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Songs and Playlists for Indoor Cycling / Spinning Classes

Reader Playlists

Do you teach indoor cycling?  If you’ve got a playlist or profile you really like, and want to share it, you can post it here in a comment.

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  1. Music is such an important thing! Great tips from you, but people should be aware that there are many artists out there, also on bandcamp and other places and it’s cool if you can support people directly.
    Holly Hooper

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  3. Best song ever to spi to, my new favourite:
    Rebel Feat. Sidney Housen – Black Pearl (He’s A Pirate)

    Linda – Norrköping – Sweden :)

  4. Here’s a 45 minute playlist made up of mostly newer songs.

    1) Big Data – Dangerous – 4:45
    2) One Republic – Love Runs Out – 3:48
    3) Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You – 3:32
    4) Kongos – Come With Me Now – 3:33
    5) MS MR – Think of You – 3:23
    6) Ed Sheeran – Don’t – 3:37
    7) Black Keys – Weight of Love – 6:52
    8) Envy – Am I Wrong – 4:07
    9) Magic Man – Paris – 3:53
    10) Wild Feathers – The Ceiling – 6:19
    Cool Down
    11) Noah Gunderson – Ledges (Live on KEXP version) – 4:24

    Good luck with your spin-a-thon!!

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  6. Hi all, thanks for putting up all these great suggestions! I’ve been teaching for about two years now in San Francisco, and am always trying to keep it fresh and exciting for the class (and for me). I have a few that I would love to share as well, with the most recent one being a “themed” class around each song having a MESSAGE (it was a bit cheesy, but hey, it kept me and the class entertained). I teach a 50 minute class, so you can always just add to it:

    1. Brave, Sara Bareilles (3:40): Warm-up, nice and easy, 90-100 RPM, flat ride to get the legs moving. About half-way, class starts to increase resistance a little turn at a time, keeping the RPM steady. I tell them they are BRAVE for showing up for today’s class.

    2. I Like to Move It, Frog Song (3:00): Starting to get the heart rate up, we increase resistance just a bit, and I tell them to MOVE IT, in and out of the saddle, I do a 10/10 or 8/8 count or even a 20/10 Tabata type interval to get the heart rate elevated. Resistance is still fairly easy / flat ride.

    3. Work Work, Britney Spears (4:08): Now we get ready to really WORK. The next three songs are a set, where I don’t give them much rest. We set resistance on a medium hill (effort level 6/7), i encourage them to sustain 70-80 RPM for the next 3.5-4min. Key is keeping the RPMs steady, for this 4 min interval. I keep this one in the saddle.

    4. Burn, Ellie Golding (3:51): 20 second recovery but still on the medium hill resistance (active recovery), just moving the legs a bit more slowly. Then they have a 3.5 min medium hill with jumps on a hill. This is where our quads are just starting to BURN. I encourage them to feel that burn and breath and ride through it, because it is only going to get harder and better. On the jumps, I focus on having them accelerate out of the saddle and go at least 5-10 RPM faster for the 15-20 seconds of the chorus. (3 Jumps);

    5. Sweat, Snoop Dog vs David Guetta Remix (3:16): This is our final song in the three set, or about 11 minutes of medium/hard hill. No break other than active recovery, so about 15-20 seconds before they start to crank it up to a hard hill. This is where they should be showing and feeling a good SWEAT. We keep it simple – at least a 2.5 minute set where they are on a hill somewhere between 8-10 effort level; start in the saddle, where they go about 60-65 RPM, 1 min in saddle, then rest out of saddle; before they get out, they reach down and add some resistance for good measure.

    6. Because I’m Awesome, Dollyrots (3:20): this is partly a recovery ride – I give them a full minute to go back to a flat and just let their legs go fast and easy – 90-100 on a flat; They are AWESOME for making it through the 11 minute hill. After that, we add some resistance, to what I call a false flat, it looks flat, but it ain’t flat, so you feel a bit of resistance, and then we do a 2 minute fast ride; easy on the legs, but gets that heart rate back up to where we want it.

    7. Rock That Body, Black-Eyed Peas (4:29): Now they are ready for round number two of a long medium/hard hill. Same idea as the first set, medium hill, 70-80 RPM, 4 minutes, hold it steady. It is all about the consistency of RPM on an effort level around 6 for hill; I ask them to ROCK THAT BODY.

    8. Right Round, Flo Rida (3:23): Jumps on a hill. Same as above, stay on that medium hill, and on chorus, accelerate out of the saddle to position 3 and push those RPMs. The first jump is 1:08 – 1:24. That is why they are here, right? To SPIN IT RIGHT ROUND.

    9. Scream & Shout, Will.i.iam feat Britney (4:12): At this point, they are ready to SCREAM & SHOUT (at me), because their quads are feeling this hill. Their heart is beating fast. This is what they came for today….I encourage them to channel the power in the legs for four more minutes and they get a break. Have them crank it up to the 8-10 effort level. 2 minutes in the saddle and 2 minutes out of the saddle. I guide them to the 60ish RPM and nothing less, because the idea here is to keep the hard hill for the 4minutes and make it through all four minutes.

    10. Sexy People, Arianna feat Pitbull (3:29): This is another recovery song like #6 above. A full 90 seconds of nice easy flat moving their legs 90-100 RPM but should feel very easy like their warm-up. Good time to grab water. The last 2 minutes we move into slightly higher resistance and keeping those legs moving fast. Easy on the legs, but gets the heart rate up. Well, the fact that they made it through another 12 minutes of a hills, makes them SEXY PEOPLE in my eyes.

    11. Play Hard, David Guetta/Neyo (4:58): Alright, break over for the finale. About 8ish minutes of a hill. This one we start at the flat, and increase resistance every 30 seconds. Effort level 2/3; should be at about 6/7 by end of this song. Usually, I go: 30 seconds in saddle, increase resistance, 30 seconds in the saddle, then up 30 seconds out of saddle, reach down increase resistance and other 30 seconds out of saddle, then back down, and so on. Make it your story, but I love to WORK HARD AND PLAY HARD and that is what we are doing in class today!

    12. 4 Minutes, Madonna feat. Justin. I am out of time and I only have 4 MINUTES of torture/hard work left! I actually only do 3 minutes of this, because we don’t take a break from the previous hill and just do a 1.5 in saddle at level 8/9 and 1.5 min out of saddle at level 8/9. Then we reduce the resistance by at least half a turn, get back in the saddle, and ask them to keep moving those legs at least at 75-85 RPM and take one full minute to let our heart rate settle.

    13. Relax, Take It Easy, MIKA (3:45): Cool Down / Stretch. They get to RELAX and TAKE IT EASY.

    Always welcome feedback if you have other ideas to make this even better. I’ve used it twice with two different classes and got the thumbs up.

  7. Hii my name is Andy and i have been teaching spin classes for the past 10 years and how the choice of music has changed!!! I’ve been reading these blogs for a good few month and using some of the recommended tracks from all your playlists, i thought i would come on and give you a little something i tried earlier on in the year and took my class back to the Movies, each track was from a film either the main song or a track featured on the soundtrack, the members had to try and guess the film before the end of the track otherwise they had a 30 second sprint or 30 second hard hill as a forfeit, was a good laugh.

    for my classes i use an intensity level from 1 hardly any resistance to Level 10 Hard intensity (the member needs to be able to keep their legs moving to a slow beat if any beat at all)

    Warm Up – Danger Zone (Top Gun) (3:46) nice steady paced track getting the members warmed up and the heart rate up to a good level, mixture of intensity’s up to a max of 4.

    Track 2 – Push It To The Limit (Scarface) (3:04) keeping the heart rate increasing this track offers the chance for the intensity to increase to a max of 5 and keeping the speed at 80% of a sprint. working those legs!!!! then for the 2nd half of the track moving up to a standing climb.

    Track 3 – Flower – Bring Sally Up (Gone In 60 Seconds) (3:28) continuing with the standing climb, this track slows its beat down so the intensity can increase to around 7,8,9 depending on how hard you wanna work those legs, after every 30 seconds i get the members to sit down and push through for 10-15 seconds until the beat comes back in then its back up and pushing through.

    Track 4 – Woo Hoo (Kill Bill) (1:59) Back in the saddle we go for this monster 2 minute sprint intervals track, or you can make the members work hard for the full 2 minutes or use the drum solo’s as the sprints and recovery, fast paced so the intensity drops to around 2-3.

    Track 5 – Loose Yourself (8 Mile) (5:18) Time for some jumps in this track in the chorus we are aiming to double up on the speed so we are running at a comfortable level 4,5,6. During the verse we slow it down to incorporate the jumps on the beat of 8 (8 up : 8 down etc). as the track goes on it maintains a high speed, some members may need to drop those levels but your aiming to stay with the beat!!! DON’T LOOSE YOURSELF!!!

    Track 6 – Misirlou – (Pulp Fiction) (2:07) Excuse the expletives at the start of the track however once its over its heads down and we are straight into the sprints, intensity low so get your legs pumping with this great beat!!!! use it as intervals with the drums being your guide.

    Track 7 – White Wedding (True Romance) (4:09) Seating climb with this 80’s beat, great to start off at a low intensity and build it up, you can even do multiple hills throughout the track or just keeping it increasing as you go. also a good track to get those lungs filled back up and your members refreshed to go again in track 8 :-)

    Track 8 – Maniac (Flashdance) (4:01) Rest over its back on it with this track, taking the intensity up to 4 or 5 get those legs pushing through with that beat starting off sat down then as the track goes on bringing it up to hover and then a standing climb. (If you have seen American pie 3 Just Think of the Stiffler Dance Off, it will get you smiling haha) Lets go Mental!!!! keep pushing try the last 1 minute of the track at a higher intensity level like 7,8 and see if you can keep up with that beat. Don’t Cheat yourself out of a great leg burner!!!

    Track 9 – Training Montage (Rocky 4) (3:41) Time to go to the highest intensity throughout this track max it up to level 10. keep those legs going with this slow drum beat and maintain the rhythm its the important bit. even when the track goes all funny with lots more instruments keep with the original beat and power through, Remember Rocky Never QUIT!!!!

    Track 10 – Live & Let Die (007 Live & Let Die) (3:21) we are over the hill time to get those legs going again in this low intensity sprint interval track, the timings on this go as follows:
    45 Secs Breather / 30 Secs Sprint / 15 Secs Breather / 15 Secs Sprint / 45 Secs Breather / 45 Secs Sprint Finish!!!!

    Track 11 – Holding On For A Hero (Short Circuit 2) (5:53) Time to get out of that saddle again, another running track and standing climb interval sections, at the start as the track gets going get your members up out of the saddle picking up that intensity up to 5,6,7 staying with the beat, get them to sing the chorus if they have any energy left :-) each time you get back to a verse increase the level, i tend to start at 5 then build up to 7 then start over i can normally get 2 rounds out of that throughout the song, the instrumental at 4:30 you have another minute left, try and keep it going throughout however your legs might be about to give up so you could use it as a slowing down section!!!

    Track 12 – Operation Blade (Blade) (3:04) I wanna Hear Everybody In The Place Say HOOOOOOO!!!! One last standing climb push. start your intensity at level 4 and increase every 20 seconds to level 8 then take it back down to 5 and start again, up to 8 then back to 6 and finish back on 8, (20 Seconds each level throughout)

    Track 13 – Lost In Space (Lost In Space) (3:26) Who says 13 is unlucky, for your members its the luckiest track as its the last one!!! however its no plain sailing they still need to work hard and fast!!! Sprint intervals at level 3
    From the off we are heads down sprinting for 45 secs / 30 secs Breather / 45 Secs Sprint / 30 Secs Breather / 45 Secs Sprint / 30 Secs Breather – start to wind those legs down, having a drink and wiping down those faces.

    Track 14 – Forest Gump Suit (Forest Gump) (8:52) Just because its one of my favorite films of all time and this piece of music is beautiful, a good cool down and stretch can be done to this, plus after all the madness that’s gone before it im sure your members will be grateful of some soothing music.

    Total Class Time = 57 Minutes, that is if you use the full cool down track.

    I hope this gives you some thing different to take to your classes, remember if the members don’t guess the films correctly you can do a forfeit in between tracks. depends on how hard you wanna work them haha!!!!

    Thanks and Enjoy,
    Feedback is greatly received.

  8. This is my current, and probably most favourite playlist:

    Bounce With Me – Keesha Turner (3:08)
    Warm up

    Let’s Go – Calvin Harris Ft Ne-Yo (3:53)
    Warm up two, into hill climbs

    The Logical Song (radio edit) – Scooter (3:54)
    Sprint intervals. 20 seconds on, 10 off

    EDM Death Machine – Knife Party (4:23)
    Mixed terrain. Start with seated medium resistance sprints, then into the hills, before coming back down the other side with sprints

    Dreh Doch Mal (Club Mix) – Handsup Playerz (5:54)
    This is all about the hill climbs, both seated and standing and incorporating some jumps.

    Let It Roll – Flo Rida (3:14)
    3 sets of sprint intervals, consisting of 10 seconds on, 5 seconds off.

    Operation Blade (Bass in the place) 7” radio remix – Public Domain (3:29)
    Long seated sprints, then into heavy standing hill climbs during the chorus.

    I Could Be The One (John Christian remix) – Avicii/Nicky Romero (5:29)
    Wattage challenge! Seated hill climb sprints to start, then into standing hill climb sprints during the chorus. Start at base standing load, then every 5 seconds add a gear on (max 3 gears). Sprints on the way back down

    Faster Than Light – Far Too Loud (5:03)
    Seated hill climb sprints, then the last minute and a half, I hit them with seated/standing sprint intervals until the end. By this I mean, 10 seconds sprinting, then 10 seconds standing alternating until the end. You might want to split the class for this though as it can be a bit of a beast!

    Bounce – Destroid (4:21)
    Heavy, heavy hill climbs. Two of them. So heavy you can barely keep the legs turning. I have the first one seated then second standing, this really focuses on strength and proper technique. You’ll get some curses though…

    Royals – Lorde (3:10)
    Cool down

    This is pretty much bang on 45 minutes.

  9. I’ve been teaching for about a year now. I used this playlist in one of my classes and received some good feedback! Just thought I would share :) I call it the Fleetwood Mac Sandwich as we start with a Fleetwood Mac remix and end with one. I got some of the songs from this website. I use it all the time and it really helps. Thought I’d give back for once :). Hope you enjoy… I would love suggestions or feedback.

    Fleetwood Mac – Little Lies (JPL Remix) – WARMUP
    Afrojack ft. Eva Simons – Take Over Control – WARMUP INTO 2 30 SECOND SPRINTS
    David Guetta ft. Neyo – Play Hard – STANDING JOG OVER 70RPMs WITH STANDING HOVERS
    Showtek ft. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson – Booya – TWO LONG ROLLING HILLS (Seated climbs then as the music picks up head “downhill” lighter resistance higher RPMs 80-90
    Britney Spears – Work Work – TABATA DRILL 6x(20 seconds on with 10 seconds of recovery)
    Duke Dumont ft A-M-E- Need U 100% – ONE LEG AT A TIME FOR 1 MINUTE EACH SIDE – 80RPMs or HIGHER
    Jet – Are You Gunna Be My Girl – 30 SECOND SPRINTS, 15 SECOND RECOVERY (Got this idea from a post on this site!)
    Princess Superstar – Perfect (Afrojack Remix) – GOOD FOR EITHER TABATA OR 2 MINUTE FAST FLAT ENDURANCE
    Noose – Walk on By – LONG PYRAMID CLIMB
    Gravity – Markus Shulz SPEED PYRAMID 2x – Playing with the speeds intervals at 80 RPMS, 90 RPMS, then into a sprint, then back down
    Avicci ft. Karen Marie Orsted – Dear Boy – ROLLING HILLS OR I DID TOUGH HILL CLIMB TO STANDING JOG 2x
    Destiny’s Child – Independent Woman – Fun throwback if there is time at the end for a last little climb or wherever in the class (We usually have all girls in class)
    Tracy Chapman – Give me one reason (The Tailors Djs Remix) – awesome cool down
    Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Gigamesh Edit) – Stretch/Cooldown

  10. I gave a song request to my favorite instructor, and I loved the way she used it. Now that I’m teaching, I’ve definitely used it as well (thanks, Kristin!). Marina and the Diamonds – This is how to be a Heartbreaker. Standing climb to the beat @ 70 rpm with a seated sprint (no resistance change) at the chorus. After each chorus, increase by one gear (chorus plays three times total)

  11. Looking for some song ideas for a charity ride that I will be doing. Would love to hear what folks have played during their spin-a-thons? This fundraiser if for breast cancer survivors. Thanks for the support.

    1. If you are spinning for an extended period of time, I think that Green Grass and High Tides, by the Outlaws is a great long song to be on a bike.
      Also, #41, by The Dave Matthews Band from Listener Supported is a great live song that is almost 10 minutes long.

