Today is Spinning Music’s third blogiversary.  Traffic exploded again this year, pushing the total number of page views to almost 850,000.  It continues humming along at the rate of 1,700 page views per day.  I did some quick math in my head and was amazed that this little blog is on track to hit 1,000,000 page views by the end of August 2011.

The big news since May 2010 is what a collaborative effort this blog has become.  First, we had five months of awesome guest posts while I had a maternity leave with my daughter, who is now 13 months old.  (There she is on the right, enjoying a swing in a local park.)  While I was gone, the Reader Playlist page was bursting with music ideas and playlists from spinning instructors all over the world.  Readers have now contributed more than 1,200 comments to the blog – that’s an awful lot of wisdom and experience.

I have two favourite additions to the blog over the last year.  The first one is that in response to a reader request, I created a profile on Ping over at iTunes and now post all my playlists there simultaneously.  Ping makes it easy to listen to the songs together and download the ones you like.  Almost 600 readers have chosen to follow me on Ping (and I’m feeling more than a little embarrassed that I haven’t posted more playlists to make it worth their while).

My other favourite addition of the past year was the Bike Cafe, a welcoming spot for instructors to post questions and share their experience with others.  It hasn’t quite hit its potential yet, has the Bike Cafe, but I have grand aspirations for what it could become.

Also made a few technical adjustments to the blog.  In response to reader feedback, I reversed the order of the comments so the newest comments appear first – let me know what you think.  I also added a ratings widget, so you can rate the rides you use.  I enabled ratings for comments as well, since reader playlists are posted as comments.

850,000 thank yous to everyone who’s visited, commented, contributed, or just hung around to talk spinning.  I love hearing from you, and I love your passion for spinning and your generosity of spirit.

Thank you.