Ease on Down the Road Spin Mix (45 minutes)

22 04 2010

Hi, my name is April and I have been teaching indoor cycling for about a year.  I started teaching a few months after having my second daughter.  It has definitely helped me get back into shape.  Right now I teach two classes a week and I love it.  I have so much fun coming up with playlists and I get so many great ideas from this website!  Every so often I like to have a theme of the day.  This ride uses all songs from Braodway musicals.  The people in my class really enjoyed it.  My classes are 45 minutes, so this is a 45 minute ride.

Lay All Your Love on Me – Dominic Cooper and Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia) (4:29):  Warm-up.

Mamma Mia – Meryl Streep (Mamma Mia) ( 3:35):  Sprints during the chorus of the song.

Ease on Down the Road – Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, and Quincy Jones (The Wiz) (3:56):  Jumps up a hill.  Increase the resistance and go from a seated climb to position 3 and back down again.  I usually tell my class to go at their own pace and to make sure they stay in control, use their legs (not arms) to get out of that seat, and don’t plop back down in the saddle…slow and controlled.

We Didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel (Movin’ Out) (4:50):  I use the song by Billy Joel, not the one from the musical.  This song is one big hill.  We start seated on a small hill.  About every 45 seconds the hill gets harder.  I usually have them add on resistance three times in the saddle and then come to a standing climb to finish the last three increases.

Born to Hand-Jive – New Broadway Cast (Grease) (3:19):  Take a little break here.  Decrease the resistance, but increase that speed.

You Can’t Stop the Beat – Amanda Bynes, Elijah Kelley, John Travolta, Nikki Blonsky, Queen Latifah, and Zac Efron (Hairspray) (5:03):  Jumps.  This time we are coming up to position 2 and our speed is faster than the jumps earlier.  I usually do 30-45 seconds of jumps and them give them a 30 second break.

It’s Your Wedding Day – Stephen Lynch (The Wedding Singer) (3:57):  I have them work on one leg at a time during this song, switching from left to right.

My Strongest Suit – West End Orchestra and Singers (Aida) (5:18):  This song starts out slow.  We start in the seat and increase that tension and slow down.  1:40 – the song start to pick up.  Come out of that saddle to a standing climb and increase your speed.  3:42 – the song changes again.  Come up to position 2 and run it out until the end of the song.

Defying Gravity Remix – Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenowith (Wicked)- 3:45 This is the last song before the cool down.  I let my class know we are at the end and we are going to sprint to the finish line.  I break my class up into three sections (we have three rows of bikes, so it works perfectly).  When I call their row, they sprint until I call the next row.  I usually do 2 or 3 rounds of 15 second sprints.  I then have everyone slow down and the entire class with sprint the last 30 seconds of the song.

Seasons of Love – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Rent) (2:54):  Cooldown.

Music of the Night – Original London Cast (Phantom of the Opera) (5:13):  Stretch.

Thanks April, for the first Broadway show tunes mix at Spinning Music!  (My trainer would love this one.)  I have a huge soft spot for The Wedding Singer.  If you came of age during the 80s and haven’t seen this movie, it’s a must-rent, even if you aren’t a fan of Adam Sandler flicks.  This one is different – trust me.

Sleep deprivation.  It’s been linked to diabetes, obesity, depression, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system.  Sleep deprivation has been on my mind a lot lately, since I’m up during the night with Kate, who nurses every two to four hours.  To maximize our restorative sleep, my husband and I purchased a low-wattage red light bulb to use at night.  We can see while we are up with the baby, changing diapers, feeding and soothing, but red light doesn’t interrupt crucial melatonin production.  Even brief exposure to white light is enough to shut down melatonin production – and restorative sleep – for the rest of the night.  So far it’s been working really well.

Bottom line?  To maximize your restorative sleep, never turn on a light after you go to bed for the night.  If you will need light, use a red night light.