      1. Dave, Thanks for the quick response. Your suggestions are ones that I haven’t yet used. I am responsible for teaching an hour of Hill Climbing for the event and am hour #3 of 4. Look forward to experimenting. Thanks.

    2. We do spin-a-thins at the Y where I teach in FL–we have teams of 3 ppl who alternate cycling for 1 hour blocks-different instructors teach each session and we all use really ‘up’ tunes to keep people’s spirits and energy high! More about the tempo and lyric than length of the song. Give “Invincible” by Borgeous a try!

      1. Judy-Florida weather sounds nice . I am in NH and we are ready for Spring! Thanks for your suggestions.

    3. Erin, I just did a playlist for an all-day charity ride. I was only teaching 1 hour our of 8 so I wanted to use songs that wouldn’t be overplayed but had good energy and a mix of familiar/Top 40/unfamiliar songs. This is what I came up with:
      Snake Food – Safri Duo
      Counting Stars – OneRepublic
      Wake Me Up – Avicii
      Mermaid of Salinas – Basement Jaxx
      Radioactive – Within Temptation
      How I Feel – Flo Rida
      Ring the Alarm (Freemason’s Club Mix) – Beyonce
      Come with Me Now – KONGOS
      300 Violin Orchestra – Jorge Quintero
      50 Ways to Say Goodbye – Train
      Take My Hand – Simple Plan
      Happy – Pharrell Williams

      1. Thanks Cynthia-Great playlist, I appreciate you sharing! I ended up using your 70’s playlist with a some added twists :) It was great fun and they loved when I brought out hats for YMCA.

      2. Hi Cynthia,

        I have been meaning to ad Wake Me Up to my playlist as I just love the song but cannot find the perfect exercise to go with. I tried jumps but it’s just too fast.
        What did you use ?

  12. Stumbled upon this blog and love that it. There are some great suggestions here just in the comments! I actually blogged about my favorite songs to spin to of 2013. Included are:
    Alive – Empire of the Sun (Zedd remix)
    Out of my League – Fitz and the Tantrums
    Clarity – Zedd (ft Foxes)

    …And more :) Thanks for all these suggestions, everyone!

  13. I’ve just discovered the most amazing song for spinning “Wake Me Up” by Avicii
    I’d love to see it on one of your playlists!

    1. I agree Pao! I am using it too, just haven’t posted the playlist yet. If you like Wake Me Up, check out the mashup Wake Me Up Down Under, which combines Avicii and Men at Work – I think it’s really catchy.

      1. I do 4 30 /40 second sprints to this. 1st in 45 seated, next standing, down for one; and finish running! I use it toward the end. Great song!

      2. I am wondering where you find the wake me up down under mash up? I looked on itunes and no luck…
        Thanks- Kristin

      3. Cynthia,

        I have looked for the mash-up and couldn’t locate it on e-music or itunes. Is it by Simjii? Thanks!

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  16. Hi
    I noticed that in many Playlist you describe in detail what activities could be used for each music item. This is what most Instructors do when they plan the session. I’m spinning myself and my wife is a Spinning instructor.
    She is now using this APP for her iPad and iPhone for spinning, which lets her play all songs automatically, see important stuff like elapsed and remaining time, BPM AND Notes with BIG clear fonts for each music item. See here : https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=654811719&mt=8

  17. This is a simple climb, jump, hill, sprint loop that repeats 3 times, the catch is that each song gets progressively steeper until you reach the top of the hill song, then the weight comes off (not all the weight!) and we’re on a fast flat road.

    The “loops” are each a different color…

    -Mama Said Knock You Out- LL Cool J (4:52) warm up song
    -Back in the Saddle- Aerosmith (4:40) First climb, still warming up & then simple stretching
    -In the Ayer- Flo Rida (3:40) Jumps: 1min of 8 counts, 1min of 4 counts, 30sec of 2 counts, 30sec rest, back to 30sec of 2 counts
    -The Way you Move- Outkast (3:54) Stretch and then head up the first hill of the class pushing on a few gears before standing…add 2 throughout song
    -How Far We’ve Come- Matchbox 20 (3:30) Seated fast flat (2-3 gears heavier than “flat” for experienced) keeping RPM above 100 for a full 3min
    -American Boy- Estelle feat Kanye West (3:57) Climb, out of the saddle with some surges (80% of speed) on the chorus, add a gear after each surge…keep the weight!
    -Don’t Cha- Pussycats Dolls (4:33) 4position, 4count jumps (positions: climb, squat, run, sit…4 counts each)
    -Flower- Moby (3:23) Hill time…this time seated, drop those heels and start pushing, add 1 on as each minute ticks by
    -Pump It- Black Eyed Peas (3:33) Sprints! Back to our flat…30seconds on, 30 seconds off
    -Nothin’ But a Good Time- Poison (3:44) Climb, come on up outta the saddle and we’re back to those surges! Adding one after each set.
    -We Run the Night- Havana Brown feat Pitbull (3:48) Hold that weight (or add a few) 4count Squat Jumps
    -Beggin’- Madon (I LOVE THIS SONG!) (3:38) 30sec in the saddle 30 second standing ahead of the beat
    -Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana (5:01) Our Hill continues…flip the work 30 sec seated ahead of the beat, 30 second standing at the beat
    -Beware- Panjabi MC feat Jay-Z (3:59) Keep that heart rate soaring! Fast flat all the way out
    -Right Here- Justin Bieber feat Drake (3:24) Cool down, stretch

    find more on my wordpress :-)

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  19. Inspired by the quick pace Cynthia seems to keep in her classes, I put this together. The rolling hills paired with the accelerations keeps that heart rate up the whole class. I tend to not like recover, but give the option if it’s necessary ;)

    1. Whitney Houston – I want to dance with somebody – Warm up
    2. Madonna – Sorry Sprints – :45-1:15 1:45-2:30 3:15-end
    3. One that got away – Natasha Bedingfield Resistance 5/10 Quick in the saddle. Out in 3rd to accelerate 3 times. Adding gear each time.
    1:06-1:30 2:15-3:00 3:22-end
    4. U2 – Maginficent – Rolling Hills in the Saddle. Adding a total of 5 gears every :30 seconds. For the challenge, hold the 5th gear for a full minute picking up the pace. Then take those 5 gears off every :30 seconds
    5. The Naked and Famous – Punching in a Dream -Rolling Hills – Standing – same drill we did with our seated rolling hills
    6. Sonique – Feels so Good Out in 3rd – Accelerations on the chorus
    7. Dido – Everything to Lose (Armin Van Buuren Remix) Recover 1 minute if needed Out in 3rd with more accelerations 1:00-1:33 2:43-4:21
    8. Arcade Fire – Rebeillion (Lies) Rolling Hills – Seated – same as our first round
    9. Moby – Extreme Ways – Rollings Hills – Standing – same as first round
    10. Passion Pit – Take a Walk – Right Left Drills
    11. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us – Climb in 3rd – Jumps on Chorus
    12. The Black Eyed Peas – Pump It – Sprint :00-:30 1:00-1:24 2:00 – end

  20. Here is a 45-minute spin CD that I put together recently. It has a Southern Rock theme with a few songs that are a little outside of the group. I am not a huge fan of southern rock, but I enjoy being on a bike during a long guitar solo by the Allman Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    1) PRE – I Only Wanna Be With You – 3:53 – Shelby Lynne covering Dusty Springfield – This song is for while people are getting on their bikes.
    2) Restless – Blackberry Smoke – 3:30
    3) In My Blood – Blackstone Cherry – 3:49
    4) Look At Little Sister – Stevie Ray Vaughan – 3:08
    5) Call Me The Breeze – Lynyrd Skynyrd – 5:08
    6) Green Grass and High Tides – The Outlaws – 9:47
    7) Blue Sky – The Allman Brothers – 5:08
    8) Hold On Loosely – .38 Special – 4:49
    9) Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean – Susan Tedeschi – 4:43 – doesn’t really fit the theme of the CD perfectly, but this is a great cover of an old Ruthie Brown song.
    10) The Remedy – The Black Crowes – 5:16 – A kick-butt song to finish the ride.
    11) COOL – Simple Man – Seether – 5:06 – A great acoustic cover of the old Lynyrd Skynyrd song.

    1. David, this is an awesome playlist! I am a Georgia girl living in NYC and am missing home so much. So many from my great state in this playlist. Totally overwhelmed me, in a good way! I am borrowing this playlist for my class tomorrow morning (and any playlist with my man Stevie Ray is a winner!). Thanks for sharing!

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  22. I finally had some spare time to type up the playlist that I created for my class tomorrow morning and share it here. Enjoy!

    1. (3:56) Thrift Shop – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
    2. (4:19) Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
    3. (3:52) Run – Flo Rida
    4. (6:08) Don’t Stop the Party – Black Eyed Peas
    5. (3:25) Give It To Me – Jason Derulo
    6. (3:26) Back In Time – Pitbull
    7. (3:37) Turn All The Lights On – T-Pain
    8. (3:40) Iron – Calvin Harris
    9. (4:03) Got Me Under Pressure – ZZ Top

    Everything else from here down is a mashup song. Most can be found at http://bootiemashup.com/bestof/

    10. (6:06) Betty Got Jacked – Loo & Placido
    11. (5:06) Rock of Ages – DJ Schmolli
    12. (3:03) Temperaturized – Divide and Kreate
    13. (5:19) Celeshake – A Plus D
    14. (3:44) Good Time Gangnam Style – Dan Mei
    15. (4:05) Shout My Name – The Kleptones
    16. (4:15) Stayin Hot – Lobsterdust
    17. (3:59) Duffy Train Running – DJ Y Alias JY

    1. Hey music2energize! I love the mash ups! Can you share what routines you used for the different songs? I’m working on trying to put something different together…Mash Up Monday perhaps (don’t worry-not an every Monday thing!) :)

  23. Hello, I’ve gotten a ton of ideas for songs from this site in the three years I’ve been a spinning instructor, and just wanted to share some songs that I’ve found on my own that have worked exquisitly well over the past year or so, (with BPM). Enjoy!
    DJ Broiler – Afterski (66) – the party song numero uno this winter season here in Norway
    Dschinghis Khan (70) – German eurovision song from 1979! – Ho! Ha!
    Scissor sisters – Let’s have a kiki (124) – Fine as a warm up song
    Duelling banjos, from the film Deliverance – faster and faster!
    Teddybears Stockholm – Hey boy – (100)
    Rammstein – Asche zu Asche (90 – standing sprints in the refrains)
    Baila el Chiki Chiki (97) – spanish eurovision entry some years back – fun!
    Levva livet – Åge Aleksandersen (80) – Norwegian rock from the eighties
    Just Came Back – Colin James (59) – what a punch in the gut when the guitars start up!
    Forgive Me – Group 1 Crew (83)
    Blueboy – Remember me (101 BPM)
    Nigger – Clawfinger (95) – perhaps the best rock song ever from Scandinavia swedish-norwegian band – its very PC, despite the name

    On another note, I now only use Vjay for Ipad in my spinning classes, Its a dj app where you can play music videos instead of just songs. Try it if you have a projector and a screen in your gym!

    1. Regarding the Clawfinger song…how can this be classified as PC? I grew up listening to Clawfinger, but the “N” word is dropped about 100 times in that song. Surely someone(s) would take offense to this in class…wouldn’t touch this song with a 10 ft pole.

  24. Hi Judy, congrats on becoming an instructor! If you are on Facebook please join my group ” former cycling pingers”
    We are all instructors and encourage each other share profiles ask for feedback etc. Cynthia is a member also.
    After Kesha I would use a fast flat or interval sprints. Your 2nd song I haven’t heard before! Kelly Clarkson would make a good climb and out of the saddle surges on the chorus. For cool down I would use a mellow tune like Christina perri, jar of hearts. Big Seaver Hollywood nights could be 30 sec intervals increasing resistance each time! Good luck let me know!!

    1. Thanks Marianne! I have been an instructor for 5 yrs–this is a demo for a new gig- I currently teach at 2 gyms, this would be a third for me. I have been a ‘regular’ here for years—Cynthia helped me with the first playlist I ever ‘went live with’ when I demo’d to be a sub;-)

  25. Hi All,
    I have a demo tomorrow and would like some input regarding the playlsit below. I wanted to include a variety of genres to appeal to a broad spectrum of riders plus showcase my ability to coach to different musical genres.
    Suggestions for each tune ( climb, jumps, sprints…) would be greatly appreciated!

    Kesha- C’mon


    Antti Tuisku- Sekaisin

    Scissor Sisters- Only the Horses

    Big and Rich- Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
    Don Omar- Danza Kuduro

    Bob Seger- Hollywood Nights

    Kelly Clarkson- Catch My Breath

    1. Oops-I forgot to note- Kesha will be the warm up tune and Kelly Clarkson will be cooldown/transition—class will just be 30 mins of spin then we will transition into another studio for 30 mins of Pilates so I can demo my skills as a Pilates instructor too.

      1. And a well deserved vacation! When next you seek sun and warmth consider a trip to Florida and visit me!
        Thanks for asking! It went well-got the job:-)

  26. I just heard a great new song that is perfect for adding to any spinning playlilst. Check out Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark


    1. Cynthia,

      I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your site. I started as a student in a spinning class last October and volunteered to put together playlists for some of the instructors. You and your reader’s song and playlist suggestions have helped me put together some great playlists of my own.

      I have found a gold mine of great mashups which are all free to download at http://bootiemashup.com/bestof/



      1. Mike, this is an awesome find! Thank you for sharing. As soon as I saw DJ Lobsterdust on there, I knew it was going to be good, and it is. Super-clever, and I can’t believe the mashups go back to 2005.

    2. I LOVE that one. I’ve used it a few times. We climb…and then sprint to the top on the choruses. Tell your riders to “Get it up get up” when you hear “light it up…”.

  27. We are a bunch of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with valuable information to work on. You have performed an impressive process and our entire community will be thankful to you.

  28. My Wednesday night class is getting a Pre-Valentine’s Day treat.Total time 60 minutes
    Mike Sherman

    Crazy In Love – Beyonce 3:45 (Warm-up)
    Peace,Love and Happiness – G. Love & Special Sauce 3:42 (Jumps at chorus)
    Love Shack – B-52s 5:22 (Seated Hill Climb)
    We Found Love – Rihanna ft Calvin Harris 3:32 (Intervals/Surges)
    Happy Valentine’s Day – Andre 3000 5:23 (Seated to standing hill climb)
    Mighty Love – Eric Prydz & Andreas Posti 5:41 (Tempo/racing)
    Thing Called Love – Bonnie Raitt 3:50 (Surges at chorus)
    Hunk Of Burning Love – Elvis Presley 2:56 (Tempo/recovery)
    Say Hey(I Love You) – Michael Franti 3:56 (Jumps)
    DJs Got Us Falling In Love – Usher 3:42 (Intervals)
    Addicted To Love – Robert Palmer 3:56 (Mountain climb)
    I Don’t Need A Man – Pussycat Dolls 3:41 (Intervals)
    Finally – Ce Ce Peniston ft Joyrider 3:41 (Combo hill climb)
    Everybody Needs SomebodyTo Love – The Blues Bros 3:20 (Sprint Finish)
    Real Love – Ryan Shaw 3:04 (Flush and cool down)
    Someone Like You – Van Morrison 4:05 (Stretching and good-byes)


  29. Hi Cynthia,

    I think after getting great ideas from your site for over two years for my spin classes that I should share something back. So here goes…I explain resistance using a scale of 1-10 and pedal speed (cadence) as a % number.

    Got loads of playlists so i usually call my spin playlists by the name of a particular song, this one is called Spin Sunday and its a 45 min spin. This is tough!

    1. Sunday Shoutin by Johnny Corporate
    2 / 10 @ 75%….10% increases for 30 ish secs at 3 mins. Back to 65-75% and increase to 3/10. Another 10% increases for 30 ish secs at 5:10.

    2. Ready 2 Go (Extended Mix) by Groove Mekanix on an Album called Born to Run.
    Start at 75% and 4/10….2 sprints @ 90%…1 is 30 secs long and other is nearly a min long.

    3. Levels by Avicii
    Standing climb…..start at 6/10 and just increase, increase, increase until the person reaches their own 9/10….if they have reached this 9/10 then ignore further increase prompts. This has a 1 min rest in middle for newbies although I encourage no rest if feeling good.

    4. Resurrection (Space Club Mix) by PPK on Dave Pierce Trance Anthems 2008……i edited this on itunes and chopped first 2:40 off….leaves about a 30 sec intro for a rest from last song.
    Start @ 6/10 at 75-85 %…..close the eyes and just focus on breathing and cadence

    5. Not Exactly by Deadmau5 on Album Twisted Disco by Hed Kandi
    Start @ 7/10 @ 65-70%….similar to last song….slower beat though..more resistance…legs will burn!

