Well everyone, it’s almost baby-time – I’m due April 3 with our first, a girl.  I gave up teaching my spin class a couple of weeks ago when I came down with a nasty cold.

My mat leave from work starts in two weeks.  In Canada employees are fortunate to have up to a year of paid maternity leave with job protection.  I am mostly self-employed so I will only qualify for a small benefit, but the clients I work for self-employed have all agreed to give me an unpaid leave (which is great – because self-employed people have no guarantee their customers will come back if they close up shop for a while!)  I’ll be on maternity leave from March 21, 2010 through the end of August 2010.  My honey will be taking paternity leave from September – December 2010.  Look for me to resume posting in September 2010.

I didn’t want to leave the blog fallow for five months, so I borrowed an idea from my old friend Karl, who takes a break from blogging each summer and turns his blog over to his regular readers, who sign up to write a guest post.

I approached some of the most regular contributors on the blog, along with some bloggers who have links on the site.  I am delighted that they’ve all agreed to contribute a guest post during my mat leave.  I am so excited about this – it’s killer lineup of sixteen instructors to hold the fort while I’m enjoying time with my baby.  In fact, when I looked at the final list I was pretty intimidated – I’m going to have big shoes to fill when I come back from my leave.

Here is the schedule, so you’ll know who is posting on which dates.  There will be a new playlist or profile at least every two weeks, so lots of fresh content over the summer.  I’ve asked each guest poster to introduce themselves at the outset of the post, so you can get to know them better.

April 1 –Denise

April 15 – Judy

April 22 – April

May 1 – Tim

May 15 – Beth Ann

May 22 – Darcy (who blogs over at Spin Cycles)

June 1 – Aquagirl

June 15 – Lisa

June 22 – Jen (who blogs over at Leave it on the Bike)

July 1 – Adrienne

July 15 – Bob

July 22 – Paul (who blogs over at Tiger Spin)

August 1 – Amy

August 15 – Gabriela (who blogs over at Spin DJ)

August 22 – Jenn (who blogs over at Move Me with Music)

August 30 – Nancy (my former grasshopper, who is kicking butt and taking names as one of the busiest instructors in the city).

If you haven’t had a chance, this is a great time to check out their blogs as well.  I want to send a huge shout out and thanks to each of the instructors who agreed to contribute a ride to the blog.  I’m looking forward to seeing your stuff!

Looking for a St. Patrick’s Day Ride?

Bob just posted a great ride made up of all Irish artists on the Reader Playlist page, or you can check out my St. Patrick’s Day ride from March 2009 – the Irish is a State of Mind Spin Mix.