Back from a family visit over the holidays and itching to get back on the bike after a week away from it.  I did take in one Spin class while I was away, at an official Spinning centre.  I wanted to see how it differed from the other classes I’ve attended.  Mostly, there’s more mind-body emphasis.

red-coat-girl-on-bike Taught two classes today, a 30-minute lunch class, and a 40-minute after work class.  I used Best of 2008 playlists for both classes.  Since they’re slightly different, I’ll post both of them.  This one is the 30-minute class.  It’s two large hills with some bumpy terrain in between.  It’s a challenging class, but then we have a great deal of chocolate/stuffing/gravy/pie to atone for.

Bounce with Me – Kreesha Turner (3:08): It’s impossible not to move to Turner’s infectious single.  Warm up your legs with some easy spinning at a 2/10 tension.  Throw in some dynamic stretches.

Disturbia – Rihanna (3:59): Here comes the first hill: an 8 minute climb.  Start off at 4/10 (pretty easy) and increase it every 60 seconds.  You’ll finish around 8/10.

Just Dance (RedOne Remix) – Lady GaGa and Kardinal Offishall (4:19): Beginners, take 30-45 seconds for recovery; advanced riders, leave your tension where it is and keep climbing, slowing your pace to match the beat.  Getting to the top of the hill feels so good!

Beat It (feat. John Mayer) – Fall Out Boy (3:48): Sprints!  Reduce the tension to 4/10 or 5/10 to head down the hill.  There are three sprints here: 45/45/60 seconds at 0:26 – 1:12, 1:36 – 2:21, and 2:48 – 3:48.  Take up your cadence to race day pace.  Beginners, and those not looking to leave some turkey stuffing on the floor, increase your cadence by 20%.

I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry (3:01): Like it or hate it, this song was part of the musical landscape in 2008.  We’re going to use it to cover some bumpy ground and do some lifts: 1 minute each at 8/4/2 counts.  There’s a natural switch after each chorus.

Viva la Vida – Coldplay (4:04): We’ve arrived at the second hill, another 8 minute climb.  Take the tension to 5/10.  Once again, increase the tension every 60 seconds.

Pop Culture (GYR8 Remix) – Creature (3:38):  Take the tension back to 5/10 for this fast climb to the top.

Shake It – Metro Station (3:00): Spin classes all over the world were sprinting to this tune in 2008, and we’re going to do the same.  First, 45 seconds for recovery.  Three sprints: 25/25/45 seconds.  They’re at 0:45 – 1:10, 1:36 – 2:01, and 2:17 – 3:00.  Advanced riders, take them standing for a greater challenge.

Old School – Hedley (3:41): Wind up with this anthem from an upstart Canadian band.  Slow your cadence, take off some (but not all) of the tension, and stretch.

Over the Rainbow – Jason Castro (3:30): An extra stretching song for those who want a little more time.

Lots of Canadian music in this mix: Kreesha Turner, Kardinal Offishall, Creature, and Hedley all hail from the Great White North (which wasn’t very white today – bucking all trends, it was sunny and a balmy 11 degrees C.)