    6. I cry by Flo Rida
    Similar to No.3 as its a standing climb to start at speed of beat of music. Start at 6 or 7/10 but with added in the seat “put the pressure on to the max” during the chorus….maybe only 60% for some. 2 sets of this with a 40 sec rest followed by one more set.

    7. Synaesthesia by The Thrillseekers..another from Dave Pierce Trance Anthems 2008…Again i chopped the first 3 mins which gives about a 20 sec intro.
    Start at 5 or 6/10 @ 80%..about 80 secs long with a 10% increase halfway. Reduce to 60% for a 40 sec rest and repeat 2 more times. All I can say is this one hurts!

    8. Gold Guns Girls by Metric
    Standing very fast climb at 0-2/10….if your mental fit then 4/10 max!
    I usually get ppl to start low resistance wait to see how they feel for first chourus and then increase little bits. This one is a lung burster!

    9. Carte Blanche (Edited) by Veracocha….Another dave Pierce Trance Anthems 2008
    There is a 25 sec and a 40 sec segment of this that is mega for sprinting to the MAX! I edited them again using itunes joining the 25 sec bit twice to make a 50 sec sprint and joining the 25 sec bit with the 40 sec bit to make a 65 sec sprint.

    5 or 6/10 @ 100%

    10. The Veldt (Radio Edit) by Deadmau5
    Cool Down

    To edit songs on itunes version…..go to FILE, then GET INFO, then select the options tab and pick start and finish times of songs.

  30. Valentine’s Day Spin Playlist – 59.4
    I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Love Songs – 3:37 – warm up
    Love Me Do – The Beatles – 2:21
    I Feel Love (Blue Man Group Radio Edit) – Blue Man Group – 4:08
    Tounge Tied – Faber Drive – 3:31
    Tunnel Of Love – Bruce Springsteen – 5:13
    Love – Collective Soul – 3:32
    You’re The World To Me – David Gray – 3:37
    Please Don’t Leave Me – Pink – 3:52
    Lovegame – Lady Gaga – 3:38
    The One I Love – REM – 3:18
    Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Richer – 3:27
    Crazy In Love – Beyonce – 3:56
    Heartbeat – The Fray – 3:40
    Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis – 4:22
    I Would Die 4 U – Prince – 2:59
    I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston – 4:24 – cool down

    1. Thanks Leslie…I just finished my “Spread the Bike Love” mix. I teach a very diverse class age range: 24-70 years. In addition I have very experienced cyclists to novices and about equal in genders. We have twenty bikes and I have at least 7-10 men every class and at least 10-12 women. Rarely is there a bike left. One thing they enjoy is a big variety in music…and they are there to ride, not socialize! With that in mind, I’m doing a “Boys vs. Girls” sets…one set the men work extra hard, next set the woman work it! This ride is mixed terrain. Enjoy all;
      “SPIN-SPREAD THE BIKE LOVE!” 49 min (I mix and overlap, so this is approximate):

      1. The Love Boat Theme (yes, the real love boat theme song!) W.U.
      2. Love Tattoo-Imelda May W.U.
      3. Rooster Crowing- Sound EFX W.U.
      4. Love Shack-(UK MiX) JAK Jones
      5. Game of Love-Wayne Fontana
      6. Gimme’ Some Lovin’-Blues Brothers
      7. Maybe We Found Love- (Mashup Lobsterdust)
      8 Don’t Tell Me You Love Me-Night Ranger
      9 She Says She Loves You- Beatles
      10. What I Wouldn’t Do- She Swings, She Sways
      11. Love Drunk- Boys Likes Girls
      12 Stoned in Love- Chicane
      13. How You Love Me Now-Hey Monday
      14. She Will Be Loved-Runner Run
      15. Love is Gone (Radio Edit)-David Guetta
      16. I Love Rock n Roll-Technosta
      17. My Heart Will Go On-Katalina, The Vandals
      18. Love You Like a Love Song-Selina Gomez and The Scene C.D.

      Have fun and good-luck with your ride…thanks for sharing!

  31. Salutations to all the Cycling World Riders! I have two 5:15 a.m. classes I teach and we are known as the CRACK OF DAWN RIDERS! We even have Bondibands made up with our own logo (thanks Cynthia for the band tip; I own over 24 of them now). I wanted to challenge the group and came up with a ride called SNAKE CHARMER. It amounts to 48 switchbacks up a mountain in Italy. Here is my take on a mountain climb:

    Set the Stage: Welcome Winter Warriors! We are in Passo Dello Stelvio, Italia! 48 numbered switchbacks over 25 km (we use the Keiser bikes) is the goal. (I have them go down to gear 4, close their eyes, and then push into a gear that they feel the road both pushing and pulling). This becomes the “flat road”. After that when I call out, “Switchback” it is 4 or 5 gears up and out of the saddle for 8-10 seconds….then “Sit”…..this goes on every thirty-five seconds!

    1, Party Rock Anthem (Antman Cookie Mix through Soundcloud): W.U. and set the stage…”This is a high-wire act of road unfurling in front of you.”

    2. Breathless (Tequila & the Sunrise Group): “We will hit Elevations over 8,000 feet! Wintery Conditions are likely. Get ready to take turns in a hairpin (outside riders are up longer, inside riders are on a steeper incline, but short standing time).”

    3. Never Surrender (Giant) “Outside lane is almost always easier. Want to make your opponents suffer? Nothing stings like a hard attack up the inside of a switchback-it’s the shortest line, and the most difficult.”

    “Drill, stay upright…every thirty-five seconds…Switchback! You will go up 4 or 5 gears to max climb and stand.”

    “SIT”: You will go down 4 gears to a normal grind pace and accelerate to your top speed as you have a mileage/km goal to meet!”

    4: Breakin a Sweat (Skrillex & The Doors): “This is the Start of the Switchbacks! “Keep grip relaxed.” “Float on the balls of your feet.”
    (I actually kept track of the # and called it out; by “eight” everyone was groaning….40 more to go)!”

    5. Pretty Vegas (INXS): “Train your Vision as Far up the Road as possible.
    Practice steadily pushing in a larger gear. Use the lulls to your advantage: drink and stretch the legs.”

    6. They (JEM): “Stay with the first half of the group in front. Use as little energy as possible (think form). Be patient.”

    7. Run a Little (Run to Cadence with the US Army Rangers): This really pumps everyone up and I found it on e-music…hubby was a Ranger…so we like it hard core, ass-kickin!

    “This is our chance to get into a good position! Look for opportunities to launch an attack, team!”

    8. Faster, Harder Scooter (Scooter): “This is a battle of attrition. Simply pedal away from those losing steam. Avoid the soft dirt on the shoulders!”

    9. I Feel Your Pain (Space Frog from The Grim Reaper): ” Maintain speed by following the smooth patches on the road. We are almost at the pass: Lactate is feeding those muscles! You’ve been tapping into the carbs by putting the hammer down. More carbs used=more lactate accumulation in blood and muscle.”

    10. Run Runaway (Slade): “You’ve hit your limit of climbing hard. The burn you feel is a result of the nervous system sensing increased acidity from the accumulation of lactate.

    Ease the pace; let the lactate slow….

    You just taught your body to use lactate more efficiently by putting yourself at and exertion level of 70% or higher.

    It’s time: cool down, repair body cells, rebuild muscle, and fuel your metabolism. Keep riding strong!”

    11. Oh, Oh, Lord (Kathleen Carnali): Till…next ride…Drink…be merry. (Here, I give out individual cartons of organic 1% chocolate milk).

    Everyone in the class went wild over this ride …..I never witnessed so much sweat and so many red faces…the look of reaching the goal…priceless. It was quite empowering to the class. Ciao!

      1. Thanks Cynthia, I really work hard to create a good outdoor ride…we even had a dog named “Mutley” we saved one day! I inserted a barking sound bite…mind not every class would like these things…but mine are packed at 5:15 a.m. and I’m told people are attracted to the rides because they are always a surprise! Biggest piece of advice I have for all….know your audience! Ride on and Ride Safe…

    1. I normally don’t ever post in here I just take all these great songs and ride ideas from people and make my own awesome ride. I took this above ride and did it with my morning class and it was NOT well received. It was just too slow tempo in general and there was just some very awkward moments in the ride. I have taken a couple songs from it. However, the details you provided are a nice visual. We are installing virtual cycling soon so that will be bale to give everyone a real vision of the rides.

      1. Oh no, Adam! I am sorry to hear that this ride didn’t work for you. Thanks for coming back to give us feedback.

      2. Adam, Not sure what bikes you are riding on..we have geared Keiser Bikes…Sorry your class didn’t like it…we had no awkward gaps (my music is professionally mixed, no pauses, overlaps, etc…) just some gasps for air! Maybe I didn’t explain it well in the set-up as by switchback 8 everyone was focused and in the zone. It is hard to take a ride that is envisioned by someone else and turn it into yours…I take snips from these great ideas, mix with my goals for the ride, and make them mine. I’m all over the visual riding you are going to get! Please let me know how they turn out. I’ve already presented some visual rides and they have been well received, but I have to take in my own equipment and it was too time consuming. Thanks for the feedback and glad you liked a couple of songs.

  32. Hi all
    THis is my first time posting on here but have looked at the playlists/track suggestions loads of times. I’ve only been qualified since last April and don’t have a permanent class so I’m still not that familiar/comfortable with creating CD’s but can’t use the same one forever! So…I’ve had a bash at a new one and was hoping you guys could let me know your thoughts! Thank you :-) Caroline

    Warm up – Nicki Minaj – Super Bass
    Second half of warm up/first hill – Neyo and Calvin Harris – Lets Go
    Hill track 2 – The Cataracs – Bass Down Low
    Hill track 3 – BOB – So Good
    Sprint track 1 – Rita Ora – Hot Right Now
    Recovery – Olly Murs – Troublemaker
    Hill set 2 track 1 – David Guetta – Where them Girls at
    Hill set 2 track 2 – Skrillex – Bangarang
    Hill set 2 track 3 – Will.I.Am – The Hardest
    Run track – Psy – Gangnam Style
    Sprint track 2 – Friday Night Posse – Are you Ready for This
    Cool down – Bruno Mars – Lazy Song

    1. Hi Caroline, welcome to the blog and congrats on becoming an indoor cycling instructor. I love that your music relies on really fresh artists, but not the same old top 40; love the inspiring lyrics in Let’s Go and The Hardest (and what the heck, The Lazy Song – perfect for a cool down.) I am a fan of multi-song challenges, so I like that you’ve included two big hills and used songs with varying beats per minute, which will encourage riders to vary their cadence. You’ll have to pay special attention to coaching them to use enough tension for the slower climbs, while still maintaining at least 60 rpm; try describing how they should feel. I like to leave them sucking wind at the end so finishing with a sprint is ideal. Since you’ve only included two sprints and a run, I would tell the class before the first one and coach riders to give everything and urge them to make sure they get the most out of the time.

      I feel like Super Bass would work better as a cool down song; I am partial to really peppy warmup tunes. This seems like a short class (45? 50 minutes?) so I might leave out the recovery track since many riders won’t need a full song for recovery. Instead, you might coach recovery between songs and perhaps for 30-60 seconds at the beginning or end of a song after a stint of hard work. You could also choose a tempo track and coach recovery for the riders who need it and a steady working cadence for those who don’t. That way, people can take as long as they need and then get back to work.

      I would definitely consider getting an iPod – making and altering playlists is a piece of cake and you can carry lots of music with you, plus you can use it with headphones for your own workouts. Maybe as a treat to yourself for hitting the one year mark as an instructor in April?

      Readers, do you have any other feedback for Caroline?

      1. Hi Cynthia
        Thank you so much for your feedback! Very thorough!! It’s great to hear you being so positive about my playlist, as I say, with not having a permanent class it’s almost like I’m starting again with every class I take! Will definitely take your comments on board – I hope to get into more regular practice at creating playlists so it eventually becomes second nature…practice makes perfect I guess!
        Will let you know if I have any further inspiration! This is such a helpful forum! x

  33. hi all. awsome playlists you have :) Here is my “just from Finland” list, 55 min cycling.

    1- Darude – Sandstorm
    2- Killer – Naughty Boy
    3- Poets of the Fall – Lift
    4- Anna Abreu – Stereo
    5- Stratovarius – Eagleheart
    6- Antti Tuisku – Hyökyaalto
    7- Anna Abreu – Vinegar
    8- HIM – Right Here In My Arms
    9- Bomfunk MCs – Dynamite
    10- Don johnson Big band – Road
    11- Anna Abreu – Music everywhere
    12- Hanna Pakarinen – Go Go
    13- The Rasmus – No Fear
    14- Kemopetrol – Goodbye
    15- Nightwish – While your lips are still red

    1. Thank you so much Sundie! My very favourite part of the blog is finding out what instructors in other parts of the world are cycling to. I couldn’t find all of the songs on iTunes but probably would on YouTube. I downloaded Poets of the Fall and Go Go (Hanna Pakarinen and I share the same birthday!) and Amaranth by Nightwish. When I use them in my class I will tell the riders that I got them from you and that this is what folks are cycling to in Finland at the moment.

      1. I love Nightwish….I used their Phantom of the Opera…and everyone told me they never wanted to ride up a mountain again!

      2. oh, so long since i last visited… but you almoust got me on tears :) nice that songs have inspired folks around the world, not just here, small, icy Finland :D thank u so much!

      3. and maybe best NW at the moment : I want my tears back. please, download, it´s worth it.

    2. Sundie,
      Great music! I just downloaded as many as I could find! FUN! I get so excited when I have great new tunes to play–especially tunes that are fresh and new that most of us in the US haven’t heard before!
      Thanks for sharing!

  34. Here’s a playlist that I call Spin Me Harder.

    Warm Up

    Diddy – Hello Good Morning (4:11)
    Easy warm-up and dynamic stretching. Tension at 1/10


    Dead or Alive Vs Daft Punk – Spin Me Harder (3:53)
    Standing Runs at ¾ pace. Increasing lengths with decreasing recoveries. Tension at 2/10
    1. 20 sec exercise / 20 second recovery
    2. 30 sec exercise / 15 second recovery
    3. 40 sec exercise / 10 second recovery
    4. 30 sec exercise / 15 second recovery

    Paul Oakenfold – Ready Steady Go (4:16)
    Multiple short sprints: Simply ten second standing sprints each time the lyrics say “Go”! Tension at 2/10

    Chicane – Hiding All The Stars (3:30)
    Two long sprints seated sprints: as lead by the music at 2/10.


    Fergie Vs HelloGoodbye – Glamorous In My Arms (4:31)
    Alternating Standing / Seated Climb: Starting at 3/10 and increasing the resistance by one full turn each 30 seconds while changing between standing and seating each 15 seconds. After five increases, at level 8/10, start decreasing the resistance each 30 seconds to end at 4/10.

    The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil (Neptunes Remix) (4:18)
    Seated Climb: Starting at 4/10, increase the resistance each 30 seconds while changing between right and left leg each 15 seconds for first three increases. After five increases, at level 10/10, start decreasing the resistance each 30 seconds to end at 8/10.

    Missy Eliot vs Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Till You Work It (3:48)
    Sprints against resistance: Starting at 8/10 and reducing the resistance each 30 seconds while sprinting at the chorus, against what ever level that is.


    Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Get It On (2:33)
    Squat in reverse: Starting at level 3/10 and while cycling backwards squat at each chorus. The first chorus repeats twice, this should be split between squat and body run. The second chorus repeats three times, therefore this is squat to body run to squat, etc

    Jumps/ Body Runs
    Lady Ga Ga – Love Game Love Game (Chew Fu Remix feat. Marilyn Manson) (5:22)
    Jumps: Four sets of 2 seconds, then four sets of 4 seconds then 4 sets of 8 seconds, 10 second squats to end set and then increase resistance and repeat from start.

    Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me (the fonzerelli remix) (3:37)
    Body Runs: Seat to standing to back and to leaning over the handle-bar. 10 second squats to end set and then increase resistance and repeat from start.


    Prodigy – No Good (Start The Dance) (6:18)
    A Fartlek training track: Dependant on the speed of the music the pace varies from walking, jogging ¾ pace to sprinting.

    Cool Down & Stretch

    Space Raiders – Laid Back (7:28)

  35. Has anyone done an entire Tabata spin class? I threw in a Tabata track for our last song today…hardest four minutes EVER. Everyone loved it and I’d like to add more to the mix but I’m thinking an entire hour of straight Tabata might be a bit much! Suggestions?

    1. Dana,
      I do Tabata training in my interval class—Tabata is not intended to be longer than one round of 4 minutes. Your riders should be totally spent after that and have nothing more to give-after a round of Tabata it should be time the cool down, stretch and see’ya.

    2. I want to try a Tabata class too! Check out my interview with Schwinn Master Trainer Chris Roche – he talks about how to put together a Tabata cycling class.

