Enter the Spinning Music Two Million Views Contest!

18 11 2012

Last night the counter clicked over and this little blog hit two million page views.  It took just over three years to get the first million hits and less than fifteen months to get to two million.  Spinning Music now has almost 1,000 regular subscribers who turn to this community to help them deliver the very best indoor cycling classes.

I am humbled and delighted that so many people find the blog helpful.  Thank you for making this such a wonderful community.  You have contributed more than 1,700 comments filled with your ideas and expertise.

It’s time to celebrate.  This post launches Spinning Music’s second Best Cycling Song of All Time contest.  To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me what you think is the best indoor cycling song of all time and why it rocks.  (To check out the songs people nominated in the first contest, click here.)

Up for grabs?  Your choice of a cycling jersey from the official Spinning website (up to $100 value).

The contest closes at 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2012.  I’ll do a random draw from all eligible responses and announce the winner in early January 2013.

The fine print:  If you entered last time, you can enter again, even with the same song.  You can nominate the same song someone else has already chosen.  The toughest part of this contest is that you can only enter once, and you can only nominate ONE song for the all-time best honour.

Which song would I choose?  Regular readers will be able to guess: it’s The Edge of Glory by Lady GaGa.

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48 responses

31 12 2012

Others have listed many of these, but here are some of my favorites: Runnin Down a Dream Tom Petty, Keep the Car Running by Arcade Fire, Everybody Talk by Neon Tree, and for some variety Halo/Walking on Sunshine by Glee.

30 12 2012
Patti Smith

Best spinning song ever- Pump it by the Black Eyed Peas!!! My husband is a spin instructor and we love your site! Great job!

29 12 2012
Lisl Windham

Enter Telephone (DJs From Mars Club Rmx) is my number one most played song in itunes!

28 12 2012
Katerina Holinkova

Im a spinning instrucotr from Sweden and I am proud of having Swedish House Mafia! Their alls songs are awesome, but I think Antidote is my favourite!

15 12 2012

Best spin song: Painkiller by the Freestylers feat. Pendulum. Every time this song comes on during a spin (or even any other kind of workout) it inspires me to embrace the burn/pain and be a total bada** and push right on through it. Definitely the best song to embrace the workout burn. I had never heard it before this website, and it is absolutely awesome!

13 12 2012
Tim W

My choice is “Show Me How You Burlesque” by Christina Aguilera from the Burlesque soundtrack. GREAT energy, and build-ups to the chorus. You can get the class atmosphere going with this song and do anything with it – sprints, surges, runs in the chorus – oftentimes I will challenge the class to “Burlesque” during the chorus and show everyone HOW THEY Burlesque (what it means is completely up to everyones creativity and interpretation, but generally everyone just goes crazy). TON OF FUN! Try it, you will like it!

11 12 2012

All Fired Up by Pat Benetar…. great way to give that last all out push at the end of class.

8 12 2012
Lisa Switzer

Thank you Cynthia for all of your hard work that helps all of the rest of us spinners out so much. My vote has to go for “50 ways to say goodbye” by train. Incredible energy from start to finish!

7 12 2012

Pick just 1???!!!
I think right now i will pick the one you turned me on to which was the dj lobsterdust mashup: stayin alive vs. nelly!!
Thanks for the inspiration!!!

7 12 2012

How do I find this song. I could not locate it in itunes. Thanks

26 12 2012

Hi Jane, it’s not in iTunes. Here’s a link: http://djlobsterdust.com/index.php/mashups/nelly-vs-bee-gees-stayin-hot/

3 12 2012

Love getting playlist ideas! Keep up the good work. One of my favorites is Bring Me to Lift by Evanescence

3 12 2012

Thanks for all your awesome songs! One that I keep going back to class after class is Time after time by Novaspace

30 11 2012
Sean Hearne

Hall of Fame, by The Script.

29 11 2012
Vee Van Dyke

Gotta say, my favorite is Smells Like Teen Spirit! It’s a fabulous climbing song. Slow legs, BIG HILL!

28 11 2012

My favorite has to be “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris. So perfect!

27 11 2012
Brittyne Fitzgerald

Love this blog! You have saved many a spin for me when I really need a new fresh idea! My song nomination….Black Betty! My classes really pull out the sprint for it and always give me a thumbs up when it comes on!

2 12 2012
Brenda Thosath

Love LOVE that one!!

26 11 2012

I love Blow me one last kiss by Pink

26 11 2012
Missy Herzog Kunder

My favorite interval song: Next 2 You by Buckcherry!

24 11 2012
Eric Walter

Metallica – Broken, Beat & Scarred: sprints, tempo.

23 11 2012

Congrats on 2M…3M can’t be far off! So many great tunes to Spin with by Lady Ga Ga, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia. Several great posts already. I recently (Sept 2012) picked up a great freebie on iTunes that works well for Sprints – Champion by The Chevin (not one of the most popular selections but still works well in any playlist).