Next up is Tim on May 1. Can’t wait to see what he’s got for us.


Ride Like the Wind Spin Mix (60 minutes)

15 04 2010

Hi Spinners!

My name is Judy. I have been a certified spin instructor since December of 2008. As most instructors I started out as a sub but now have my own class- woohoo! I love it! I have been a fitness fanatic for many years. I became a certified personal trainer 12 years ago and have amassed several certifications since (senior fitness, weight training specialist to name a few). I have a master’s degree in public health. As one of our regular bloggers mentioned having your own class can be both a blessing and a curse if you are, as I am, compulsive about presenting a different playlist for each class. I often find myself creating new playlists well into the wee hours of the morning only having to get up early the next morning to greet my students and motivate them to complete one of my notoriously challenging classes. Thank goodness for espresso!!!

Here’s a new playlist that I used just this morning. My classes are just about one full hour. This was a BLAST!

Ride Like the Wind (Club Remix) – Michael Mind (5:43):  Warm-up.

How Much is the Fish – Scooter (3:09):  Sprints.

Low – Flo Rida (3:53):  Slow, heavy tension, out of the saddle climb.

Find Yourself (Original Mix) feat. Sara Howells – John O’Callaghan (4:39):  Fast-
paced climb, in and out of the saddle.

Me Against the Music (Rishi Rich’s Desi Kulcha’s Remix) feat. Madonna Britney
Spears – (4:32):  Keep those legs quick with moderate tension while we transition into different upper body positions, we’re going to work our core.

Rapture – iiO (3:27): Moderate tension, then add a full turn up (increase resistance) at the chorus and increase our pace.

Control – Metro Station (3:20):  Oh, I feel the need for SPEED.

Holding Out for a Hero – Frou Frou (Shrek 2 OST) (3:21):  All Out HEAVY tension climb, reiterate that this is their ride so customize to your own ability and desire, at heavy tension make sure you are able to make smooth, continuous pedal strokes, if not reduce your tension until you can. This is a good time for everyone to check their form.

She Wolf (Official Remix) feat. T-Pain – Shakira (3:17):  Let’s howl while we perform standing, moderate tension runs at the chorus!

Wait Your Turn (The Wait is Ova) – Rihanna (3:50):  Climb – start at your 8 (0-10 RPE) and we work up to your 10.

Piece of Me – Britney Spears (3:32):  Hills, heavy tension up, moderate tension down.

Strut – Adam Lambert (3:26):  Standing sprints at each chorus.

SexyBack (feat.Timbaland) – Justin Timberlake (4:02): (clean version, I work at the
YMCA!)  Climb double time at the chorus.

Music is Pumping (Alex K Mix) – 15-Porn Kings and Flip & Fill (4:24):  ALL OUT
Seated Sprints, start at 75% of your 100% work it up to 100% 4x give it 110% at the end! This is the last work song so dig deep and give it all you’ve got!

Wishing on a Star – Jay-Z (3:57):  Cool down, reduce your cadence, let your heart rate come down and start stretching.

Wildcat – Ratatat (4:20):  Cool down, stretching continues, pat yourselves on the back, see ya next week!

Fit Tip of the Day – No matter how much you love to spin, alter your workouts.  Prevents injuries and burn-out!


— Judy

Thanks, Judy!  Your enthusiasm comes through so clearly – I’ll bet your riders really respond to it.  Ride like the Wind is one of my favourite warm-up tunes and how can your legs not move to How Much is the Fish?

Folks, there’s a new, dedicated spin studio in my hometown featuring RealRyder bikes.  The company claims that these next-generation bikes steer, lean, and feel like road bikes.  They also tout upper body, core, and balance benefits over regular spin bikes.  I’m intrigued, and as soon as I’m cleared to exercise I’m going to head over and try them out.  A recent review of the bikes in Toronto’s Globe & Mail newspaper praised the bikes for “an efficient and excellent workout” and gave them an 8/10 for muscle burn, and 8/10 for cardio, but only 5/10 for fun.  Not different enough to bring the author back to indoor cycling, which she’d given up a couple of years before.  Have you tried one of these RealRyder bikes?  What did you think?