    3. Yes, Dana…I have Tabata Pro on my I-touch and use it all the time…I start with spin-ups for beginners, then finish with form sprints for my experienced riders. I give them a good 10 minute warm-up and 10 minute cool-down when doing this type of ride…hope this helps. You can also ride it with “different terrain.” I am able to very my music as my tabata is not tied into the song! The app costs: $2.99 i think.

  36. Hey everyone!
    Thought I’d share my latest playlist! It got rave reviews. WOO HOO!

    WARM UP: Va Va Voom – Nicki Manaj

    On The Floor- Jennifer Lopez/Pitbull. Still continuing with the warmup…but raising the heart rate. Start in the saddle…Listen for the change in music/tempo. Head on up to 2nd position, then over to third when you hear the changes. Sit back down…and repeat. Stay over in third during PitBull’s part, then back down when he’s done.

    Jellyhead – Crush. Sprints on the chorus

    NaNaNa (Riddler remix) – DACAV, Seated climb. There are three points in the song where the music speeds up. Tell your riders to step on the gas…and get up that hill!

    Black Horse and the Cherry Tree – KTTunstall. This is the first of three jump tracks on this playlist. This one is easy. All four count jumps…sitting down on the chorus. Make sure your riders are on an incline! It works so well with the beat.

    Don’t Stop the Party – Pitbull. One of my favorites on this playlist. Seated climb to a standing flat. I tell my riders “when you hear ‘are ya’ll havin’ a good time out there?” they have to a) answer positively and b) take it out of the saddle or in the saddle…depending on where we are.

    Candyman – Christina Aguilera. Have your riders pick a resistance higher than their normal flat road. They need to stay right on tempo for the entire song…at that resistance. It should be challenging!

    Come Out and Play – Offspring. Hardest jump track. Once the jumps start…we don’t stop til the song ends. Start with four count jumps…in third position. On the chorus, change to two count jumps…in second. Transition directly back to four counts,…back to two….you get it.

    Istanbul (Not Constanpoule) – Milan and Phoenix. Seated climb…a slight recovery from the hideous jumps we just came from.

    Back in Time – Pitbull. Our last jump track. Easy though. Two count jumps on the chorus.

    Trouble – Pink. Sprints!

    Carry On – Fun. Heaviest hill yet. I usually have my riders start in the saddle…and when that beat kicks in, they add as much resistance as they can muster and take it out of the saddle for a standing hill.

    Whiskey’s Gone – Zac Brown Band. I’m a big country fan and LOOOOVE ending my class with this one. Sprints on the chorus. But on the last chorus…they will need to add resistance four times (you’ll hear it in the music). They finish that last sprint up hill. Nine times out of ten, when I end with this, even if a rider hates country, you will surely get a “WOOO!!!!!!!” when it’s done.

    COOL DOWN: Working Girl Let The River Run – Studio Sound Ensemble. Ask the riders if they remember the movie this is from while they’re wiping the sweat from their bodies (Working Girl).

    Glitter in the Air – Pink Stretch, Cool down
    Amazed – Lone Star – Cool down, goodbye music

  37. Ok new playlist for thursday, what do you think folks.

    Adele – Rolling In The Deep 3:54
    Kings Of Leon – Sex on Fire(Electro Remix) 4:04
    Rihanna – Umbrella 4:13
    Dandy Warhols – Bohemian like you 3:32
    Nelly Furtado ft.Timbaland – Promiscuous 4:00
    Arctic Monkeys-Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor 2:52
    Lady Gaga- Poker Face Lyrics 4:00
    Green Day – American Idiot 3:00
    Black Eyed Peas – Meet Me Halfway 4:45
    Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl? 3:52
    Stop and Stare- One republic 3:45
    Crazy 5:17 Aerosmith

    1. I think it sounds great Martin! I have a friend who adores that Arctic Monkeys song. I want to play it for her next time she comes to my class. What do you coach to it?

      1. I keep it simple really, hands on the outside chest down pick up the pace and lift out the saddle on the chorus

  38. Wanted a long winter ride that would let us imagine summer, so I put together a “Sun Themed” mystery ride for tomorrow . . . going to tell the riders there is a common theme to all of the songs:
    Soak Up the Sun, Sheryl Crow, (warm-up)
    Brighter Than the Sun, Colbie Caillat
    Sound of Sunshine, Michael Franti
    Chasing the Sun, The Wanted
    Whiplash, Selena Gomez (on album When the Sun Goes Down)
    Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2
    Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves
    Blister in the Sun, Violent Femmes
    Radioactive, Kings of Leon (on album Come Around Sundown)
    Sunglasses at Night (lots of versions of this song available)
    Sunshine of your Love, Cream
    Sunshine, Matisyahu
    Sun Is Up, (listed as Various Artists)
    Sunshine Superman, Donovan
    Walkin’ on the Sun, Smash Mouth
    Anna Sun, Walk the Moon
    The Sun, Shiny Toy Guns
    Cheap Sunglasses, ZZ Top
    Sunrise, Norah Jones; No Rain, Blind Melon and/or Hard Sun, Eddie Vedder as cool-downs

  39. There are three amazing climbing songs that to share. Two of them are old school rock and you are guaranteed to see lips moving in tune throughout the room and the third is a remix by Snoop Dog from a Doors classic.

    “We Built this City” by Starship and “Eye of the Tiger: by Survivor for back to back climbs and test out “Riders on the Storm” (Fredwreck remix), Snoop Dog featuring The Doors for a grueling hill challenge.

    1. Thanks Sarah! You got me hunting around for Eye of the Tiger remixes and I really like the Doors/Snoop Dogg as well.

    1. Hi Fern! Thanks for the link – I’m going to post it on my blogroll and please feel free to do the same with Spinning Music. Folks, Fern is a cycling/yoga instructor in Canada – check out her new blog.

  40. Ok here’s another 45 minute playlist for you to fest on. Let me know what you think please.
    Christina Aguilera – Ain’t No Other Man 3:49
    Warm up
    The Offspring – Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) 3:15
    Warm up continued getting faster
    P!nk-Trouble 3:14
    Full charge on chours few turns on
    Haddaway – What Is Love 4:00
    Hill climb
    Good Charlotte – I Don´t Want To Be In Love 4:04
    Back to the speed set
    Moby James Bond Theme (Moby’s Re-Version) 3:11
    Speed set continued
    Robbie Williams Man Machine 3:35
    Steady climb in the saddle
    Snap – The Power (HQ) 4:25
    Continue the climb, getting out of the saddle
    Nickelback Where Do I Hide 3:38
    Kayne West GOLD DIGGER 3:28
    Out of the saddle and climb
    Ozzy Osbourne-Crazy Train 4:45
    Every thing you’ve got left
    Jimi Hendrix Angel 4:23
    Cool down and good bye.

  41. Hi All – wanted to post one of my recent favorite 60 minute playlists – enjoy!

    1. Glad You Came – The Wanted – nice easy warm up 80-100 RPM
    2. Hey Baby – No Doubt – continue warm up – work in 2nd position at :46, 1:35 and 2:43 – I tell them this is not about a hill – it is to warm the core and legs
    3. End Of Me – Apocalyptica – seated sprints at :38-1:00 1:26-1:48 and finally a 50 second sprint at 2:22-3:11 I have them start with a solid resistance of about 70 RPM and during each sprint they should push for 90-110 RPM
    4. Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve – short recovery as you approach your first hill – start 80-100 and then begin adding until you are riding 60-70 RPM in 3rd position – about an 8-9 out of 10 difficulty
    5. The Sound (John M. Perkins’ Blues) – Switchfoot – I have them level out their road and begin to fight the wind on a flat – usually tell them to have enough resistance that they are just above their comfort level – about a 6 out of 10
    6. Up n’ Down – Britney Spears – I either do jumps to this or I work in 2nd and 3rd position with moderate resistance. I encourage them to work their glutes by squeezing with each pedal stroke and in 3rd put the butt out and up to work the hamstrings and glutes.
    7. This is How a Heart Breaks – Rob Thomas – cardio climb in 3rd position – they should have a resistance of about a 7 out of 10 – RPM 65-75 – I encourage them to shoot for breathless
    8. Love, Reign O’er Me – Pearl Jam (love this song) – sit back down, add resistance and continue climbing to the top – I let them know that at the top they will get a well deserved recovery!
    9. A-Punk – Vampire Weekend – nice short recovery with enough pick me up for a couple of downhill surges – be sure to bring heart rate down
    10. Let It Rock (clean version) – Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne – endurance flat – I tell them that it should be just above their comfort zone – wind in the face. Part way into it if their legs aren’t beginning to burn they need to add resistance!
    11. Maybe – Sick Puppies – Team sprints – each sprint is 30 seconds and there are 3 of them. :42-1:12 1:36-2:04 2:33-3:06 I have them on a solid incline and tell them that they are sprinting as a team to take the lead. Right before the sprint they add 1/2 to 1 full turn to the right so they are running up hill! The other teams maintain their slight incline
    12. If Everyone Cared – Nickelback – this is the beginning of an 8 minute climb. They start in the saddle and get heavier with each minute of the song.
    13. Hero of The Day – Metallica – This is where the riders take it out to 3rd position and continue climbing. This song has 3 great surges where I encourage the riders to add as much speed as they can – even taking a little of the resistance off to do it
    14. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson – last recovery as they move towards the finish line. There are 3 downhill sprints where I have them go up to 90 RPM being sure to have the fly wheel under their control. Sprints at :41-1:16 1:40-2:14 2:37-3:30 At this point I tell them to be sure to prepare for their last climb – I tell them that it is a riders choice as they approach the finish line
    15. My Body – Young The Giant – great song for a climb – I let them know each minute as the song goes on so they can challenge themselves to empty the tank for the last minute. I remind them that they are there for a reason and that they don’t want to walk out the door with any regrets and to put it all out there!
    16. Glitter in the Air – Pink – cool down and stretching

  42. loving this website, here is one of my playlists for you to enjoy,

    Forget You Cee Lo Green 3:46 cheerful warm up and intro in to the class.
    Let Me Entertain You Robbie Williams 4:22 every one loves this track and go way to get the class started
    Sexy Chick (clean edit) – David Guetta ft. Akon 3:16 out of the seat and climb
    Guns N’ Roses – Live And Let Die – 3:02 on the guitar solo out of the seat and sprint hard
    Somebody That I Used To Know (Tiesto Remix) – Goyte Ft. Kimbre 4:33 dig hill for a tough climb
    A ha Take On Me 3:44 fun power sprint
    I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas 4:06 step hill climb
    Monkey Wrench 3:53 Foo Fighters power sets
    Lady Gaga – Marry The Night nice rolling hills
    Great Balls Of Fire 1:56 Jerry Lee Lewis recovery track before the big push
    Livin’ On A Prayer 4:11 Bon Jovi Cross Road final sprint to the finish
    Sandi Thom I Wish i was a punkrocker 2:42 cool down and stretch

    1. Thanks Martin! I love that I know most of these songs but you’ve cherry-picked them from different decades and genres. I downloaded Let Me Entertain You before the preview even finished and have a whole new respect for Take On Me, too. Love it!

      1. TRY THIS ONE
        Cyndi Lauper – She Bop – 3:44
        Beat It Michael Jackson 4:18
        Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music (LYRICS) 4:31
        Nickelback- Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting 3:44
        Chicane feat. Tom Jones – ‘Stoned In Love’ 3:41
        You Give Love A Bad Name 3:44 Bon Jovi
        Disturbia – Rihanna 3:59
        Thunderstruck 4:54 AC/DC
        One 4:21 Mary J. Blige featuring U2
        Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) 2:33

      2. Thanks Martin – your playlist includes some of my all-time favourites (Stoned in Love, Disturbia, Thunderstruck). I like the nod to the ’80s, too. I had a request for Thunderstruck just last week.

  43. This is a great site and resource for our weekly Spinning group at Davenport University. I’ve posted some playlists to my WordPress blog…including my latest spinlist…Burn it Down. Thanks for sharing yours!

    1. Thanks Steve! I checked it out and commented. It looks like we enjoy a lot of the same music. I am going to add a link to your blog, if that’s okay. All the best, Cynthia

  44. Hello everybody

    Here is a new very electronic mix. As always, it is intended for advanced students but you can always acomodate the pace for beginers:

    001. WarmUp:
    001.1. [5:00][135RPM] – Ride (Cary Brothers – Tiesto Mix)
    [Seated Flat Aero] – 60%
    001.2. [3:00][93RPM] – Infinity (Guru Josh Project)
    [Standing Flat/Seated Flat Aero — Alternate] – 70%
    001.3. [6:30][73RPM] – Connect to the Source (Dali)
    [Seated Flat] – 80% Switch between single and double tempo every minute

    002. Main
    002.1. [5:00][83RPM] Empty Streets (Late Night Alumni)
    [Standing Climbing] – 80%
    002.2. [3:15][115RPM] Hello (Scooter)
    [Seated Aero] – 60%
    002.3. [6:00][75RPM] Mea Culpa (Enigma)
    [Standing Climbing] – 90%
    002.4. [3:30][128RPM] In lichter Farbe steht der Wald(Helium Vola)
    [Standing Flat] – 75%
    002.5. [4:00][128RPM] Humaniodz (Tom de Neef and Laidback Luke)
    [Standing Flat] – 60%
    002.6. [4:00][128RPM] Pa’ Bailar (Bajofondo)
    [Standing Climbing] – 80%
    002.7. [4:00][135RPM] Big Time Disco (Anthony Acid)
    [Seated Aero] – 70%
    002.8. [2:45][116RPM] We no speak americano (Yolanda be cool)
    [Standing Climbing] – 90%

    003. Cool Down
    003.1. [3:30] Malevaje (Sudestada)
    [Seated Relax]

    Here is the full audio:

    Please remember that the mix is provided without any commercial interest and only with educational purposes. All the rights belong to the original artists. If by any mean you believe any commercial right or intellectual property are being violated, please let me know to bring the file offline.

  45. Hello guys

    I am bringing a very experimental piece today. It’s a bit on the rocky side, so, mind your audience. It is also a killer mountaing up program, so just choose the right day to do it.

    001. WarmUp:
    001.1. [6:00][90RPM] – Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO)
    [Seated Flat] – 60%
    001.2. [5:00][128RPM] – Levels (AvicII)
    [Alternate 1 min Standing Flat: 1 minute Seated Flat – Follow the lead by Calle13] – 70%
    001.3. [6:00][125RPM] – Get Back (Alexandra Stan)
    [Seated flat] – 60% – Alternate the lead leg every minute or so

    002. Main
    002.1. [7:00][87RPM] – Beautiful World (Tiesto)
    [Standing Flat] – 70%
    002.2. [3:00][125RPM] – Metropolis (Mange Makers)
    [Standing Climbing] – 80%
    002.3. [6:00][110RPM] – Hey Baby (No Doubt)
    [Standing Climbing] – 85%
    002.4. [6:00][74RPM] – Alien Project / The third Revelation (The Infinity Project)
    [Seated Flat (Aero)] – 60%
    002.5. [3:15][121RPM] – Daddy Cool (Placebo)
    [Standing Flat] – 75%
    002.6. [3:15][92RPM] – Ballrog Boogie (Diablo Swing Orchestra)
    [Standing Climbing – HARD] – 90/95%

    003. Cool Down
    003.1. [5:00] Alone en la vida (L’arc~en~Ciel)
    [Seated Relax and slowly come back to life]

    This is a sketch of what you would be doing:


    Here is the full audio:


    Please remember that the mix is provided without any commercial interest and only with educational purposes. All the rights belong to the original artists. If by any mean you believe any commercial right or intellectual property are being violated, please let me know to bring the file offline.

  46. Hi everyone! So here’s a challenge: A member told me today that he’s a huge fan of house music. I like hip hop…but house music isn’t really my favorite style. However…I try to keep everyone happy and my playlists contain a wide variety of music (Eminem to Bob Seger!) I want to make my members happy so they keep coming back! Does anyone have any music suggestions that come halfway? House-ish…with maybe a pop/rock feel?. GO! :)

  47. I have been exploring for a little for any high quality articles or weblog posts on this kind of house . Exploring in Yahoo I at last stumbled upon this website. Studying this info So i am glad to exhibit that I have an incredibly just right uncanny feeling I discovered exactly what I needed. I such a lot for sure will make certain to do not forget this website and provides it a look on a constant basis.

  48. Hello guys

    Here is a new spinning class. Enjoy and please give feedback.

