Hi everyone, my name is Selma (Aquagirl) and I am a busy mom of 3 and part-time fitness instructor.  I got into spinning in late 2003 after the birth of my first child and as most of you have said, immediately got hooked!  I became certified in 2004 and have been teaching since.  I also teach other fitness classes and aquafitness.  My playlist is called “Ride Baby, Ride!!” in honour of Kate (Cynthia’s girl) and my baby son Joshua (pictured here) who was born Jan. 21st.

Ever since getting my iPod over two years ago, finding songs and creating playlists have been so much easier and fun.  I try to look for interesting remixes of songs most people know but with a twist.  I’ve found some amazing 8 and 9 minute extended remix tracks that I use for long climbs.  I try to make a new playlist every 3-4 months, and usually I have to tweak it a few times before getting it right.  The playlist I’m sharing with you is my most recent one…just started using it around mid-May.  Enjoy!

Telephone (DJ Dan Extended Vocal Remix) – Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé (6:03): Warm up: Start the warm up with an easy ride, I like to have them sit up and do some upper body stretches before settling back into riding position.  Begin to increase the resistance around minutes 4- 6.

Faded (Dave Ramone Extended Mix) – Cascada (5:53): Accelerations on a Hill: We are now beginning to climb…have them set the pace to the tempo of the song.  During each chorus, it’s time to pick up speed.  I have the class return to their own pace for the second verse, and then dial up again, and accelerate for the second as well as final chorus.  I usually do one more add (3 in total) so by the end it becomes a very challenging seated climb.

DotA – Basshunter (3:22): Seated Sprint – Standing Tempo: Start the class out of the saddle, then on the fast part I bring them back down for a 30 sec. sprint.  After the sprint, we’re adding resistance and coming back up for a standing tempo ride.   Then back down for the second sprint, and back up.

Poker Face (Jody Den Broeder Remix) – Lady Gaga (8:05): Long Climb:  This is a slow climb that starts in the saddle, adding resistance every minute for the first 5 minutes.  I tell the class to ‘feel the difference’ each time they dial up, they need to make it challenging by the end of the seated portion, looking forward to coming out of the saddle.  Last 3 minutes we continue uphill with a standing ride, and one final add with 90 sec. to go on the song.

Turn It Up –  Stereos (2:55): Seated Sprint Verse/Seated Climb Chorus – This is a great song, the lyrics are the cue!  I have us riding almost at a sprint for the verse, and on the “Turn It Up.. Turn it UP.. Turn it Up NOW” dial way up to a hard seated climb.  The good news is the choruses are short so the class can really push themselves for that period.  On the verse we dial back down to a flat and pick up speed.

Let’s See How Far We’ve Come – Matchbox 20 (3:30): Seated Tempo Ride – We stay in the saddle and set the pace to the beat of the music.  Slightly uphill, working about a 4 out of 10 on resistance.  We have a couple adds along the way, I tell my class they should be working to ‘keep up’ to the tempo.

Memories  (Extended) – David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi (contains objectionable lyrics) (5:20): Standing Tempo Ride with Breakaways – Now we are out of the saddle, again set the pace to the beat of the song, with a bit of resistance.  Continue on tempo, adding resistance just before the lyrics begin.  Just prior to the “Hey Hey… Yeah Yeah..” part I call out BREAKAWAY!… My class knows that means to get ahead of the beat!  It lasts about 30 seconds.  Return to tempo and add resistance, and breakaway again.. repeat one more round (3 in total).

Take a Bow (Tony Moran & Warren Riggs Encore Club) – Rihanna (9:18): Ride Of Extremes – 90 sec. flat, followed by 90 sec. climb x 3. – My personal FAVE!!!  This one really tests everyone’s endurance and stamina… start on a flat right away and then after the first minute and half dial up and come out of the saddle for a challenging climb (8/10 difficulty).  Climb for 90 seconds and then back down to a flat.  NO breaks in between…. It’s a tough one!!

Stereo Love ( DJ Myeloo & DJ Dark Extended Mix) – Edward Maya feat. Alicia (6:35):  A Ride of Thirds – I have us starting with a bit of resistance (4/10) in a standing ride for 30 seconds, followed by standing acceleration for 30 seconds, building up momentum then back in the saddle for 30 seconds.  Add resistance and repeat each set four times for a six minute drill.

The Fear – Lily Allen (3:27): Cool Down – keep the legs moving, some deep breaths and upper body stretches (pecs, sides, shoulders etc..)

This Woman’s Work – Kate Bush (3:34):  Stretches – Come off the bike to finish off with lower body stretches.


Motivational cues keep your class going strong.  Sometimes I wonder what other instructors say or do during class to keep everyone motivated and working hard through those tough rides (especially as it gets near the end).  So I thought I’d share some of my phrases and maybe you can do the same in the comments section so we can all learn from each other!

Cues during Climbs –

“Now find your strength, dig deep, you can do it!”

“Come on team, stay with me!!”

“Let’s have a race to the top!!”  (Only for the last 10 – 15 seconds, if they seem to be lagging)

Cues during sprints/intervals –

“Now push for speed!!”

“Don’t let anyone pass you!!”

“Let me see your best effort on the next one!!”

Or “show me what you got!”

Thanks for reading my entry and happy riding…

— Selma

Thanks Selma!  I am loving the extended mixes you found.  The Dave Ramone Electro Club Extended Mix of Faded is also great.  I also really liked the drill you use with Turn it Up, alternating between sprints on the verses and seated climbs for the choruses.  Extended mixes are perfect for getting into the zone on the bike.

I came across a moving cool down song the other day – Highway of Heros, by the Trews.  It’s a tribute to the Canadian soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan.  I’ve got a soft spot for the Trews, because the guys are from Nova Scotia.  It’s folksy and would make a good cool down post Memorial Day.

To motivate my riders during climbs I sometimes say:

“Repeat: I am bigger than this hill.”

“Dig in – feel the climb in your glutes.”

And for sprints:

“This is the last one… time to get all that energy out.”

“Come on, get what you came for…”

(at the end of a sprint) “Have you got 10/20/30 more seconds?  Let’s go!”

Next up is Lisa.  Look for her post on June 15.  Happy spinning!