Next guest blogger up is April.  Look for her playlist next week, on April 22.

Happy spinning!

— Cynthia

Working Day and Night Spin Mix (60 minutes)

8 04 2010

My first post as a blogger… this is fun!  Thank you Cynthia for giving me the opportunity to reach out to your readers!

Up until recently, I was teaching eight spin classes as week.  If I could do 40, I would but unfortunately a nagging neck injury has made me cut back to three classes a week.  Regardless, I pride myself on keeping every playlist fresh and making it about the music.  I am a rocker at heart but sing along (or mouth along as the case may be… I am mic’d up after all) to every song.  Many of my riders will tell me they love my class for the music but a lot of my male riders like that I offer them the option to do a “no recovery ride”.  I attract riders from ages 19 to 65 and it is an awesome feeling when a 65 year old woman is singing “Highway to Hell”.

I turned 40 last week and on the same day finished up two of my classes.  I left with what I will call my Greatest Hits playlist although this is no way reflects my favorite spin songs.  It’s tough to pick the absolute favorites.  So this is a few giving you a solid 60-minute ride.

—- Denise

Take It Easy – The Eagles (3:31): “Warm Up” No need to take it easy on this ride!  Let’s ride a total of six hills today!  Each hill ranges from 7.5 – 10 minutes.  Not a typical Denise class since I like to climb so much.

I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas (5:24):   “In and out of saddle climb” For the first hill your cadence should be at 65 RPM.  Keep adding resistance for first 1:45, then get in and out of the saddle throughout the song.

Working Day And Night – Michael Jackson (5:15):  “In and out of saddle climb” Let’s stay with the 65 RPM but accelerate during the out of saddle periods.  Get out of the saddle to cadence then pick it up – let the energy of the music guide you.  The brackets after the times are either recovery times between sprints or time in the saddle between the out-of-saddle bursts.  0:30 – 0:59 (15); 1:14 – 1:21 – 1:36 – 1:44 ~ 15 seconds double time; 2:06 – 2:28 – 2:43 – 2:58 ~ 15 seconds double time; 3:12 – 3:27 (30); 3:57 – 4:05 – 4:20 – 4:50 ~ 15 seconds double time.

Time To Go – Dropkick Murphys (2:55):  “Sprints” 40/15/20/15 Quick drink of water… the first flat road sprint comes up quickly!  Thanks to my brother for turning me onto the Dropkick Murphys.  This song is about the Bruins, a hockey team out of Boston, MA.  Great tune!  0:19 – 0:56 (20); 1:15 – 1:32 (20); 1:50 – 2:08 (10); 2:23 – 2:40 (end of song).

Thunderstruck – AC/DC (4:52):  “In and out of saddle climb” RPM will hang right around 67 for the first nearly seven minutes.  First 1:52 of the climb is in the saddle.  Continue to add resistance and then up and down throughout song.

Bad Girlfriend –Theory of a Deadman (3:26):  “In the saddle climb w/sprints” 15/20/15/60 Continue with the RPM.  This part of the climb is slightly different because we’re staying in the saddle for it.  When the chorus hits, add some resistance and pick up your speed – in the saddle.  The quads will thank you later.  Right around 2:00, take the resistance all the way off for a 60 second flat road sprint. 0:15 – :29 (30); 0:57 – 1:18 (20); 1:39 – 1:54 (25); 2:18 – 3:18 ~ flat road sprint.

Pump It – Black Eyed Peas (3:33): “In and out of saddle climb” 25/25/45 Quickly add the resistance right back on again.  Every time you get out of the saddle, add as much resistance as you can! RPM: 77.  1:00 – 1:25 (30); 1:56 – 2:21 (20); 2:43 – 3:30 (end of song).