    001. WarmUp:
    001.1. [5:00][95RPM] – Pussy (Rammstein)
    [Seated Flat] – 60%
    001.2. [6:20][128RPM/10RPM] – Louder than words (Tiesto)
    [standing Flat] ALternate RPM Following the beat – 75%
    001.3. [5:00][135RPM] – Sorry (Madonna/Pet Shop Boy remix)
    [Seated Flat] – 70%

    002. Main
    002.1. [15:00] Combination (Spin at high end of comfort range in small chairing)
    – Blessed [115RPM]
    [standing Flat] – 70%
    – Prisionero (Miranda) [122RPM]
    [standing Climbing] – 80%
    – 10 Minutes (DJ Feel) [130RPM]
    [Seated Flat] – 75% – (Keep the strength)
    – Sweat (David Guetta / Snoop Dog) [131RPM]
    [standing Climbing] – 80%

    002.2. [15:00][131RPM] – Combination (
    [Mainly Standing Flat/Climbin] – 80%/90%
    – Not myself tonight (Cristina Aguilera) [75RPM]
    [standing Climbing] – 90%
    – Everything (Tiesto) – [136RPM]
    [Seated Flat – Aero] – 60%
    – Around the world in a tea daze (The Infinity Project) – [95RPM]
    [standing Flat] – 65%
    – La Camisa Negra (Juanes) [95RPM]
    [standing Climbing] – 80-90%

    003. Cool Down
    003.1. [3:46] Ohne Dich (Rammstein)
    [Seated Relax]

    Here is the full audio:


    Please remember that the mix is provided without any commercial interest and only with educational purposes. All the rights belong to the original artists. If by any mean you believe any commercial right or intellectual property are being violated, please let me know to bring the file offline.

    1. Thank you so much Wilma and I totally love the links with the downloads. Some of the links do not work anymore as they are probably to old. I have listen to your playlists and LOVE THEM. Spinning is so much fun with your music choices. Keep posting as I am now hooked on your posts. If would love to get a old on your older playlist downloads.
      grateful and Yoohoo let’s spin,

  49. Here’s a try-out that I have been collecting and combining in the last couple of months. Probably not perfect (I’m not an official instructor or so), but I like the music and they give me a great work-out. Not sure about the order, and exact timing. Total time is appr. 50 minutes (probably a bit more, but less than 1 hour). Please let me know what you think.

    Beautiful Monster – Ne-Yo (4:12): Good for the start of a work-out. Get the pace up during the choruses.

    Ready 2 Go – Martin Solveig & Kele (4:25): Rolling hills, out of the saddle.

    Skies On Fire (Original Mix) – First State feat Sarah Howells (6:12): Hills. Climbing with nice parts to go downhill (2:07-2:51, 4:44-5:29, 5:44-end).

    Sinead (Benno de Goeij Remix) – Within Temptation (3:04): Short song, but great for climbing, with perhaps sprints at 0:45-1:12 and 2:18-2:50.

    Good Thing – Fine Young Cannibals (3:22): Steady beat, can be used for climbing or running (I prefer the latter).

    Watercolour – Pendulum (4:48): Apparently this was also used for RPM, but I’d never heard it before. Nice, fast paced song, good for sprinting with jumps.

    Holding Out For A Hero (Dance Version Jellybean Remix) – Bonnie Tyler (6:20): Great song for climbing (standing up).

    Love is Darkness – Sander van Doorn feat Carol Lee (3:18): Sprinting. It slows down after the first minute, but after that it’s downhill, fast!

    Elephant – Alexandra Burke feat. Erick Morillo (3:50): Climbing.
    How Much Is The Fish – Scooter (3:45): Great sprinting song.

    Bullfrog (Original Mix) – Ralphie B (7:03): Climbing, but some parts can be used for sprinting.

    Ass Back Home (feat Neon Hitch) – Gym Class Heroes (3:42): I really like this song, can listen to it all day. Beat is good for climbing or running.

    If I Had A Million Dollars – Barenaked Ladies (4:25): Nice for cooling down.

    Please Don’t Let Me Go – Olly Murs (3:24): Cooling down.

  50. hi everybody,
    here is my list for todays class.

    dont stop the party – b.e.p.
    hello-martin sloveg
    good feeling-flo rida
    house music- benny benassi
    antidote(original mix) – swedish house mafia
    pass out the freestyler(dj from mars fm remix)
    sexy and i know it- LMFAO
    desert walk-kato
    galvanize- chemical brothers
    under the bridge – RHCP

    greetings from turkey.

  51. Hi everybody

    I’ve got an easter mix for you. I find it very lating and fun. The main idea is to concentrate on lungs resistance and cardiovascular tone with some short hardcore intervals.

    I noticed that many have been downloading the mix. I thank you for that. I’d really appreciate any input, I am just learning to do this and would love to have some advice to correct my mistakes.

    Here you go:

    001. WarmUp:
    001.1. [2:28][91RPM] – Now you are gonne (Basshunter – Feat DJ Mental)
    [Seated Flat] – 60%
    001.2. [3:14][132RPM] – Now you are gonne (Basshunter – Fonzerelli Edit)
    [Seated Flat] – 65%
    001.3. [6:00][120RPM] – El Sol de la Noche (Salsa Celtica)
    [Standing Flat] – 75%
    001.4. [6:00][128RPM] – Zumba Samba (Karmin Shiff)
    [Standing Climbing] – 80%

    002. Main
    002.1. [3:00][127RPM] – Work hard, play hard (Tiesto)
    [Seated Flat – Aero] – 70%
    002.2. [3:00][86RPM] – Girl gone wild (Madonna)
    [Standing Climbing] – 85%
    002.3. [3:30][126RPM] – Malo (AvicII)
    [Seated Flat – Aero] – 70%
    002.4. [3:00][129RPM] – Gang Bang (Madonna)
    [Standing climbing] – 90%
    002.5. [3:00][130RPM] – Verano (Paul Van Dyk)
    [Seated Flat – Aero] – 70%
    002.6. [4:00][100RPM] – El Boulevard (Thangheto)
    [Standing Climbing] – 85%
    002.7. [3:00][134RPM] – Let’s get re-started (Black Eyed Peas)
    [Seated Flat – Aero] – 70%
    002.8. [3:00][134RPM] – Simple little melody (Black Eyed Peas)
    [Seated Flat – Aero] – 80%
    002.9. [3:00][105RPM] – Tocarte Toa (Calle 13)
    [Standing Climbing – 90%-95%

    003. Cool Down
    003.1. [3:46] C’est déjà ça (Alain Souchon)
    [Seated Relax]

    If you want to give it a try you can get the mix from here:

    Please remember that the mix is provided without any commercial interest and only with educational purposes. All the rights belong to the original artists. If by any mean you believe any commercial right or intellectual property are being violated, please let me know to bring the file offline.

  52. Hi all

    I created a kind of weird playlist. You can use it for long climbs kind of training. It focuses on resistance. At first I thought it was not going to work but I tried it and it worked quite well. As always, just keep your mind in the music and it will go well.

    001. WarmUp:
    001.1. [5:10][130RPM] – Late night Alumni (Empty Streets)
    [Seated Flat] – 60% (Right Leg)
    001.2. [1:30][115RPM] – Upper Grooves (Happy Hour)
    [Standing Flat] – 70% (Right Leg)
    001.3. [1:30][77RPM] – Telephone (Lady Gaga, Alphabeat Remix)
    [Standing Climb] – 80% ((Right Leg)
    001.4. [1:30][115RPM] – Upper Grooves (Happy Hour)
    [Standing Flat] – 70% (Left leg)
    001.5. [1:30][77RPM] – Telephone (Lady Gaga, Alphabeat Remix)
    [Standing Climb] -80% (Left Leg)

    002. Main
    002.1. [2:30][120RPM] – Alors on danse (Stromae)
    [Standing Flat] – 70% (Right Leg)
    You have 10 seconds to rest and have a sip of water. Stand up at the first beat.
    002.2. [6:00][85RPM] – Pa’ bailar (Bajo Fondo)
    [Standing Climbing] – 85% (Left Leg)
    002.3. [7:30][130RPM] – No hesitation / Cloudwalking (DJ Tiesto)
    [Seated Flat] – 70% (Alternate Legs)
    002.4. [3:20][90RPM] – Rayuela (Ghotan Project)
    [Standing climbing] – 90% (Right Leg)
    002.5. [6:00][126RPM] – Out There (Vasilis Giotis)
    [Standing Flat] – 80% (Left Leg)
    002.6. [6:00][126RPM] – Bad Girl (Brown Sugar and Kid Shakers)
    [Standing Flat] – 80% (Right Leg)
    002.7. [7:28][80RPM] – Amor Porteño (Gothan Project)
    [Standing Climbing] – 95% (Choose random leg)

    003. Cool Down
    003.1. [x:xx] Just keep going with the last one until you have to seat and slow down, follow your body.
    [Seated Relax]

    If you want to give it a try you can get the mix from here:

    Please remember that the mix is provided without any commercial interest and only with educational purposes. All the rights belong to the original artists. If by any mean you believe any commercial right or intellectual property are being violated, please let me know to bring the file offline.

    1. Could you reload this mix as I am addicted to your playlists and just joined in so this link is “to old” and I would be so grateful if you could reload for us to download. I was looking for a resistance playlists and this is answering my prayers. Love your work and keep posting.

  53. Ok the purists are going to hate this, but this has been my most successful indoor cycling session yet. The feedback off of cyclists has been incredible.
    I am a Spin qualified instructor and for a while I stuck to the Spin rules and moves. However I realised quickly that my clients wanted more. The RPM/cadence etc was too slow for them. So I decided to introduce faster cadence songs and more moves. This might not be to everyone’s taste but my clients love it. As you see from the moves below there is very rarely a 1 move per song, only on the fast flats. I have them moving all the time and they LOVE it. Less than a year ago we started with 2 classes a week, now we do 9 and there is demand for more.

    As you see from the playlist below, most are old sing-a-long songs that have been remixed. So everyone loves them young and old.

    **Please note the last fast flat EVE OF THE WAR (ULLADUBULLA JEFF WAYNE REMIX) this is a very intense song that will pull the cyclists along.













    FAST FLAT – WAITING FOR TONIGHT (Alex Gaudino & Jerma pres. Lil Love) 3.41




    1. I hope you keep posting as I am just starting out teaching and I am going to try a couple of your songs in my next class.

  54. Hi everyone,
    I absolutely love this website, it has been incredibly helpful in find music suggestions for my classes.

    It’s my turn to share now. I did a fundraising class yesterday for the American Cancer Society. I put a lot of thought in to picking relevant and fun music. Here it is:
    – Give Me Everything, Pitbull
    – Hey Hey Hey, Michale Franti/Spearhead
    – Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Pat Benatar
    – Move Along, All American Rejects
    – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Marvin Gaye
    – Firework, Katy Perry
    – Smile, Uncle Kracker
    – Dog Days Are Over, Florence and the Machine
    – Just the Way You Are, Bruno Mars
    – Livin’ On A Prayer, Bon Jovi
    – The Time, Black Eyed Peas
    – Beat It, Michael Jackson
    – How Do You Like Me Now, Toby Keith
    – I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor
    – The Middle, Jimmy Eats World
    – The Climb, Myley Cyrus

  55. I have been spinning for years but just decided to take it to the next level of instructing when I switched gyms and saw a need for more quality classes! My certification course isn’t for a few weeks but I’m incredibly nervous about being out “in front.” I’m devouring all of the resources and information I can find online to help prepare myself better. What a gift this website is! I have a running playlist that I was hoping might be a good one to spin to as well. I’d love comments and feedback on this list of songs. It’s fun to look at other people’s playlists– such a “window” into individual personalities and interests!
    Here’s mine:

    Anniversary Song- Cowboy Junkies
    Clocks- COldPLay
    Let’s Get It Started- Black Eyed Peas
    New Sensation- INXS
    Somebod TOld Me- The Killers
    I Think We’re Alone Now- Tiffany
    Family Affair- Mary J. Blige
    Speed Of Sound- Coldplay
    All THese Things that I’ve Done- The Killers
    Die Another Day- Madonna
    Set Fire TO THe Rain- Adele
    Lucky- Jason Mraz

    ANy tips on replacements, order, and workout ideas for any of the songs are appreciated! Also, how do you remove the pause between songs on an ipod? THANKS!!! –Kris

  56. Has anyone ever done a class with all the bikes facing eachother and have a team 1 and team 2 type thing? what did you do? How did it work? I was thinking about trying this. Thanks!

    1. I once lined everyone up in a straight line like they were “drafting” each other and we had 4 sets of teams. It was so funny! “I hard to work so much harder” was the biggest comment.

    2. HIya April,

      I did a class like that for a Race Day and it was pretty cool…however, you need a class that contain enthusiastic spinners to make it really work.

      Good luck. I did another race day and all the bikes were in a circle simulating the laps…it was really cool and a lot of fun!

      Have fun and enjoy,


  57. Hi All –

    Two years ago I posted my St. Patrick’s Day ride titled “Irish Stew.” Type that into your “Find” box and it will come up. I’m making a few changes for this year’s ride, adding “Thing Of Beauty” by the Hothouse Flowers and “Danny Boy” by Off Kilter to end the class and sacrificing Rory Gallagher. Off Kilter is the only non-Irish band (though one co-founder is Irish born). I trimmed 45 seconds off the start and some of the end as well, not needing too much of some plaintive Irish flute. But its a hoot to hear such a rockin’ version of DB. Unfortunately, iTunes and Amazon don’t have Off Kilter but you can hear a snippet on their website or better yet, a live version on YouTube.

    The Hothouse Flowers required a bit of editing as well, but it’s a great song with a powerful beat. Finally, I can’t go without commending Van Morrison for any St. P’s day ride. The live version of “Domino” just kicks it.


  58. I really want to put together a Disco Spin class. Does anyone have a playlist with routine already made up? I would appreciate any help that you could give.

    1. Hiya Adam, I love love love DISCO!!!!

      I did the following for my Disco Spin:

      I Just want to be your everything
      Flashhdance…What a Feelin’
      Disco Inferno
      Ring My Bell
      Ain’t Nobody
      Keep it Comin’ Love
      Hot Stuff
      Knock on Wood
      It’s Raining Men
      We Are Family
      Can’t Get enough of your love

      If you’d like me to break down the class I will, but I have dig it up…this is the play list. Enjoy!!!!


      1. Hi Syd,
        Thank you so much for this. I will listen to them and see how the class should be broken down. If you can find the routine easily, great, if not that’s ok too you have given a good start. I have only been instructing for 4 weeks now, so this website is a godsend.


    Hi all, I made a “rough” copy of my ride and I’m listening to it now! I download most of my music from e-music and then use NERO software to slice, splice, and mix. It’s very spirited. I cut out the first 1:47 minutes of the Riverdance “Celtic Spirit” and then did an overlap into Celtic Irish Folk “Dueling Violins”…all my rides are a continuous mix with a 6-12 second overlap into each song.


    U2_01_Mysterious Ways (Mainfesto Mix)
    Great Big Sea_03_Road to Ruin
    Various Artists_04_Stand Up! (Single Edit)
    Flogging Molly_05_Swagger
    Riverdance_06_Celtic Spirit.
    Celtic Irish Folk _07_Dueling Violins
    Dropkick Murphys_08_The Hardest Mile
    Party Rock Anthem_09_Club can´t Handle me
    Great Big Sea_10_Wandering Ways
    Flogging Molly_11_Drunken Lullabies
    Imelda May_12_Johnny Got A Boom Boom
    Great Big Sea_13_Mari Mac
    Dropkick Murphys_14_Going Out In Style.
    Total Ride Time: 45:57.43
    The “clip” is a public service announcement I found about the health benefits of switching from high caloric drinks to water…I don’t have a cool down as we are doing a three hour benefit ride and I’ll be switching off to another instructor.

    Thanks to all the instructors that through in the song ideas…this is a product of your suggestions! Let’s Emerald Rock and Ride On!

    1. LOVE “Going Out in Style.” My riders are pretty lenient and cool when it comes to lyrics so they’ll really enjoy this one. Thank you!!! I’m putting my Emerald List together as we speak and I’ve got three Dropkick Murphys (Tessie, Spicy McHaggis and Going Out in Style). And I LOVE Mari Mac.

      1. “Going Out in Style” just adds the right flare to the end of any ride! Thanks for the other Dropkick Murphy’s suggestions…Take care and EAT A HILL for BREAKFAST!

  60. Hello everybody

    I have a new playlist and I’d love to have your input and critics.

