Hello Spinning Music readers, my name is Adrienne Ramsey, and I have been teaching Spinning since 2002.  I teach in Hingham, MA, and most of my students have been with me since 2003 when I started at my current gym.  Needless to say, I am always trying new things and music to keep them not bored.  I teach the early bird class before work so it is important that I wake them up before we all head to work for the day. (My “real” job is the Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission at Babson College. I travel the world to represent a great school.  Very lucky!)

I love Spinning and use it as a complement to another passion- long distance running.  (My blog is www.runninginhingham.blogspot.com.)  This picture is from the Boston Marathon this year.  For most long distance runners, the summer is a time to cut back on the miles and focus on speed.  Attention gets shifted from marathon pace to 5K pace. This playlist and profile keeps that in mind.  We are not climbing hills, but instead using them as repeats to help us get faster and stronger.

Your Love is My Drug – Ke$ha (3:09): Start with a flat road, reminding students that they need a little bit of resistance to make it a flat road.  Take some arm stretches and have your students get into a relaxed upper body to start the ride.

Disturbia – Rihanna (3:59): Add a little bit more resistance.  It is time for some jumps to get your heart rate up.  30 finding the resistance.  1 minute of jumps at a count that is comfortable for the student.  30 second standing run.  30 recover.  1 minute of jumps.  30 recover.

Sandstorm – Darude (3:47): Keep the resistance and recover for 30 more seconds.  Then at 30 seconds in, tempo pace for one minute.  (My motto – you can do anything for one minute!)  Recover for one minute.  Again, tempo pace for 1 minute.  Recover.

OMG – Usher (4:29):  Take back resistance and ride flat for the first minute.  At one minute mark, crank up hill to a moderately uncomfortable hill, and push for one minute and fifteen seconds.  Remind students it is their choice whether or not they wish to climb or stay seated.  Pull back to a flat road. After one minute recovery, have students find an uncomfortable hill and push to the end.

California Gurls – Katy Perry (3:56):  The song of the summer! Starting at 45 seconds in, sprints on a flat road, alternating thirty seconds on, thirty off.

Motivation (Hands Up) – Astro and Glyde (4:52):  Ride it flat and bring it back to aerobic for the first minute.  Then at the one minute mark, one minute of jumps.  Instruct students to get their heart rates up.   Then, only 30 off followed by one minute at tempo pace on a flat road with a little bit of edge.  Time to recover until the 50 second to go mark – instruct them to choose whatever was harder for the final 50 seconds.

Breathe (Chris Cox Penetrating Mix) – Michelle Branch (8:54):  Hill repeats again!  First, one minute off to get aerobic.  Minute one to three, students should pick a hill that challenges them and climb.  Tell them when every thirty seconds passes and ask whether or not they are challenging themselves.  One minute to get back to aerobic, and then instruct students to find the next hill.  This hill is only one minute.  Recover again, and then when there is two minutes to go, have the students crank on the final and hardest hill of the sequence.

Give Me Luv (Cedric Jervais Remix) – Alcatraz (6:55):  We head away from the hills and back to riding fast.  For the first minute and a half, students should get heart rates down and back to aerobic.  Then, alternate 45 seconds at tempo pace followed by 45 seconds recovery.  Have students add TWINGES – small adjustments – of resistance with each interval.

Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon (3:23):  Flat road riding, but have students add resistance and climb out of the saddle during the choruses to sprint.

City of Blinding Lights – U2 (5:48): Full disclosure – I love U2.  I sometimes only listen to them when I am on the treadmill.  Anyways, final set of hill repeats.  Have students take about 30 seconds to find a light hill.  They should use this as their base for this song.  At the one minute mark, pull up to the hill and climb for two.  Take it back to the light hill and get aerobic.  At the mark for 2:30, students should find that hill again and ride it to the end.  Remind them to challenge themselves – it is the last hill of the day.

Four Minutes – Madonna (4:05):  One minute off, and then alternating sprints on a flat road, thirty seconds on and off.

Simplesmente (Tom Middleton Balearic Remix) – Bebel Gilberto (5:55):  cool down.

Thanks, Adrienne! I like the style of doing different drills within a song – it’s one I don’t use enough.  BTW folks, Adrienne’s blog isn’t just about running – she posts her spinning playlists there, too.  Most recently: a Fourth of July playlist and a summertime playlist.  Check it out.

Adrienne used some of my favourite spinning tunes in this playlist.  Disturbia, Four Minutes – oh yeah!  And mixing them up with the newest hits of the summer gives the playlist legs.  Your Love is My Drug has such perky energy, and there are all sorts of great remixes of OMG.

Using popular hits makes sense from a training point of view.  According to a recent Reuters report, cycling is the most beat-driven cardio activity, and the faster the music, the more intense the workout.  We knew that.  But the reported study also concluded that when people recognize the music they’re working to, it has the most impact.  That was news to me.

The article quotes a rep from the Equinox chain of gyms, who indicated that classic rock, hip hop, and R&B are the most popular, while 60s music generated negative feedback.  At my gym, top 40 is the most popular.

Some of you may have been wondering why there was no June 22 post.  Jenn sent me a note last week – she wasn’t able to contribute her playlist and sends her apologies.  Next up is Bob on July 15.  Bob has some great theme rides – I can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve for us.