox 20. Perfect to sprint to the finish with at the end of class. thanks for the giveaway!

11 09 2011

I luv ZOMBIE… From 50 electro tunes… It us an awesome up beat song that makes you want to move fast & hard & sing about Zombies in your head… Haha… Hope you pick ME!!! Ride on

11 09 2011

Edge of Glory is my favorite!! I’m a spin instructor and it really gets the juices flowing for an all out sprint on the chorus!!

11 09 2011
jonathan Harris

“All my Life” starts off slow and then blazes into an all out sprint.

11 09 2011
dana flaherty

Favorite Spin song is: Magic by B.O.B- such a great song to sprint to during the chorus and a great beat for intervals alternating positions 3 and 4! My classes love this one every time! never gets old!! Congrats on the 1million hits!

11 09 2011

WOOHOO! Congrats on such a great Blog that I go do routinely. As a new Spin Instructor, I have read every thing you have had to offer on here and you have given me such great idea’s! I have even shared this blog with my supervisor and now she quotes things from here. Now for my favourite Spin Song!?
Well, I just can’t help but do 4 count JUMPS to Bon-Bon- Pitbull! Zone 3, entire song…Up 1, 2, 3, 4 and down, 1, 2, 3, 4. Pefect beat for it! :-)

11 09 2011

Congrats on your milestone! I’m just getting back into spinning after a break (had a baby). Right now my favorite spin song is Edge of Glory by Lady GaGa…no matter how unmotivated I am, this song always pumps me up and I get a great burn! Thanks for hosting a great site!

10 09 2011

Congrats on the landmark hits! I don’t know if you’ve ever used this song in your class, but “Don’t Give Up” by the Noisettes is my personal favorite for two and a half minutes of pure fire.

10 09 2011
Sandy K

Lose Yourself by Eminem…can’t help but pull from within and let it all out. Congrats, I love this blog and find so many great things here! You are awesome!

10 09 2011

So hard to pick just one! Here it goes…seems no matter when you put it on the class seems to bump it just a bit harder for ya! and my vote is…Hello by Martin Solveig Dragonette – LOVE SPINNING MUSIC and you are wonderful girl!!

10 09 2011

Wow ONE favorite song? Not possible! I have so many…. Hmmm right now my favorite has to be BLOW by Ke$ha, my classes LOVE it for jumps and it gets the atmosphere ROCKING!

10 09 2011

So many choices…”Its a Long Way to the Top” by AC/DC for climbing and “Love Shack” by B-52′s for pyramids most favorite in my class. “Rock This Town” by Stray Cats a great one for fast flat, pace holding ride, lots of hoots and hollars for that one!

I love your site! Keep em’ coming.


10 09 2011

Congratulations Cynthia! Your site has been almost literally a lifesaver for me :) I’ve gone from not teaching for 3 years to taking 4 spins a week as well as other classes so it’s been a real steep learning curve. So hard to choose, I think I’ve probably used Pink’s Raise your glass the most times in my classes, but I’ll go with Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga as my absolute favourite. Thanks again for a great site, it’s given me so many much needed ideas

10 09 2011

I’m so glad I found your blog! The spinning instructor at my current location plays really old songs and I have given her a few of your playlists :)
I have a lot of favorite songs for spinning but my favorite one right now would be Bon,Bon by Pittbull!
Congrats on the 1 million views – that’s awesome

10 09 2011
Fergus O'Grady

Fantastic Cynthia ! Summer is almost over -I must get back to your class. All time favourite spinning song is Sandstorm by Darude. No words just crank it !

9 09 2011
Elizabeth A.

Congratulations on 1M hits! I’ve been reading your blog since I started teaching 7 months ago and it has been an incredible resource for me! From my time teaching so far, I must go with “Clubbed to Death” by Rob Dougan. You can really take your class on a journey with this 7 minute song by incorporating high-gear drills into the intense parts and lower gear recoveries when the music calms.

9 09 2011
Ellis Rutherford

Fantasic news!! Well done!!

My favourite song I have ever used is “Adagio For Strings”, by Tiesto.
The song really builds and builds until you can’t help for going flat out. I try to encourage riders to close their eyes and feel the beat. Helps that it’s one of my fave songs too!!

9 09 2011
Chris L.

Forgot to add my favourite Song in the last post!!! Whoops!

Whole Lotta Rosie – AC/DC used as a standing hill climb. My 6am class is wide awake when we’re done!

9 09 2011
Chris L.

I’m new to leading classes and this website have been a lifesaver for me. Thank you for all the inspiration everyone and congratulations on 1,000,000 hits!


9 09 2011

Congrats!! I love this blog. Hard choice as to favorite song. I would have to say Deveil Went Down to Georgia. Great for Halloween fun and throughout the year. Can be used for Spin ups or Standing hill to sitting sprints (no change in gear) to challenge everyone or as the last sprint to the finish.

Thanks for all you facilitate to help us better ourselves!!!

9 09 2011

Congratulations! Hard to choose one but here goes…..

For my all female beginner class….. “It’s Raining Men!” by Gerri Halliwell – it makes everyone in the class smile and have fun with it…. and they work hard as their adrenaline rises! They come back for more and before you know it…. ADDICTED!

Love your blog… I know it takes a ton of work and dedication but it’s totally appreciated.

9 09 2011

Sandstorm – Darude
Seated or standing…it doesn’t really matter just listen to the music and when it builds…go with it.

9 09 2011

Favorite song of all time for cycling is November Rain by Guns and Roses–with the multiple changes and evolution throughout the arrangement, it really gives the riders multiple challenges for the ultimate buildup to the ending of the song. I like it at the end of a class-to quote the song-”everybody needs someone–you’re not the only one–you’re not the only one!” We must remember this everyday for every challenge we seek to accomplish–you have support–albeit your cycle buddies, family and/or friends.

9 09 2011
Lisa B.

The Theme from Rocky to finish the class! There’s always big smiles with that one.

9 09 2011

Tough one..this week I used Proud Mary-Ike and Tina Turner. Loved the slow start (heavy climb) and when the tempo changes, explode into 3rd and sprint…it’s awesome!

8 09 2011

Woot! Woot! Congrats Cynthia!

Favorite song of all time? Tough to choose! I think probably The Bongo Song by Safri Duo, but for heaven sakes, not as a warm up! Only as a huge, mostly standing, brutal climb to finish off a class!

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