23 11 2012

My vote is for Breakn’ A Sweat – Zedd Remix by Skrillex/The Doors. This song always gets my blood pumping. Two of the constant lyrics in the song are “That’s Good!” and “Breakn a sweat” which is both reassuring and true when your muscles are burning in a sprint or going up a hill and it pushes you peddle faster and longer!

23 11 2012

Here is a link to the song in case you’ve never heard it

22 11 2012
Athena @ Fitness & Feta

I love Somebody Told Me by The Killers for a closing sprint! Tons of energy!

22 11 2012

Thanks everyone. We’ve got some great ideas so far, keep ‘em coming!

I noticed some people are commenting on last year’s 1,000,000 views post rather than here – if you did that, could you please repost your favourite indoor cycling song as a comment on this post to make sure I consider you for the prize? I want to keep all of the song suggestions in one place.

21 11 2012

I’m a pensioner in the UK and love spinning. My nomination has to be Body Lotion by Roger Shah and Savanah. 9.08 minutes of pure energy.

21 11 2012

I LOVE this site! I am a new spin instructor although not new to spin. :) I have used your site faithfully to get my routines/ideas for routine! Thank you so much for putting it out there! My favorite it THUNDERSTRUCK by AC/DC. We go up on Thunder, down on Thunder, increasing the tension as the song goes. :)

20 11 2012

Congrats on another blog milestone! I love your site! My favorite spin song is Diamond Jigsaw by Underworld.

20 11 2012

Congratulations, Cynthia, what an accomplishment, I love your blog, visit it regularly, and use your songs quite often, so thank you for all the time you put into your work. Tough to pick just one song, but I’ll try – I love Swedish House Mafia and by far my favorite is Greyhound. At almost 7 minutes long there is so much you can do with this track as the tempo builds! I don’t have any particular set instruction for this song, it’s different every time I play it, so I just go where the song takes me.

20 11 2012
Philip Newton

Congrats on 2,000,000!
For me it has to be Pretender by Foo Fighters. Great final sprint track, always leaves you panting and wanting more.

19 11 2012
Tracy Miller

Too hard to pick just one, but if I must, it would probably be More by Usher. The lyrics are inspirational and you can really use it for just about anything – climbs, jumps, sprints, tempo work, or speed drills etc… Oh, and my latest favorite is Try by P!nk for a lot of the same reasons. WAY inspirational, too. Is it okay I listed two? See, I told you this was hard.

19 11 2012

Devil Went Down to Georgia-great for sprints when it hits the chorus and a longer sprint at the end

13 12 2012
Tim W

Love this one, too – great with a big class to split it up and have each team stand in their turn. I often do an everyone out of the saddle run with the first chorus, then guys standing with load during the devil play, then ladies stand with running surge during Johnny, then all again together at the finale.

19 11 2012

Congratulations! Love this site! I get song suggestions and ideas of what to do with them! One of my favourites is Here We Go by Hard Rock Sofa (Swanky Tunes). I use it as a standing climb, 2 hills. You can hear it building, can go all out and then recover downhill until the next hill where you start again.

19 11 2012

I struggle to pick just one song for this! As of late, I’ve been including “Too Close” by Alex Clare in just about every mix. The beat is slower, but strong enough for an aggressive hill, and I sometimes use the chorus for seated surges against heavy resistance. I’m a hill junky, and this song is perfect for one last solid, challenging hill near the end of class.

18 11 2012

congrats on the 2million hits!
One song! Sheesh that feels impossible but one that always raises the roof in my spin classes is BLOW by Kesha.

19 11 2012
Brenda Thosath

Love that one, too!!

23 11 2012

If you like Blow by Ke$ha, you should check out the Blow – Cirkut Remix to mix it up a little.

18 11 2012

I love Fat boy Slim, Rockfeller skank, Such a variety in one song from Jumps to steep short climb followed by a sprint back to Jumps. Really good fun.

22 11 2012

You reminded me of this great song Amanda and I played it yesterday in class.

22 11 2012

Thanks Cynthia, Im glad i could be of use to you. Nice to have given you somehting after all the hints and tips i have had off your website. Thanks.

18 11 2012

Sandstorm by Darude for races

18 11 2012
Brenda Thosath

That’s an awesome one!!

18 11 2012

Congratulations Cynthia!
One of my gifts to new instructors is the link to this blog!
I will nominate my all time favorite cycling song ‘Papi’ by none other than JLo. Jumps, sprints, climbs, drills, high resistance, low resistance…you can do it all to this tune! My regulars know I have a few songs that just happen to ‘sneak’ into my playlists in various forms-’Papi’ and Eric Prydz-Niton’s ‘The Reason’ ! I can’t resist them! Once they start playing I say, now how’d that get in here?”!

18 11 2012

Congrates on 2 million, love spinning, don’t do it enough, I like Riders on a Storm by the Doors.

18 11 2012
Brenda T

I love to include Uprising by Muse!

18 11 2012

I love Bicycle Race by Queen for the obvious biking connection, but you can do almost any element with it. Jumps, rolling hills, sprints, tempo drills, you name it.

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