    001. WarmUp:
    001.1. [5:00][125RPM] – Raise your weapon (Deadmau5)
    [Seated Flat] – 60%
    001.2. [3:00][128RPM] – Turn me on (David Guetta)
    [Standing Flat] – 80%
    001.3. [3:00][128RPM] – Sweat (David Guetta & Afrojack)
    [Standing Climb] -70%
    001.4. [2:00][128RPM] – Turn me on (David Guetta)
    [Standing Flat] – 80%
    001.5. [4:00][128RPM] – Madagascar (Tiesto, Cignus X Remix)
    [Standing Climb] -70%

    002. Main
    002.1. [6:0][115RPM] – Lift me up (Moby)
    [Seated Flat] – 60% first 3 minutes then increase to 65%
    002.2. [5:40][135RPM] – After (Moby)
    [Seated Flat] – 60% to 70% –
    Almost 12 minutes seated may get boring so keep the mind in the beat and play with the position from simple to aero and back in intervals.
    002.3. [3:40][118RPM] – She doesn’t mind (Sean Paul)
    [Standing Flat] – 80%
    002.4. [6:00][90RPM] – Tell me why (Amna)
    [Standing climbing] – 90%
    002.5. [3:00][127RPM] – No sleeping (Corina)
    [Standing Flat] – 80%
    002.6. [4:00][125RPM] – One Love (David Guetta)
    [Standing climbing] – 90%
    002.7. [7:28][135RPM] – New York City (Paul Van Dyk)
    [Seated Flat] – 60% to 70

    003. Cool Down
    003.1. [4:00][127RPM] – Esa Noche (Café Tacvba)
    [Seated Relax]

    If you want to give it a try you can get the mix from here:

    Please remember that the mix is provided without any commercial interest and only with educational purposes. All the rights belong to the original artists. If by any mean you believe any commercial right or intellectual property are being violated, please let me know to bring the file offline.

  61. Movie Tour :) from Germany (rookie class)

    1. The Indiana Jones Theme // Introduce your Class

    2. Das Boot 2001 [DJ Mellow-D Remix // Das Boot // 5min warmup

    3. Nile Rodgers – Axel.F (Beverly Hills Cop 3 ) 2:58 // 16x 8x 4x Jumps

    4. Will Smith – Men In Black 3:47 // Standing Climb

    5. Michael Sembello – Maniac (Flashdance) 4:05 // seated flat

    6. Braveheart Dance & Trance ~ Protect Your Mind by DJ Sakin & Friends [HD] 3:31 // 0:53 – 1:22 = 16x Jumps / 1:22 – 2:33 offbeat seated flat / 2:33 – 3:31 8x Jumps

    7. Belive – Franka Potente (Lola rennt) 4:02 // Freestyle

    8. Miss Marple Theme 3:00 // Break // just roll :)

    9. Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone (Top Gun Soundtrack) 3:57 // 0:18 curt over the arch upper part of the body dont range only the femorel work !!
    0:46 the same 1:53 the same

    10 Eye Of The Tiger – Rocky 4:06 // Standing Climb

    11. The Rocky Horror Show The Time Warp 4:00 // Seated Flat

    12. Scotty – The Black Pearl [HQ] 3:32 pirates of the carebean // 0:00 – 0:51 Stand (much drag) -> 0:51 – 1:20 seating flat -> 1:20 – 1:50 waves/jumps -> 1:50 seat or stand -> 2:35 – 3:20 Jumps or waves

    13. Clubbed to Death 7:28 Matrix // 0 – 2:55 Standing Climb -> break -> 3:58 – 5:54 seated climb

    14. take a look around – Limp Biskit / Mission Impossible 5:23 /
    Say you do 2 hard sprints and make 3 :)
    1:25 stand up -> 1:40 – 2:05 HARD Drag and Fast Sprint ->
    2:50 stand up -> 3:09 – 3:35 HARD Drag and Fast sprint ->
    …… 4:14 – 4:35 HARD Drag and Fast sprint

    Ghostbusters 4:00 Ray Parker Jr Ghostbusters drive out

    Titanic or Time of my live Stretch

    greetings from Germany


    Have a World Tour or a USA Tour or a Latino Class ask if you want more of this ;)

    Love this website thx you all :) its a big help

  62. I had a request for an All Hills class. I never turn down a good request and I never introduce something new on my riders until I try it out myself first . That being said, I put this to the pedal today….and holy moly. Be careful what you wish for!

    WARM UP: Let’s Get Loud – Jennifer Lopez

    The hills start here. We use the Kaiser bikes…so from here til the last hill…resistance is at a 12 and higher.

    Don’t Stop – Foster The People (seated)

    Yeah! – Usher, Li’l Wayne, Ludacris (seated to start…popping out of the saddle on the chorus…adding resistance before we had back to the saddle)

    Harder to Breathe – Maroon 5. Sprints on where he says “Is there anyone out there cuz it’s getting harder to breathe.” It certainly is!

    Do You Wanna Touch Me – Joan Jett. Jumps. 8 ct, 4 ct, 2 ct.

    When We Stand Together – Nickelback. What else but a standing climb.

    The Beautiful People – Christina Aguilera. LOOOVE this one. Hands are all the way out to the ends of the handlebars the entire time….and we’re nice and low. Resistance stays at about a 12-14 for this one.

    Pump It – Black Eyed Peas. Rolling Hills. Start at a 12. When we hear “Pump It” – add one. Roll it back down after the chorus…and do it again.

    Lose Yourself – Eminem. Seated climb…block your ears when he drops the “F” bomb.

    Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard. Once again…standing climb. Make the resistance higher than the last one.

    Kiss With a Fist – Florence and the Machine. Two minutes of solid, hard, work. RPMs are hovering around 115…resistance is at at least a 12. Holy moly.

    This is it. The last hill of the day.
    Because We Can – Fatboy Slim. Give it everything…high resistance…speed…and there’s a sprint thrown in there for good measure. Listen for it…and speed up when the music does (I had to download this one from Listentoyoutube.com. It’s not available on iTunes).

    All In – Lifehouse. Nice flat road.
    Proud – Richard Niles. Riders should be proud that they just finished about 40 minutes of uphill work.
    Bright Lights Big City – Cooldown/Stretch

    1. Hi Dana!
      that’s Ilenia from Italy here :-)
      I’ll get your hints for my next “all hill” class…..I know for sure that every ride on a Keiser is a great one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. St. Patty’s Day is coming up and I’m doing a charity event ride as the lead off instructor. Any great peppy Irish or “Green” tunes you would care to share would be appreciated. I’ll get my ride posted before the holiday, so all may get some ideas. Thanks. As a side-note, I downloaded some sound effects (car passing by real fast w/horn and a mad cow mooing)…everyone loved them at the 5:15 a.m. cycle class.

    1. I love anything by the Dropkick Murphys. I LOVE “Tessie”…and “Spicy McHaggis” has a fantastic beat for either a heavy climb or jumps.(however…the lyrics are a bit raunchy….if you can understand them).

      And there’s always Riverdance. “Irish Rover” from The Pogues is pretty good, too.

      1. Thanks Dana…I do love Dropkick Murphy’s. The folks in my class “chill” when it comes to lyrics…I just don’t use the F-bomb, ever!
        I also plan on using some Flogging Molly:
        1. Drunken Lullabies (e-music) (jogs/runs)
        2. What’s Left of the Flag (e-music) (hills and valleys with “gear” play)
        3. Swagger (e-music) (standing jog)
        4. Cruel Mistress (e-music) (sitting jog w/a spike in gears after each
        chorus; when music slows…go to SHORT, STEEP HILL, then crank the gear down and run like hell (hips stay steady).

        These songs are fast paced and happy…I won’t use them all in the same ride, pick and choose! They do leave you feeling good and that’s what it’s all about in the end.

        Keep ’em rollin’ in gang…I’ve got a great start and thanks…Ride will be posted soon.

        P.S. Went to Bondiband.com and got my St. Patrick’s Day headgear!


    2. Hi BAR, here are three of my favourites:

      I’m Shipping Up to Boston – Dropkick Murphys (2:34): Recover for 30 seconds then do 15 seconds on/off. If you’re Irish, do ‘em standing. (A Dublin cabdriver once told me that Irish is a state of mind – I like that.)

      Mari Mac (Live) – Great Big Sea (3:19): Back in 1994, I went on a road trip to Newfoundland with some girlfriends. While poking around a record shop in St. John’s, we asked the clerk who he thought would be the next big musical thing to come from the Rock. He answered without hesitation: “Great Big Sea.” We bought the their first CD, which had just come out. 17 years later, they’ve released 12 albums, five of which have gone gold, and four platinum, including 1995′s Up, which went quadruple platinum and gave the band airplay across Canada. Time to split the class into two teams. We’re going to alternate 30 seconds sprinting with 30 seconds of recovery.

      Team One sprints from: 0:45 – 1:15, 1:45 – 2:15, and 2:45 – 3:15

      Team Two sprints from 1:15 – 1:45, 2:15 – 2:45, and what the hell, 2:45 – 3:15 if they want to show Team One who’s boss.

      The Old Black Rum – Great Big Sea (3:31): Is everyone sucking wind? It’s not quite time to quit. Sure, relax, have a blast, take a drink, whatever you like – for 38 seconds. Last two sprints of the day here: 0:38 – 1:22 (45 seconds), and 2:20 – 3:14 (54 seconds). If the old black rum’s ever gotten hold of you, sing along.

      Looking forward to checking out your St. Paddy’s ride. Thanks for offering to post it.

      1. OH CYNTHIA!

        Love that Mari Mac! I am using Great Big Sea and will post with my ride.

        Thanks and CRANK THAT CHAIN…


    3. I forgot to add this one the other day. “Cry of the Celts” by Ronan Hardiman. Love, love LOVE this one. A must for any St. Paddy’s list!! It’s short….so feel free to sprint the whole time.

  64. Hi Earthgirl74 –

    I’ve used a few versions of a list called “Divas” and it’s very popular. Each one has a song by Aretha, Tina and Patti LaBelle, usually using live versions, which they tend to speed up. But here’s a challenge: try making a list using only the names of girls/women in the song title. It’s not hard to find many such songs, but it is a bit difficult if you limit the list to the name only–Marianne, Valerie, Rhiannon, Peggy Sue, etc. I named these lists “Cherchez Les Femmes.” I also have a list using only artists named Patty or Patti. I had a few favorite tunes from LaBelle, Loveless, Austin, Smyth, Scialfa, and Smith and found a few more from lesser-known artists. If you like, I’ll send along whatever interests you. Just drop my a line at rbleventhal@gmail.com.


    1. Bob,

      Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I just did a speed endurance class with all Whitney Houston songs. I know people didn’t expect speed class with Whitney, but it worked like a champ!

      I’ll be sending you an email tonight, thanks Bob!


      1. I thought I was brave for doing an all-Gaga class or an all-Slumdog Millionaire class, but an all-Whitney class takes cojones. I think you have to post this one, Syd.

      2. Hey Cynthia,

        Ok my tribute to Whitney Houston was a Speed Endurance Ride….

        Star Spangled Banner (live performance 27 Jan 91) – W/U (2:15)
        Queen of the Night (CJ Mackintosh Mix)- continuation of warm-up (3:46)
        So Emotional (David Morales Mix) – seated flat, running flat (3:57)
        It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Thunderpuss Mix) – seated flat (4:16)
        I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) – seat flat, running flat (4:53)
        How Will I know (Junior Vasquez Mix) – seated flat (4:10)
        I’m Every Woman (Clivilles & Cole Mix) – seated flat, running flat (4:31)
        I Will Always Love You (Hex Hector Mix) – seated flat (4:51)
        I’m Your Baby Tonight – seated flat (5:01)
        Love Will Save the Day (Jellybean & David Morales Mix) – seated flat steady increase to get to running on a hill (5:06)
        Greatest Love of All (Junior Vasquez Mix) – seated flat (5:09)
        I Learned From the Best (Hq2 Mix) – seated flat (4:23)
        Run to You – cool down (4:27)

        Keeping in mind this is class is all about speed the seated flats are just below a sprint. Each repeat event is a bit harder telling the class to try and keep the same speed/pace for a certain amount of time and it should increase in resistance (still on a flat road) and pace each time. Hope that makes sense to you and all who enjoy this ride. If you need any of the music, please let me know I’ll email out it.

        I have a race day planned again and I’m so excited. I’m planning a night right in one location and I’m going to go get some of the flameless candles and put them all over the room. I can’t WAIT!!!!!! So excited. If anyone is interested in my Race Day class let me know. I’m planning out the music this weekend and the theme – NIGHT, RIDE…of course. If you have an idea of a song for this type of ride…I’m all EYES and EARS!

      3. ok Folks, I can’t figure out how to start a new post, but I wanted to share my pics of my night ride race day! Welll…maybe someone can tell me how to do just that!


    2. Thanks Bob. I love how how plain the connections are in your playlists and how subtle they’d appear to riders… sometimes it would be pretty hard to make the connection I think. (I know you circulate your playlists in advance to those on your mailing list, so they get a heads up beforehand.)

  65. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I taught 2 “love song”-themed classes… the only requirement was that the title or the song itself had to say love somewhere. There were definitely too many choices in my iTunes library! And in honor of Whitney Houston, I threw in a couple of her greatest. I spread these out over 2 classes on the 13th and 15th but they could be one long class as well. I included drills for some of the songs but ended up just playing it by ear during the 2nd class. It didn’t end up being too sappy – especially rocking out to “Love in an Elevator” at the end of the first class!

    The “LOVE” Ride
    True Fine Love – Steve Miller Band – warmup
    How Will I Know – Whitney Houston – warmup
    You Can’t Hurry Love – Dixie Chicks – warmup
    Can’t Get Enough of Your Love (Remix, 127 bpm) – minute @ 100 rpm, minute off, repeat x 3
    My Love is Your Love (Remix) – Whitney Houston – 30 seconds on/30 seconds off
    Love the Way You Lie – Eminem/Rihanna – seated climb
    We Found Love – Rihanna – jog
    Where is the Love? – Black Eyed Peas – seated climb
    Jump for my Love – The Pointer Sisters – jumps
    Bad Romance – Lady Gaga – standing climb
    Crazy in Love – Beyonce – jog
    Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen – 2 minute pace ride
    Lay All Your Love on Me – ABBA – rolling hills
    Love in an Elevator – Aerosmith – minute on/minute off
    Love Shack – The B52s – 40 seconds on/20 seconds off
    Can’t Buy Me Love – The Beatles – sprints
    Love the One Your With – Stephen Stills
    Hello, I Love You – The Doors
    Say You Love Me – Fleetwood Mac
    Best of My Love (Remix, 132 bpm) – The Emotions
    The Love You Save – Jackson 5
    Love at First Sight – Kylie Minogue
    This Love – Maroon 5
    Accidentally in Love – Counting Crows
    Love You Out Loud – Rascal Flatts
    Love Game – Lady Gaga
    Love You Like a Love Song – Selena Gomez
    I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston – cooldown
    Can’t Help Falling in Love – Andy Williams – cooldown
    Do You Love Me – Guster – cooldown
    Lover Lay Down – Dave Matthews Band – cooldown

    1. I had a few of these in my Valentine’s/Tribute to Whitney class, too!! :) I used songs with either “heart” or “love”. I also used “Love Stinks” by J. Giles..”This is How a Heart Breaks” by Rob Thomas .and “U and UR Hand” by Pink…just in case case anyone was alone and bitter on Valentine’s Day. :)

      1. Yup, I agree Dana. My Valentine’s playlist always has something for the single folks. (I always use U and Ur Hand, too…) Adam Sandler does an awesome version of Love Stinks in The Wedding Singer.

    2. Awesome Jeni. This one’s going to become an evergreen playlist I think. (“Evergreen” is a term magazine and newspaper editors use to signify a subject that is always topical or relevant). I think my new and improved blog should have a spot with links to theme rides so people can come and quickly find a ride that fits the season…

  66. In honor of the Superbowl today, I am doing a superbowl halftime performance themed ride. I have Madonna, Black Eyed Peas, Janet Jackson, Micheal Jackson, U2, Usher and Justin Timberlake. I will post the full routine a little later and let you all know how it goes! I’m excited for it.

  67. Hello everybody

    I am tryingg to organize my Spinning Mixes, so I can share it with others and hopefully get some feedback and recommendatiosn. I like the mizes quite hardcore and fast paced but I guess anyone can adapt them at their needs. I have more but this is the first one I organized properly:

    001. WarmUp:
    001.1. [5:00][120RPM] – So What (Acid Luke)
    [Seated Flat]
    001.2. [5:00][130RPM] – Rolling in the Deep (Adele)
    [Jumps – Change every 30 Secs)(Standing flat/Standing Intermediate)]
    001.3. [3:40][110RPM] – Hasta abajo (Don Omar)
    [Standing Climb]

    002. Main
    002.1. [6:20][130RPM/100RPM] – Someone like you (Adele)
    [Alternate Standing flat and climbing every 2 min]
    002.2. [2:20][140RPM] – Give me everything (Afrojack – Original)
    [Seated Flat]
    002.3. [2:20][100RPM/140RPM] – Give me everything (Afrojack – DJ Kaybul Remix)
    [Alternate Standing flat and climbing every 2 min]
    002.4. [6:00][100RPM/140RPM] – Open your eyes (Alex Metric)
    [Alternate Standing flat and climbing every 3 min]
    002.5. [3:00][140RPM] – Me Enamore (Angel & Khriz)
    [Seated Flat]
    002.5. [6:00][110RPM/140RPM] – Duck Sauce (Armin Van Helden)
    [Alternate Standing climbing and seated flat every 3 min]

    003. Cool Down
    003.1. [3:00][120RPM] – Love is a loosing game (AMie Winehouse)
    [Seated Relax]

    I already have the mixed in MP3 format but I don’t know if I can publish here a link to download. If anybody is interested just shoot me a message, as far as you understand that I provide it at no charge without any commercial aim in mind and only for your personal use.

