This is a 60 minute class designed for regular Spinners looking for a longer ride. Many of the drills offer modifications to present additional challenge for advanced riders. Typically, participants in hour long classes are chasing that pleasantly thrashed feeling when the class is over. This playlist should do the trick.

Saltwater (Original Radio Edit) – Chicane (3:30): Warmup and stretch.

Viva la Vida – Coldplay (4:04): Steady climb. Start with tension at 4/10 and increase every 60 seconds to finish at 7/10.

I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry (3:01): Keep climbing, only faster! Find the beat. Take the tension back down to 5/10 for each verse, and back up to 7/10 for the choruses. Advanced riders can try it at 6/10 and 8/10. Either way, the tension should make it challenging to maintain the beat here.

Stoned in Love (Radio Edit) – Chicane (feat. Tom Jones): Love, love, love this sprinting song. Three sprints here 30/30/30, one at each chorus. Tension should be at 4/10. Take them seated, or standing (advanced).

Sandstorm (DJ Cobra v. Doug Laurent Electro Edit) – Tunnel Alliance (3:33): Time for some lifts. Take them at 8/4/2 beats, or try random intervals (just explain the drill then call out 8! 2! 4! 2! 8!)

Keep Hope Alive (There is Hope Mix) – Crystal Method (5:43): This is a long climb for a single song, but your riders can take it. Start with tension at 5/10 and mix it up with various tension levels, seated and standing. Change it up every 20-40 seconds.

Beds are Burning (Radio Edit) – Novaspace (3:21): It took almost six minutes to climb the hill, but will only take three to go down. Sprint out each chorus 35/30/30. Advanced riders can turn the last sprint into a full 60 seconds, through the end of the song.

Sweet Dreams (Doug Laurent Mix Edit) – Overdub (3:15): Single leg training, 45 seconds per leg, 2 sets. This is not a break! Tension should be high enough that riders are very happy to get to the switch, while still maintaining 60rpm. Tension at 6/10 is about right.

The Way I Are (feat. Keri Hilson and D.O.E.) – Timbaland (2:59): Leave the tension at 6/10 for a combination standing/seated climb. When you hear Timbaland, stay seated. For Keri Hilson, stand.

Billy Jean (Morales and Heller Electro Warehouse Mix) – Groove Jet (3:43): Keep climbing! This is a faster climb, so reduce the tension to 5/10.

Beat It (feat. John Mayer) – Fall Out Boy (3:48): Continue the Michael Jackson theme for the next set of sprints, one at each chorus. These ones are longer at 45/45/60. Advanced riders can do one or more as standing sprints.

Bounce with Me – Kreesha Turner (3:08): Just plain lifts, 8/4/2 beats, one minute of each. Tension 4/10.

Give it 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Edit) РMadonna (5:00): Another long climb for this advanced class. Do it with a slight lean toward the downstroking pedal. Start with tension at 5/10.  Advanced riders should increase the tension after each chorus.

U+Ur Hand – P!nk (3:34): Last set of sprints for the day – make them count! 30/30/60. Advanced riders should do one or more as standing sprints.

Love Generation (feat. Gary Pine) (Bob Sinclar Radio Edit) – Bob Sinclar and Gary Pine (3:34): Last drill before the cool down. This one is riders’ choice. It’s good for getting out anything they don’t feel they’ve had enough of. Try a steady cadence or some more single leg training, 2x 45 second sets for each leg.

Hard Sun – Eddie Vedder (5:22): We need a good cool down after a ride like this. Time to slow your legs and stretch.

Say – John Mayer (3:52): An additional cool down song for those who want or need it. Pleasantly thrashed? Excellent.