Important News about Regular Contributor Lisa Goldman

15 03 2014

Folks, I have important news to share.  Longtime Spinning Music contributor and guest-blogger Lisa Goldman has just been handed the fight of her life.  In January 2014, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.

Lisa GoldmanLisa first guest-blogged at Spinning Music way back in 2010 when I took a mat leave from indoor cycling after having my daughter, but was a regular commenter long before that.  You can find her very first guest post here.  Lisa also guest-posted one my all-time favourite rides, the Sh*tload of Climbing Ride, here.  Over the years, we’ve been in touch via e-mail and Facebook and discovered we have a lot more in common than our love of indoor cycling.  We’re both 40-something moms of young kids, lawyers who’ve found a path outside the traditional practice of law, both with interests in nutrition, photography, reading, and a keen love of handmade ceramic mugs.  If we lived closer than 6,000 km apart (that’s 3,700 miles for American readers), I know she and her husband Eric would be regulars on the back deck, and no doubt my husband Terry would do his level best to convert them from vegetarianism to his love of barbeque.

Lisa has decided to blog about her experience over at Every Breath I Take: A Blog About My Journey With Lung Cancer. She gave her permission for me to tell you about her diagnosis and link to her blog.  Lisa has chosen to blog about this very personal subject for two important reasons: first, to spread awareness of the early symptoms of lung cancer (hers wasn’t caught until nearly three months after she first experienced symptoms) and second, to advocate for more attention, research and funding for this stigmatized disease and to remove the stigma.  Nobody deserves to get cancer.

Early lung cancer can masquerade as a bad cold involving chest congestion, coughing and body aches.  It might look like a lingering dry cough you can’t shake, or be misdiagnosed as pneumonia.

Lung cancer is the second leading cause of death in the USA yet it is the least-funded of the major cancers in terms of research dollars per death, in part because of the notion that it is self-inflicted. (In Canada, only 7% of cancer research-funding and fewer than 1% of cancer donations are directed to fighting Canada’s deadliest and most common cancer.  That’s not a typo.)

Did you know that 80% of lung cancer patients are non-smokers, just like Lisa?  In North America, 15-20%, like her, have never smoked?  In Asia, 30-40% of lung cancer patients have never smoked.  In Lisa’s words, “Lung cancer can strike anyone with lungs.”  Did you know that women are 1.5 times more likely to develop lung cancer than men, and that lung cancer – not breast cancer – is the deadliest cancer for women?  Did you know that an estimated 15% of all lung cancers are caused by exposure to radon gas, in our homes, schools and workplaces?  Other causes include exposure to second-hand smoke, asbestos and other substances, as well as genetics.  (All stats are from the Lung Cancer Canada website.)

What can you do?  Lots, actually.

First, you can support Lisa by sending prayers and good vibes to her and Eric and their kids and by following her journey via her blog.  Lisa’s blog is not set up to accept comments but you can send well-wishes to her by commenting on this post.  I will forward a link to her when I post it, and she can sign up to receive notification of comments on the post.  She is using all of her energy to fight this cancer, so she will not be able to respond to you personally, but if you ever wonder whether your support makes a difference, Lisa explains what this support means to her here.

Second, learn and memorize the early symptoms of lung cancer.  Chest CT scans are the latest tool for early detection and it was a chest CT that caught Lisa’s cancer.

Third, if you or anyone you love still smokes, do whatever you can to support them in quitting.  (Full disclosure: I started smoking in high school in a misguided attempt to appear cool.  I quit nearly 20 years ago, but I still remember exactly how hard it is to quit.  Honestly?  Giving birth was easier.  A lot easier.  So was completing law school.)

Fourth, do what you can to avoid exposure to second-hand smoke.  Most North Americans now live in communities where all indoor smoking is banned in public places but if you live in another country, or with a smoker, it may still be an issue.

Fifth, find out if radon gas is a problem in your area.  (It is idiosyncratic and levels can vary widely among houses on the same street.)  If radon is present in your neighbourhood, get your home tested for radon gas and ask if your workplace or school has been tested.  If your home, school or workplace is high in radon, effective remediation options exist.

