Reader Bruce suggested that I use Ping in iTunes to post my playlists.  I was initially apprehensive, because Ping purports to make all of your purchases (gulp) public.  So if I have a maudlin moment and download a bunch of Wham! songs – you’ll all know.

When I checked out Ping and created an account, I saw that it was a great way to test a playlist – you get the whole playlist on iTunes, all in one place.  No more hunting for songs or checking the run time to see if you’ve got the right one.  No more mistakenly downloading the dirty version and having to pay another $1.29 for the clean one (full disclosure: I tolerate some swearing in my music).  In a minute or two, you can run through samples from the entire playlist to see how it gels, and with a few clicks, buy any songs you like.  In other words, it’s the next generation.  All I had to give up was some privacy.

As of January 1, 2011 all of my playlists will be simultaneously posted on Ping.  (The first two playlists are there now.)  I am going to stop posting them as sport iMixes (there are only a handful posted that way anyway.)

So, if you like, download iTunes (it’s free) and follow me on Ping.  My handle is Spinning Music.