Quite a few of the songs in this playlist are from #1 Club Hits 2008: Best of Dance, Trance, Electro, House, and Techno. 50 tracks for $9.99 on iTunes – you’re sure to find a dozen or more that you like. Unless, of course, you despise dance/trance/electro/house/techno. To paraphrase a local beer slogan, “those who hate it, hate it a lot.” So why do I use it? It’s still the most requested form of music in my classes. I like it myself, in small to medium-sized doses. Would I listen to it off the bike? Nope. Is it great to Spin to? Yep.

We Will Rock You (Ultra Club Sounds Edit) – Alex Twister (2:56): There’s a reason Queen’s most famous song is played at sporting events all over the world – it fires people up. Start with an easy pedal 2/10, increasing to 3/10 at the 60 second mark while you limber up. For the last 45 seconds, increase it to 4/10 for low tension climb – quick feet!

Shake It – Metro Station (3:00): Keep the tension where it is and continue climbing for the first 45 seconds of this song. All warmed up? Alright, let’s sprint! 25/25/45 at each chorus (0:45 – 1:10, 1:36 – 2:01, 2:17 – 3:00).

Keep Hope Alive (There is Hope Mix) – Crystal Method (5:43): Grab a drink and take a posture break – this next drill is a long one. When you’re ready, take your tension to 5/10 and start climbing. The voice is Jesse Jackson’s, from his 1992 speech titled “You Do Not Stand Alone.” Mix it up here with a variety of tension levels (up and down), plus seated and standing climbs. Switch it up every 20 – 40 seconds. This is the song that’s playing in the YouTube video of Johnny G’s wicked Spin class on the top of a Sao Paulo skyscraper – check it out on the About & Contact page of this blog.

Radar – Britney Spears (3:49): Just when you think you really need a break, we’re going to do some lifts, hard ones first: start with 2 counts for 60 seconds, then 4 counts for 60, then finish the song with 8 counts.

Billy Jean (Morales and Heller Electro Warehouse Mix) – Groove Jet (3:43): get that tension up to 5/10 and start climbing fast!

Gimme Gimme Gimme (Dub Kontor Mix) – Donna M. (3:19): This song samples Hung Up from Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor. We’re going to do 3x 30 second sprints (I do them at 0:35 – 1:05, 1:48 – 2:20 and 2:45 – 3:14). There’s a recovery break of just under 45 seconds between the first and second sprints, and a shorter recovery of 25 seconds between the second and third. Come on, give’er!

4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland) – Madonna (4:05): Third climb of the day, slowest of the bunch, so tension is higher here – start at 6 or 7/10.

Perfect Day – Cascada (3:42): Finish it off with three more sprints 30/25/60 at each chorus (0:33 – 1:03, 2:02 – 2:27, 2:43 – 3:42). This is your last chance to get that energy out! Give it everything you’ve got left.

Apologize (Workout Remix) – Power Music (4:21): One of my favourite cool down songs. Take the tension back to 3/10 then to 2/10, slow your cadence and stretch.