Another lunch time 30 minute class featuring some of my newest music. To make this into a 40 minute class, add a sprinting song and a song for lifts.

In and Out of Love (feat. Sharon den Adel) – Armin van Buuren (6:01): Warm up with this dance song featuring den Adel’s lovely voice over a steady beat. Check your form: feet flat, with the ball of your foot on the shaft of the pedal, knees pointing ahead, making nice round circles, pushing down and pulling up. Back is straight, shoulders down, elbows and wrists loose.

Move any Mountain – Shamen (3:29): Motivational lyrics and a driving beat – what more can you ask from a climb? (If you’re looking for the song on iTunes, and can’t find it, it may be because mountain is spelled mountian on that site.)

Perfect Day – Cascada (3:42): Time for some sprints! We’re going to do three, one at each chorus: 27/27/45 seconds. They’re at 0:33 – 1:00, 2:00 – 2:27, and 2:57 – 3:42.

Girl with the Pretty Name – Sketch Williams (3:17): I was captivated by this song the first time I heard it on a local radio station – 101.3 The Bounce. Fortunately, they post their daily playlists online, so it’s easy to track down music you like. I surf their playlists pretty regularly for new material. Let’s do some lifts: 8/4/2 counts.

Hot ‘n Cold – Katy Perry (3:40): More climbing. Mix it up by changing position at each chorus.

Tainted Love (Bleeding Love Club Edit) – Demanda (3:40): Single-leg training, 2 sets x 45 seconds per leg. Get that tension up where it matters – 7/10.

Euro Dancer (One Night in Paris Radio Version) – Rob Hilton (3:18): Finish up with a freestyle climb, riders’ choice.

Angel – Flipsyde (4:27): Everything a cool down song should be. Let’s enjoy a bit of stretching and get on with the day.