christopherjrocheI had a chance to ride with Schwinn Master Trainer Chris Roche (at left) a couple of weeks ago.  He’s a rare breed – one of fewer than 60 Schwinn Master Trainers around the world, so I was stoked to come out for his class.  Like the true cycling geek that I am, I showed up early and staked out a bike in the front row.

I wasn’t disappointed – Chris pushed us to test our limits and give just a little more than we thought we could.  He also had us encouraging and urging each other forward – a neat trick I’d never seen before.  I’m guessing that after nine years of training indoor cycling instructors, there are quite a few more tricks in his bag – and I wanted to know about them.

I had to go to work after class and Chris was doing a full-day training the next day before heading for the airport, but he agreed to be Spinning Music’s first interview on December 10 via Skype.

Got a question for Chris?  Drop it into a comment and I will ask him.  I’ll post the interview later this week.