Love’s The Only Rule – Bon Jovi (4:38):  “In and Out of saddle climb” 30/60/40 I’m a huge Bon Jovi fan and because this is a playlist of some of my favorite songs, they are in here twice.  This is off of their latest album.  It’s an uplifting song – great beat and great lyrics.  RPM: 70.  0:41 – 1:10 (30); 1:44 – 2:39 (30); 3:12 – 3:53.

King of Rock City – Nero Zero (3:47):  I must confess, I have known a couple of guys from Nero Zero since the early 90’s.  I met them back in my day of hanging out on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood,CA.  They are a local Hollywood band still trying to make it big.  Friends or not, I think this song is huge!  It has incredible energy and you can download it at http://www.digstation.com/AlbumDetails.aspx?albumID=ALB000037456 for 99 cents.  If you love rock and roll, you will love this song!  “Sprints” 15/35/45/45.  0:14 – :26 (20); 0:49 – 1:24 (15); 1:47 – 2:33 (15); 2:56 – 3:42 (end of song).

The Cup Of Life – Ricky Martin (4:39):  “In and out of saddle climb” I confess, I love Ricky Martin.  I can’t get enough of him.  But believe it or not my class loves him too (or at least this song).  Take the first 30 seconds to add resistance then get in and out of the saddle throughout the song.  Take it to the very end of the song.  RPM: 63.

Chelsea Dagger – The Frattelis (3:37):  ‘In and out of saddle climb” 25/10/15/mix The Blackhawks are playing well so here’s another song for the hockey lovers.  Pieces of this song are played every time a goal is scored.  Pick up the pace so your RPM is at 77!  0:25 – :50 (40);  1:27 – 1:39 (20); 2:04 – 2:17 (25);  2:42 – end of song… mix up in and out of saddle.

Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting – Elton John (4:54):  “Sprints” 10/30/30/30/50 A much needed “recovery”.  First sprint is: 48 seconds.  You can extend the sprints for less recovery or use it as a little bit of interval training for the ride. 0:42 – 1:19 (30); 1:48 – 2:19 (30); 2:48 – 3:19 (25); 3:44 – 4:30 (25).

C’Mon N’ Ride It – Quad City DJ’s (7:31):  “In and out of saddle climb & standing run” As soon as my riders hear the whistle of the train, they know what they are in for.  30 seconds in the saddle, 30 seconds standing run and 30 seconds aggressive climb.  There’s time for five sets.  I believe I have Cynthia to thank for this song!  RPM: 68.

It’s My Life (techno remix) – Bon Jovi (2:20)  “In and out of saddle climb” 30/30 You will have to go searching for this song…  I’m not really sure where I got it from but it’s an awesome version and a great energetic way to end the class.  Keep the RPM at 68 and pick it up and sprint out of saddle twice for the chorus. 0:48 – 1:17 (30); 1:47 – 2:18 (end of song).

Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You – Madonna (5:09): Cool Down

One – Mary J. Blige & U2 (4:23): Cool Down

Thanks, Denise for kicking us off with such a high-energy playlist.  Nero Zero’s great!  I also liked their song, My Own Addiction (both available on iTunes).  And One has perfect cool down energy.  Folks, Youtube has a version of the Techno Remix of Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life.  If anyone else finds it, send us a link.  I can’t take credit for using C’Mon and Ride It – my grasshopper Nancy put me on to that one.  Look for her guest post on August 30.

I’m sorry to be posting this late but I have a 7.5lb excuse – our daughter Kate was born on April 1, 2010.  We are completely smitten with her.  Here’s a pic taken the day she was born.  We are all doing well and enjoying time at home.  She was out for her first walk today and wasn’t particularly impressed about being in a stroller – she likes to be held.  She’s sleeping on my lap as I type this.

Look for Judy’s guest post on April 15.  Happy Spinning, everyone!

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