Adrenaline Spin Mix (51 minutes)

14 09 2011

I’m back!  Had a great summer off with my daughter.  Well, not really “off” – I was home with her on weekdays, but continued to work nights and weekends, which sort of explains why I haven’t been posting much lately – no free time.  I’ve been jonesing for some new music for a while and finally got a chance to download some new stuff the other week.

Here’s my latest mix of radio-friendly tunes.  No creative digging on this playlist – I simply scoped out the iTunes Top 100 and downloaded my favourites.  I am still sitting on a bunch of tunes from David Guetta’s new album.  Haven’t quite decided what to do with those yet.  A Guetta-themed ride, maybe?

This ride starts with an eight minute endurance segment, followed by seven minutes of rolling hills, then fifteen punishing minutes of jumps, and winds up with nine sprint intervals over the last eleven minutes.

Beautiful People (feat. Benny Benassi) – Chris Brown (3:46): Warm up with Brown’s first number one single.

Adrenaline (Original Mix) – Liquid Soul (7:51):  Listen to the music for a bit, then choose a tension and a cadence that is slightly uncomfortable for you.  The challenge here is to get into a zone and maintain the effort for the full eight minutes.  There are two options for coaching this one: chatty for distraction, or encourage everyone to leave the day behind and focus inward.  They can close their eyes if they wish – it’s just them and the bike.  I coached it the latter way and when I asked for feedback, about 75% of the class said they preferred it like that to chatty.

February 29, 2012: An alternate way to cue this song:  I did this ride again tonight (a jump ride on Leap Day!) but cued it as an 8 minute race: two minutes of flat road, one minute of seated climb, one minute of standing climb, then reverse: one minute of standing climb, one minute of seated climb, and finishing with two minutes of flat road.  I asked my riders to dig deep – they’re fresh – and aim to be spent when the song ends.  I promised if they gave me everything, we’d have the next song (Moves Like Jagger) for recovery.  My riders really liked the race; there was lots of positive energy that carried us through the rest of the ride.

Moves Like Jagger (The Voice Performance) [feat. Christina Aguilera]  - Maroon 5 (3:21):  The first 45 seconds are for recovery.  Increase the tension and come out of the saddle for some rolling hills.  Cue small tension increases every 15-30 seconds; once you’ve hit 2-4 increases, cue small decreases until riders are back where they started.

Good Feeling  - Flo Rida (4:07): Brand new Flo Rida.  More rolling hills.  Yee haw!

Rain Over Me (feat. Marc Anthony) – Pitbull (3:52):  Here come the jumps.  Are you ready?  Resistance to 5/10 and see what you come up with – any combination of 8/4/2 counts works here.

Brand New Chick – Anjulie (3:32):  Take the tension up a notch to 6/10 and keep jumping.  I am delighted to showcase Canadian artist Anjulie, who hails from my home town of Oakville, Ontario.  There are two versions of this song, but I’m assuming most won’t be able to play a song called Brand New Bitch – especially not Judy!

Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People (4:00):  Next tension increase to 7/10.  This song has been going through my head since I first heard it.  It’s the kind of quirky tune that Apple might use in a commercial, but the lyrics are dark, dark, dark.

Tonight Tonight – Hot Chelle Rae (3:20): The tension goes up for the last time, to 8/10.  Keep jumping to this juicy pop deliciousness.  If you’re not thinking curse words by now, you’re not working hard enough.

Jet Lag (feat. Natasha Bedingfield) – Simple Plan (3:25): It’s just sprints between us and the showers now.  Nine of ‘em.  We’re going to do 30/30/40 here – they’re at 0:40 – 1:09, 1:35 – 2:02, and 2:32 – 3:10.

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) – Katy Perry (3:51):  Perry is the current Queen of Pop.  Three more 30 second sprints  at 0:38 – 1:08, 1:54 – 2:24, and 3:10 – 3:40.

My Body – Young the Giant (4:04):  When I heard the chorus to this song, I knew I had to use it: “My body tells me no, but I won’t quit, ’cause I want more!”  30/60/30 second sprints at 1:00 – 1:28, 1:58 – 2:58, and 3:28 – 4:00.

Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO (3:19):  This is the other song that’s been going through my head since I first downloaded it.  The tongue-in-cheek lyrics never fail to make me smile.  We deserve this cool down.

I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred (2:49):  Sexy and I Know It brought to mind another tongue-in-cheek sexy song, Right Said Fred’s 1991 charmer, I’m Too Sexy.

Had a great treat a couple of weeks ago when reader Elizabeth joined my spin class.  Of course, it was Murphy’s spin class – I was fighting a cold, only one of my regulars showed up, and to cap it off, the microphone died halfway through the class.  Had a lovely chat with Elizabeth and her husband afterwards.  It turns out we had each brought the other a gift.  I gave Elizabeth a Bondi headband that said ‘Addicted to Spinning’ and she gave me an iTunes gift card.  (Thanks, Elizabeth – it was awesome to meet you.  This playlist is yours!)  Here’s a pic of us taken right after class.  If I’d been more on the ball, I would have gotten the pic before we were all sweaty.

Readers, if you are ever in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I would love to meet you!

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10 responses

15 07 2012

Thanks so much for sharing your blog with everyone! As a new instructor it can be a challenge to gettting used to finding what works. Your variety in music and rides is really helpful!

19 11 2011
Blonde Ponytail (@blondeponytail)

I’m so thankful to have found your blog Cynthia! Your playlists are stellar and we have similar tastes! Thank you thank you for sharing this information. As a new instructor, I totally value this info and I second a Guetta themed ride!

19 10 2011

Love “My Body” by Young the Giant, and have put it into my class! Also try the mix of the song by Two Door Cinema Club. Much jumpier but the same tempo!!

19 10 2011

Thanks Owen! Couldn’t find it on iTunes but it’s on Youtube here:

4 10 2011

Thanks SO much for this!!! Really, I am so happy that you’re doing this. PLEASE do a Guetta themed ride? Absolutely in love with his album!

11 10 2011

That’s the encouragement I need Aliad!

26 09 2011

I just want to thank you for putting together this blog. As a fellow instructor, I love have new playlists for my classes but sometimes just get stuck creating them. This provides me with much inspiration. Thank you thank you!

27 09 2011

You’re welcome Nicole! Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting. Glad you like it.

18 09 2011
Åsa Sundell

Hi! I have just found your blogg and I’m so happy to see that you give tips of a complet indoor cycling class. I’m a beginner of holding classes in Sweden so once again, THANKS!!!

16 09 2011

Welcome back Cynthia! Thanks for the update and new playlist! I used 90% of it tonight. A recent mass e-mail to the spin instructors said absolutely NO to ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ or ‘Last Friday Night’ ( in fact most of Katy Perry’s tunes)–because they were deemed inappropriate for our Y! Not a surprise;-)

I’d love one of those nifty headbands- can you please post the link? Do they have one that says addicted to loud, inappropriate music lol?!

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