I was at my gym the other day and saw a sign posted: “Mon/Wed/Thurs 5:30 spin classes CANCELLED until further notice.”  I asked what happened.  The regular instructor hurt her back and no subs could be found.  (Summer can be like that, I guess.)  An idea hatched in my feverish post-partum brain.

That night I checked with my better half – yep, he could come home early and mind Kate one day per week.  So it’s official – I’ll be teaching a 50 minute spin on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. for a month or so, until the regular instructor is well enough to resume teaching.

I’m ridiculously excited.  On the bike again!  And in the interim, my gym got a fancy new sound system and mike for the spin room.  Sweet.  But I’m also apprehensive.  I haven’t done a spin class since two weeks before I delivered Kate and haven’t taught one in 4 months.  How much sucking wind and wheezing am I going to do?

Thank goodness, I have your playlists to choose from, since having Kate makes it difficult to create more.  She’s not on a regular nap schedule yet (i.e. who knows when – or if – she’s going to sleep during the day.)

Wish me luck!