    Thanks for this wonderful blog

      1. hi. looks great. would love the link to download your playlist and try it out…..please send. thanks.

    1. Hi Wilma I am just getting back into spinning and loved your mix want to try and send over, Cheers Andrew

    2. Hi! What a nice offer to publish this mix for anyone interested in trying it out. I would love to try it out for my own personal use if you don’t mind!

  68. Hello spin friends! I recently needed something during the active recovery time for one of my classes. I remember reading somewhere to play Simon Says. I thought.. Why not? Here is what I did. During active recovery, I explained the game. I would then yell out “Simon says..standing run”!, everyone would stand and run, then I would yell out another bike position and say “simon says”, once I don’t say “Simon Says” first, and someone moves, everyone must do a 10 sec sprint! It’s great way to fill in the time.

    Give it a try..it’s good wholesome fun!

    Breath and Smile!

  69. Hi everyone,
    I have been spinning for about 5 years now and I have finally decided to take the leap and teach. My first class is scheduled for Sunday and I’m excited and nervous and feel like I might puke when I think about it. I’m so nervous about getting up there and going blank. I have a cheat sheet, but it’s still nerve-wracking. Here is the playlist I have come up with and I would love any feedback!

    Viva la Vida by Coldplay 4:04 Warm-up and stretch

    Tonight is the Night by Outasight 3:10 Stil warming up sitting to standing, increasing resistance throughout song and rotating hand position

    Blackout by Breathe Carolina 3:30 Jumps with an Isolation during the part where he sings, “this won’t stop till I say so”

    Paradise by Coldplay 4:39 Seated climb

    It Will Rain by Bruno Mars 4:20

    Marry the Night by Lady Gaga Sprint the choruses

    Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO 3:22- Jumps 8ct verses/4ct choruses

    Beautiful People by Chris Brown feat Benny Benassi 3:43 8ct around the bike(Hand position 2, Hand position 3, Slide, sit down) verses and 2 ct around the bike for choruses

    We found Love by Rihanna 3:38 Up in 3rd and sprint choruses

    Animal by Neon Trees 3:38 Rolling Hills

    You and Me by Ben Rector- Cooldown and Stretch on bike

    A Thousand Years by Christina Perri- Stretch off the bike

    1. Congratulations!!!! This is a great playlist…you’ll do fine. I started teaching last year…my first time up there with a mic in front of all those people….I thought for SURE everyone could see me shaking. The fact that I didn’t throw up still amazes me. A fellow instructor eased my nerves a little bit by telling me “they just want to follow someone.” Since you’ve been spinning for 5 years…you’re already a pro!

      Now I’m up to teaching six classes per week and I absolutley LOVE it. Keep everyone posted!!!

      1. Dana, Thank you soooooo much! It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who feels this way about teaching for the first time! I went in to practice today, but it got cut short because a trainor had a session and needed the spin room:( I’m hoping to go back later tonight and try again. I will definitely keep you posted. Thanks again!

    2. A Certified Spinning Instructor would never teach a isolation, please check out contradicted movements in the Spinning Program. Care for your students, don’t teach things that could potentially harm them. But good luck.

      1. Thanks Dana for the words of encouragement. I added some things to fill the full hour, but it was such an amazing and exhilarating experience! I was on a pure adrenaline rush all day long! I am so excited for next weeks class.
        Jeff where I teach it’s not technically ‘Spinning’, but indoor cycling and I’m not sure what you mean when you say an isolation could potentially harm them. It is just holding your upper body still in a standing postion while focusing on the movement of your legs.

      2. Ashley – Where did you get your certification? I believe all the certifying bodies for indoor cycle (“Spinning” or the others) teach that “isolations” (exactly as you describe them) are contraindicated moves. They can hurt people’s knees because the alignment on a spin bike is not appropriate for that sort of “lunge” like move. It is not an effective way to train, and it can cause heartrates to drop since you have to slow the cadence down so much, so it’s not great aerobically either. Much better to ride properly, and then if you wish to train your legs, do lunges or squats off the bike.
        I’m not a fan of the outdoor cycling “purists” who get very dogmatic about not doing anything indoor that you don’t do outdoors. There are some safe moves on indoor bikes that make sense that don’t work outdoors (e.g. controlled jumps/lifts). But, we instructors do need to be responsible and avoid contraindicated moves. Even if it doesn’t hurt *you,* it’s contraindicated because it does hurt some people.

        Congratulations on your ride btw! I don’t mean to be critical. I just think think safety is an important component of being an instructor. Have fun and ride on! :-)

      3. Herein lies the contraversy with indoor cycling—I agree with Jeff, a certified instructor, any certified instructor, should not teach contraindicated movements like isolations ( potential knee injuries), pedaling faster than 110 rpms, pedaling w/ no or too little resistance, concurrent upper body exercises ( i.e.push ups off the handle bars) while cycling, stretching on the bike…I have 3 indoor cycling certs, Mad Dogg( Spinning), IFPA, and Schwinn- each encourages instructors to ‘keep it real’, if you dont see it outside, don’t take it inside. In order to ‘entertain’ riders and fill our classes we feel as though we have to compromise our integrity as instructors. Our #1 concern should be safety, #2 is to provide our riders with a great workout that will leave them energized or as I like to say pleasantly trashed. It takes planning, knowledge, confidence and experience to achieve that.

    3. That’s great that your first class left you on a good note all day! Congratulations! That’s EXACTLY how I felt after my first one.

      I, too, learned in my certification to stay away from “freezes” and yet I love them.. I don’t do them for every class…just in those where I know all my riders are experienced. I make sure that they load tons of resistance on the bike beforehand. If there is a new rider in class, I ask that they observe…and do them when they have slightly more experience (although I never discourage them trying it out!!).

      One song I use quite a bit is a HUGE hit. It’s called Painkiller by the Freestylers. I don’t use complete freezes persay. Here’s what we do: we start off on a hill…matching the resistance to the music. On the chorus, we take it out of the saddle…all the way in third…but only about an inch from the seat. So it’s KIND of like a freeze…but not really. Totally burns the thighs. We do four of them…on a count of four (out..2, 3, 4 down 2,3,4). We do this for each chorus (there are only three) but the last chorus…we do eight instead of four. I like to end my class with this one, and every single time I play this, I inevitably hear a “DAMN!!!!” and a few “WOOs! when it’s over. It’s not called Painkiller for nothing! :)

      1. Experience has nothing to do with it. I’ve been doing indoor cycle since 1995 (and teaching it since 2007). And, isolations or freezes hurt my knees.
        I know that it causes a “burn” in the quads & gluts. Some students and instructors misinterpret this “burn” as an effective workout. In reality, there is no benefit. No one gets stronger or leaner from this “burn.” It’s a very unsafe movement, causing a tremendous amount of pressure in the knee joint. The burning is caused by muscular inefficiency, loading the knee in extreme flexion, it doesn’t improve let strength in any way.

      2. Never really meant to discourage anyone, yes I do really try to keep it real inside the classroom since there are so many people out there trying so many “Soul Cycle” type of classes and trying to reinvent the wheel. Isn’t indoor cycling hard enough?

        I would like to share a recent article that I have reposted about what sounds like what you are doing in the above post.


        Take care my friends, and safe indoor cycling to you all.

      3. No worries Jeff. It was an important point. The link you posted has been closed – is there another place to find the article?

    4. Welcome, Ashley. Awesome to hear that your class went well. I’ve been teaching for 3 years now and my time on the bike is still one of the highlights of my week. I get a huge charge out of spinning and an even bigger charge out of teaching.

      Jeff has opened a can of worms here, hasn’t he? I both agree and disagree with him. First what I disagree with: my day job involves teaching adults and I spend a lot of time giving feedback to people who are learning new skills. Learning a new skill and putting oneself out there can leave one feeling very vulnerable and the wrong sort of criticism can cause a learner to give up. You were up front that you are a brand new spinning instructor approaching your first class and seeking feedback. For that reason, Jeff’s comment felt brusque to me.

      There are lots of indoor cycling websites where posters are critical and even mean to others, particularly around the use of contraindicated moves. (www.pedal-on.com is one example, which is a shame because there’s wealth of information there, but I can only take it in very small doses).

      I want Spinning Music to be a welcoming, safe community where all indoor cycling instructors can come to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for our sport. I love what a supportive community this blog has become, and I will protect that. I read every comment left on the blog. We need to be able to disagree and to discuss controversial topics as they come up. I encourage this. While I have never felt the need to delete a comment (other than spam), I would do so without hesitation if I felt it crossed the line.

      Now, what Jeff said that I agree with: he’s right about isolations or freezes being contraindicated (here is a link to a list of contraindicated moves. I think it’s fair to say that these are generally accepted as being a bad idea: http://mail-dog.com/page.html?p=000001XDDtjL1IFLkXd2E1xaNcJ1mfvJA1bHaA).

      Personally, I started out using isolations because I’d seen other instructors I respected doing them, and they were not covered as contraindicated in my initial training (which actually spent very little time on contra-indicated moves). I was interested in learning as much as possible about spinning, so while digging around on the Net, I began coming across discussions of contraindicated moves. I no longer use isolations in my classes.

      Okay, so what now? Get right back on the bike. Of course it’s always best to use proper form, but I am pretty sure there’s 500% more risk in a single outdoor ride on city streets than there is in even a spin class that included a contraindicated move. So don’t sweat it too much.



      1. Thank you Cynthia. I really appreciate the environment you’ve created here. As I said before, I really don’t care for the stringent “keep it real” folks who feel outdoor cycling is the standard to which indoor cycling should strive to live up to. I prefer indoor cycling where I can concentrate on my workout without feeling paranoid about cars or potholes or weather issues, etc. And I’m not particularly interested in tracking all the statistics with precision (VO2max, lactic threshhold, etc.). But, I do care about safety & body mechanics — especially since many folks come to cycling because an injury lead them away from something more weight bearing like running. I say this with respect and support for our fellow instructors: when we know better, do better. If you taught contraindicated moves without realizing it, that can happen to any of us. But, if you continue to teach unsafe moves when you know better, that’s irresponsible. We’re here to help each other out. We can all learn things, and I hope this can be a safe place to share & grow. Thanks again Cynthia for a great space for us!

      2. I had no idea posting my first spin class routine would have caused such a huge discussion. Thank you Cynthia for creating this site. It really is a wonderful resource and the positive response I received from Dana and you has been wonderful. I know that everyone else was just trying to help in pointing out that the isolations can cause injury and are unsafe. I’ve been taking spinning classes for 5 years now and most of the instructors in the classes that I take use isolations so I just incorporated them into my routine. In our training, I do not recall the isolations being brought up. I thank you for all of the feedback and look forward to continuing to grow as an instructor.

      3. I think the Spinning program is the only one that goes into detail on contraindicated moves. Glad to have you on the blog!

      4. Teach with a passion, be happy, be safe…remember those who are positive, listen, eat well, stay strong, be a mentor…enough said!

  70. Hey everyone!

    So I need some “words of encouragement” to use on my riders. I feel like I say the same things all the time…”Great job!” “Beautiful!” “You got this!” I need something new! Any motivating suggestions are welcome! :)

    1. Hey Dana, I typically pull off the music. By that I mean, I use the lyrics in my motivation with the class. I.e. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…there ain’t no mountain we can’t get over…etc… That’s an example. Or Victorious….I sing…We WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Use your music and pull from it. There is something there, just have to listen.

      Prob a bit confusing, but it’s what I do, esp when I need a push. I listen to the words and shout it out.


      1. Thanks, Syd. Yeah…I tend to do that sometimes, too! One of my favorites is “My Body” by Young The Giant. It’s all about never quitting. “My body tells me no…but I won’t quit cause I want more..” And I feed off of that. And thanks for the song suggestion! Bonus! :)

    2. When climbing, I tell everyone to get into “O2” debt and when we go downhill I mention to put the brain on “numb” and let the lactic acid work out of the muscles.

      I also like using the phrase, “Sweat is just fat cells falling off your body!” This always gets a chuckle. My classes are full of humor…I’ve moo’ed for cows in the road…had sirens and train whistles, etc…When I moo’ed, one of the guys hollered…”Hey don’t Udder back!” Make it fun! “Bark” when a dog is chasing the team and everyone has to speed up! Have fun, it will show through in your ride.

      1. Biggest thing I get out of this is that no 2 bikes gearing is the same, with use the gears vary, so depending on the bike, you could be getting a totally different workout.

    3. Hey Dana,

      I struggle with keeping this fresh, too. I love Earthgirl74’s idea of pulling from the music (and I confess, I’ve used that line from Young the Giant too). I am also a big fan of humour, like Bar.

      So, here are some things I’ve been saying lately…

      – something related to the time elapsed or time left in the interval (e.g. “We’re 30 seconds in, 30 to go!”)
      – Race day visualizations
      – Reminding them of their accountability to themselves (e.g. I want you to get what you came for. Don’t leave today feeling like you could have given more.)
      – Before the final sprints: “Ok, it’s time to leave everything on the floor.”
      – “I’m going to do the next sprint interval standing. Who’s with me?”
      – Think of the music as the peloton. You have to keep up with it – don’t get left behind.”
      – “I want you to leave with that pleasantly thrashed feeling but you have to go get it.”

      Anyone else? I need some new stuff, too.

      1. Cynthia…these are GREAT!!!!!! Thank you SO much. And thank you for this site! I visit it almost daily for new songs, new moves, etc. No doubt this site has helped me become a better instructor.

        I often pull from the music…I was looking for words of encouragement that came from outside the songs…and so far, I’m finding what I’m looking for!

        And I love what you wrote in response to the contracticted moves.

  71. hey guys

    heres a little set to try on your riders if you use the keiser m3 bikes. the riders said it was the hardest thing they have ever done. ever…… including running or swimming.

    easy warm up at level 7 -10 for 5 minutes 100rpm

    the set
    the top riders did this at these levels

    1 minute @ 100 rpm level 14
    1 minute @ 100 rpm level 15
    1 minute @ 100 rpm level 16
    1 minute @ 100 rpm level 17

    x 5

    5 minutes easy recovery anything they want.

    then repeat…….

    10 minute cooldown

    i have never seen heart rates so high and determination to complete the set.


    1. Wow – I just started teaching on Kaiser bikes, and I’m still getting used to the computers, but 100 RPM at 14, 15, 16, & 17 seems crazy hard. I consider those gears hill gears, but 100 RPM is a pretty fast flat cadence. Am I way off??? Does anyone else familiar with Kaisers have guidelines for what range of gears/levels = “hill” vs. “flat” and what cadence you use for hill vs. flat?

      1. hey lisa

        a lot of the guys i train are tri-athletes or iron men, so they are used to pushing themselves but if you drop the starting gear by 4 and start at 10 i guarantee they will still be knackered. also remember a flat for someone is also a hill to someone else.

        for triathlons they recommend running at around 90 rpm for their bike so their legs dont burn out. this gives the riders on the last 2 mins of each set cadence around 95 rpm so over a period of a class they hit 95 rpm for most of it.

        it is a killer and not for the faint hearted but your riders will love it but hate it ate the same time. i teach this off the bike so everyone knows they cant hide.

        after all its about making them fitter not me,,,,


    2. Thanks for your reply Roddy. So, when you say you go thru it “x5” is there any break in between that 4th minute & beginning again at 1min? Or, do you just keep going thru 5x and then take your 5 minute break after 20 minutes?

    3. Holy moly! I’ve been using the Kaiser bike since I started and that seems CRAZY!!! I’ll try it out myself first before I introduce it to the class. Any particular songs you use?

      1. I second what Dana said – HOLY MOLY. I do triathlons and don’t think I could hit 100 rpm at those gears for 20 minutes straight. After warming up, I generally start my classes with a minute on at 100 rpm at 2 gears above whatever they consider their “flat road” (and then a minute off) x 3. I want to make sure they are out of breath at the end of each minute to make sure their flat road is going to be challenging enough. I’m going to try a variation of this drill at some lower gears and maybe a minute off between 4-minute sets and then try and work our way up to the full 20 minutes over the next few months.
        Lisa – I get my class (wide range of ages but pretty fit) to find their flat road by doing the above, but encourage them to be somewhere between 8 and 13. Standing jog generally 14 – 17, standing climb 15 – 20, and seated climb as high as they can tolerate. There are some other instructors at my gym that will go as high as 22 or 23, but I find that is just too hard on most people’s knees and they can get a better workout by going faster at the higher gears.
        Roddy – thanks for the suggestion!