Sixth, reach into your pocket today and make a donation to lung cancer research in your country – in Canada, you can donate online here: and in the USA, here:

Last, talk about lung cancer.  Tell the riders in your classes.  Share this post.  Help erase the stigma.  Ask your riders to consider making a donation if they can.  This blog had more than 400,000 visitors last year.  If each visitor told one class of 20 riders about lung cancer and shared Lisa’s story, we would reach more than 8 million people in 189 countries.  And folks, that’s a movement.

Big hugs and props to you Lisa, my dear, witty, intelligent, passionate, brave, all-round fabulous friend.  F*ck cancer.




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20 03 2019

Just came across this post, and wondering how Lisa is doing since this was in 2014. I pray that she has won the battle and still teaching Spin😊.

Thank you,

21 03 2019

Hi Lisa – thanks for your note. I am delighted to report that my friend Lisa Goldman is doing really well and is still on the bike, though not teaching. She is blogging about her journey over at

23 10 2014

Dear Lisa, I am a bike addicted rider, looking for a picture for Halloween bike ride (found here). I am impressed reading your story. What can I say? A friend of mine fought lung cancer and WON!. You can do it too! I pray for you.

3 07 2014

My mom, who never smoked a day in her life, and was very health conscious was diagnosed with lung cancer at 55 years of age. Hers was actually caught early by a lung x-ray just to determine a normal baseline. She grew up in South Dakota and it is possible that she was exposed to radon there. Thank you for sharing this story and bringing this issue to the attention of more people.

21 03 2014
Krysta Pratt

Thank you for sharing this story. I had no idea that 80% of lung cancer patients are non smokers. I will share this story at my spin classes and work at educating as many people as I can about lung cancer. Stay strong. Thinking of you and wishing you love! Krysta (Studio Twenty, Fonthill, Ontario) xoxo

17 03 2014

Reblogged this on Chrispins and commented:
The following post is from Cynthia’s SpinningMusic blog.

Lisa is an indoor cycling instructor and is a frequent commenter on my blog and someone that I’ve come to know here and on our Former Cycling Pingers Facebook page over the past few years. Like Cynthia, I’ve never met Lisa in person, but I consider her my friend. I always enjoy hearing from her and sharing music and ideas with her for our classes.

Please share with your riders!!

You continue to be in my thoughts Lisa! :)

17 03 2014

Thank you Cynthia for sharing Lisa’s story on your blog. :)

16 03 2014

My prayers are with her. Thanks for sharing all the information. Will tell my participants. Brenda.

16 03 2014

I wish Lisa and her family lots of strength with battling the cancer! My warm thoughts and prayers go to Lisa! Hugs from Norway

16 03 2014

My cousin was a vegan, veteran and the picture of health. He also got lung cancer. We were floored by the diagnosis. Life is not fair but worth living every minute. Our prayers are with you!

15 03 2014
Janet Bell

Stay strong Lisa, you are on a tremendously tough ride that will test you in every way possible. We are all sending our positive thoughts as to your healthy recovery and victory over a wicked foe.

15 03 2014
K Latzka

It’s important to know that lung cancer symptoms can masquerade as back pain as well. My cough was accompanied by weight loss and joint pain. If you have a smoking history, or a first degree relative with lung cancer, or other risk factors such as asbestos or radon exposure, it’s important to be screened with a low dose CT scan. Visit the links given for more info on screening.

<3 Lisa! And <3 you for sharing this information with your readers!

K Latzka
Stage 3A NSCLC 4-yr survivor, 3.5-yr NED
Kaneohe, Hawaii

15 03 2014
15 03 2014

Lisa, I have never met you but I know that you do not deserve the diagnosis that you received. I simply cannot imagine what you feel like or how your family must feel. Be strong, treat it like the mother of all climbs and know that there are many peoples thought and prayers with you on the way up.

15 03 2014
Leslie O'Bryan

Wow! Thanks for taking the time to share some powerful and thought-provoking information. I’ll be sure to pass it on.

15 03 2014

Lisa is lucky to have your friendship.
I am a silent fan of the workouts and playlists you share and S**t load of climbing is one of my all-time favorites.
Lisa and her family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Ditto to “F**k cancer”!

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