  72. 35min Spin Work-Out

    Foo Fighters – Everlong : warm up

    Aerosmith – Come Toegether : The 2 Minute Challenge : 30sec seated @ 70%, 15sec rest, 60sec seated @ 70%, 15sec rest, 90sec standing @ 70%, 15sec rest, 2min standing @ 70%

    Incubus – Wish You Were Here & The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army : 30sec @ each position: seated hand position 1, seated hand position 3, hover, standing jog, hover, seated hand position 3, seated hand position 1

    Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl : Tempo Work, 50% gear

    Kings of Leon – Crawl, Linkin Park – In the End, & Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be : 9 Minute Climb : Start at 50% then increase tension every 30sec til the 3 minute mark, standing climb next 3min increasing tension every minute, last 3 minute is a climb at max tension for each person (standing or seated).

    Kenny Chesney – Don’t Blink : cool down and stretch

  73. Thank you so much Judy, yes that is exactly what it is, our gym is offering a sampler class of all the classes being offered and I have 15 minutes of spinning in it. I was planning on dedicating 2 minutes to everything. I absolutely love your choice of songs and am gonna take your advice. Thank you again for your time and reply.

  74. Dear Cynthia and all the spinning instructors, I thank you for this page Cynthia and for the wonderful advice and playlists. I am supposed to be giving a sampler class this coming Saturday and wanted to cut my songs to 2 minute lengths on my Ipod. Can you advise please, how do I do that.
    Thank you

    1. If I am interpreting this correctly you want to shorten the length of songs so that you can ‘strut your stuff’ and showcase your versatility as an instructor? You can listen to the tune and cut at an appropriate place then crossfade into the next tune. iTunes allows you to change start and stop times of songs plus create a gapless album- go into ‘get info’ ‘options’ and it will be self explanatory from there. How long will your demo class be? My suggestion is to take a few of your strongest tunes- from different genres- practice them so you feel confident-make sure you include warm up and cool down tunes. I’m loving ‘I’m Glad You Came’ for a warm up tune, “Feel the Beat’ Darude is great a great demo tune because you can climb, sprint, and ride a on a flat road all to the same tune, Rammstein’s “Du Hast’ is hauntingly wonderful, great way to end the demo is with ‘Invincible’ Hedley- it’s a yummy feel good tune.
      There are programs- like DJ Pro- that allow you do all sorts of fancy stuff to the tunes you choose to use or apps for the iPhone that allows you to change tempo…but I always find the original to be the best version, they just always feel ‘right’.
      Make sure your cues are clear and concise- use a microphone if one is available- it helps! Good Luck.

      1. This is excellent and glad the topic is already up for discussion. My gym is looking to do a 30 min class to see if we can get more folks interested in SPINNING. I love the above selections and look forward to giving this a…shall we say…SPIN.

        Thanks all,


      2. Thanks Judy,

        I’m rotating through a pedal and pump class. We cycle for 30 minutes, then get off the bike to do strength training!

  75. Here’s my first spin list for 2012, wide variety in years and nationality (but with an eye…ear!… on Scandinavian music)
    First set (after warm-up)
    1. From Paris to Berlin , Infernal (Danish). Stupid lyrics, but with good beats that kickstart the program. 63 RPM
    2.Just a Dream. Nellie. Sitting, plains. 90 RPM
    3. Jailhouse Rock. Elvis. Standing climb. 42 RPM
    4. CIty Boy. Donkey Boy (Norwegian). Standing when feeling like it, nice song to ease up the tension after climbing with Elvis :-). 60 RPM,
    5. Give it 2 me, Madonna, 63RPM. Jumps, with increasing resistance. 3-3 and 2-2.
    6. Links 2 3 4, Rammstein (Remix by Westbam). 65RPM. Sitting Climb, increase resistance twice to get to max pulse. Cut after 2-3 minutes, else it becomes too monotonous.

    Second set
    7. Mad World, Tears for Fears, mix by Michael Parsberg (danish), 60 RPM,
    8. Stereo Hearts, Gym Class Heroes, 90 RPM, sitting plains.
    9. Sexy and I Know it, LMFAO, 65 RPM, heavier resistance, sitting and standing.
    10. Møkkamann, Plumbo (Norwegian), 115 RPM, Downhill cycling, with increase in speed during refrains.

    Third set
    11. I Follow Rivers, Lykke LI (Swedish), 60 RPM
    12. Unstoppable, Kat DeLuna, 120. Jumps 3-3 and 2-2, increase and decrease resistance a couple of times.
    13. Engel, Rammstein. 42RPM. Siting climb in verses, extra heavy standing climb in the guitar sections. Wow, what an adrenaline kick!
    14. Chiquitita, ABBA, 84 RPM. Plains, but with sitting climbs (a little more resistance) during the two “refrains”.

    1. Thanks Nils. I am looking forward to looking up the songs I don’t know from this playlist. I was glad to see Give it 2 Me – I’d sort of forgotten about that one and it rocks. Also really enjoy From Paris to Berlin but haven’t used it as a warmup yet.


    Amazing Inna 03:32
    45 Stars On 45 03:00

    SET 1

    Sympathy For The Devil Rolling Stones 06:28
    C’mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise) Tiesto vs. Diplo ft. Busta Rhymes 03:41
    Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival 02:31

    SET 2

    clubbed to death Matrix soundtrack 07:35
    Titanium David Guetta 04:00
    She Sells Sanctuary The Cult 04:31

    SET 3

    New Attitude Patti LaBelle 04:04
    Gold Dust DJ Fresh 03:14


    Wind Of Change Scorpions 04:44


  77. Hey All – is anybody planning a New Years special playlist? I want to do someting fun and inspiring but feel like the top songs of 2011 might be boring. Maybe I will do “my” to spinning songs for 2011 – what are you all doing???

    1. For the last few years I’ve done the “top of the year” songs as my New Years thing but I’m bored with that. So, I have a few different ideas for this years playlist.
      1) I could pick songs about: Beginnings, Starting, New, Fresh, Annual, Repeat etc. (but I’m struggling with finding 1 hour of quality music). Here are a few song idea’s / Let’s Get it Started – BEP , Start Me Up – Stones, Time to Start – Blue Man Group.
      2) My other idea (which I like better) is to create a playlist of songs that stand the test of time. So, playing songs that have been popular for a very long time. For example: Don’t Stop Believing – Journey, Anything by the Stones. etc. I’ll try to include newer artists too. Good luck. Let us know what you end up doing.

      1. I have three ideas (none of which I’ve executed yet). One is a Spinning through the Decades playlist – starting with a song or songs from the 60s, then 70s, then 80s, then 90s, then 00s, then 2010-2012. I am thinking of choosing iconic songs to represent each decade. (To make it fun, you could also mix it up and get riders to guess which decade the song came from & offer a prize). The second idea is to use all inspirational songs (e.g. Move any Mountain by Shamen, Invincible by Hedley, etc.) The third is to make a playlist entirely of songs that were #1 on January 1 of a particular year. Feel free to use any of these ideas if they suit, but do come back and post your playlist.

    2. Lisa, here’s what we did last week for our last / end of the year class. It was a compilation of songs that the class had liked the best in 2011. Our class is 30 minutes, small town, ages range from 20’s to a very fit 70. I’ve found it pretty easy to assemble play lists from 60’s soul / r&b records. I’m also partial to the “Girl Groups” of that era like the Chiffons, Shangri-La’s, Angels, Raindrops, Marvelettes, Ronettes, Supremes, Martha Reeves & Vandellas, and many others.


      Ike & Tina Turner, Proud Mary Start Slow/End Fast 4:48
      Sam & Dave, I Thank You Classic R&B/Anything 2:54
      Aretha Franklin, Chain of Fools Anything 3:50
      Isley Brothers, Shout I & II Sprints 4:15
      Wild Cherry, Play That Funky Music Long Hill 5:00
      The Supremes, In And Out Of Love Catch Your Breath 2:38
      Martha Reeves,Dancing In The Streets Speed Up Again 2:40
      The Chiffons, One Fine Day One Last Sprint 2:07
      Mamas & Papas, Do You Want To Dance Cool Down 2:58

    3. Hi Lisa
      Like Annette and Cynthia I had thoughts of doing a “new beginning”, motivational type class but I couldn’t find enough music so I ended up doing a “feel good” class instead filled with songs which make me happy, which I find inspirational or just make me wanna dance :)
      This is the 50 min, medium intensity class I used this morning – still needs a few tweaks.

      Sun is Up, Inna 2.32 – Warm Up (it’s a 6am class so seemed appropriate)
      Love Today, Mika 3.57 – Warm Up 2 (was a toss up between this one and Golden – pretty much any Mika song is feel good!)
      Fascination, Alphabeat 3.05 – Short sprints
      Higher, The Saturdays 3.26 – rolling hills, start seated then standing
      Ghost of Days Gone By, Alterbridge 4.25 – Standing climb (I think this song gets a bit wishy washy towards the end so not sure if I’d use it again, maybe just stop it early, it’s quite long anway!)
      Pencil Full of Lead, Sunny Side Up 2.26 – two surges/sprints (this song is probably not to everyone’s taste but it just makes me smile)
      Mr Saxobeat, Alexandra Stan 3.49 – Fast seated climb (other song option here was We No Speak Americano)
      Marchin On, One Republic 4.11 – Slow seated climb with some standing (wasn’t sure how this would go down, it’s quite a slow song but I could see people really getting into the beat). I first heard it on the final four episode of Biggest Loser 11, can’t get more inspirational than that!
      Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO 4.25 – rolling hills (member request)
      Jump (sorry don’t know who by) 4.10 – Jumps, I couldn’t think of a song I really wanted for my jumps track so this was an old fall back
      International Love , Pitbull 3.47 – Standing run at slightly uncomfortable intensity (other song option here was Club Can’t Handle Me)
      Raise Your Glass, Pink 3.23 – Standing on verse, sprint chorus
      Mika, Relax 4.30 – Cool down/Stretch
      James Derulo, It Girl 3.12 – Stretch/Goodbye

      Any other “Feel Good” songs you can recommend?

      I was thinking of Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” and I’ve seen a couple of people have used it, but I’m worried it’s just too cheesy? Let me know what you think xx

      1. Michelle, Annette & Cynthia —

        I’ve posted a list titled “The Power Of Positive Thinking” twice now, the first time almost one year ago to the day. It’s my answer to the same desire to have a fun ride with lyrics that inspire and motivate (well, that’s true only for the title in a couple of cases) . It’s proved to be very popular. Use the “Find” feature for the “Readers’ Playlists” and it should pop up. You’ll note that I look for warm-up songs that are out of the spinning norm but fit the theme, like “Accentuate The Positive.” For my New Year’s Ride I used “New Year’s Resolutions” by The Therapy Sisters. It ribs all of the “resolutionaries” who don’t last long, but my regulars love it. It’s still timely for another couple of weeks.

        Cheers (and Happy New Year),

    4. Hey Spinners , Do you have any sprint interval songs. I am looking for a slow tempo that kicks up and a just KICKS backside . 20 -30 second go go go . Wynter Gordon – Till death due we party .. Devil went down to georgia ..Mission Imposible .. Sebastian – Retro .. any suggestions would be great . I am not looking for a fast song I can do sprints to but more something with a short interval

      1. At the moment I’m using “Don’t upset the rhythm” by The Noisettes (Jorg Schmid Remix). Just before the chorus when I do the sprints they count down 4,3,2,1 – couldn’t be more perfect! Others are Break Your Heart (Taio Cruz), Welcome to the Black Parade (My Chemical Romance), This Aint a Scene or Dance Dance (Fall Out Boy), All Fired Up (The Saturdays), Untouched (The Veronicas), Fire (Prodigy), The Bongo Song (Safri Duo). Let me know if any of these are along the lines you’re looking for, they’re all I can think of right now

      2. Sorry forgot to mention that the version of Break Your Heart I use is from Most Wanted 2010 (Move Ya aerobics CD) so it’s sped up to about 150 beats. I find I use my aerobics cd’s a lot for sprints – the latest music just faster! I’ve just been listening to the original and it’s a LOT slower, so sorry again

  78. Happy holidays to all spin junkies! Here a holiday playlist I created for my class this week. The play list includes 2 sets of climbs (starting with seated then adding to standing), then each time a Christmas song plays, you need to do a running flat (optional seated flat) with a set of rolling hills, jumps on hill and sprints to finish with a nice light jog to the last Christmas song.

    Warm Up – Step into Christmas, Elton John

    Running or Seated Flat (for seated >85 RPM) – All I Want for Christmas, Mariah Carey

    Seated to Standing Climb (startin level 6, add resist to 8) – I Don’t Care Anymore, Phil Collins

    Standing Climb (keepin resist from previous song) – Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Poison

    Running Flat – Run, Run Rudolph, Lynyrd Skynrd (love it!)

    Standing Climb (start at level 7, add to level 8) – All or Nothing, Theory of a Deadman

    Standing Climb (keep resist from previous song) – It will Rain, Bruno Mars

    Running Flat – Jingle Bells, The Brian Setzer Orch

    Rolling Hills (tell everyone to listen to the music, when the song shifts or slows, add a full turn, go to stand climb, it will speed up, then sit and turn the resist down) – Palladio, Silent Nick

    Jumps on Hill – Never Again, Kelly Clarkson

    Sprints (seated or standing) – Raise Your Glass, P!nk

    Standing Flat (light jog, the last standing flat to end the loop, active cool down, flush out the legs) – Jingle Bell Rock, The Brian Setzer Orch

    Cool Down – Santa’s going South – Sammy Hagar & Toby Keith (what a funny song!)

    Merry Christmas

  79. Hi everyone! I’m looking for some game ideas! I have my holiday list all ready to go. Fun holidays songs mixed with “regular” songs. I’ve had a few members mention they like the music they hear and I thought I’d make a few CDs and give them out. The problem is…I teach five classes per week. While I’d love to do it…I don’t have the time (or the blank CDs!) to make a CD for each member. I can certainly make 10 or so.

    Does anyone have any fun game ideas to play while on the bike? I’d love to hear them! Happy holidays everyone!

    1. Hey Dana, I’m not sure how this would work with a holiday play list, but I will challenge my riders to name an artist on some music that I am playing and whoever gets it right wins a prize. Usually it is an old song or a song you would not expect to hear from a certain artist. You could also do some Christmas trivia, maybe Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Have fun – post your playlist if you get a chance – would love to see it!

      1. I LOVE the trivia idea!!! Thank you!

        So here’s my playlist. I had fun putting it together. I wanted to avoid holiday overkill so not everything is a holiday song. I could have…but I didn’t want my riders to lose interest! :)

        Feed The World, Band Aid. Warm up
        A New York Christmas, Rob Thomas. Still warming up…just adding resistance and taking it out of the saddle on the chorus.
        What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger, Kelly Clarkson. Sprints.
        Sexy and I Know It, LMFAO. Speed work, single leg drills
        I Know You Want Me, PitBull. Steady uphill climb (this is also getting us ready for Zumba…which is coming to our club soon…)
        Christmas Tree, Lady Gaga & Space Cowboy. Jumps
        Winter Wonderland, Stryper. Out of the saddle flat run.
        Show Me How You Burlesque, Christina Agueilara. Steady pace at a very high resistance.
        Drummer Boy, Justin Bieber & Busta Rhymes (don’t laugh!!! It’s got great beat! Starting in the saddle, taking it out adding resistance.
        Mony Mony, Billy Idol. Sprints
        Christmas Wrapping, The Waitresses. Jumps
        Christmas/Sarajevo/12/24. Uphill, following the beat…high resistance the entire song.
        The Chanukkah Song, Cool down
        Something About Christmastime, Bryan Adams. Cool down and stretch,

  80. I made this song for my Indoor Cycling Classes (Torque Indoor Cycling), I stopped the music just before this song started (class still pedaling though) and gave them a speech about coming out of their comfort zone. Being able to push that extra litte bit each time. The song start gets you buzzing and you can’t help for giving it everything. I used it on a hard climb.
    If you want me to upload to download just ask.

  81. Help please! I have an audition in two days and I’ve been changing my playlist constantly! I’d like to show them a little bit of everything so I’ve thrown in a little bit of everything. I’d love feedback!!! I used to do an hour long class for 24 hour fitness for a group who wanted some of everything, but that was a different club and the other side of the country:
    Warmup/Speed pickups – We found love – Rihanna
    2 song climb – Burn it to the ground (Nickelback)
    Unstoppable (Not nuts about this choice)
    Jumps: Sexy and I know it
    Sprints: Renegade (Daughtry)
    Rolling Hills/Climb: Good Feeling – Flo’ Rida
    Jumps: Badman Riddim
    Sprints: Kids Aren’t Alright (Offspring)
    2 song In and Out Climb (surges on the chorus): Beat It (John Mayer)
    Blow (Ke$ha)
    Jumps: One that got away – Katy Perry
    2 song finish that I’m still working out: I Like How It Feels and Domino

    Basically I had a set ride profile that worked as a go-to for a 60 minute class and I’m having trouble finalizing something I like for a 45 minute ride.


    1. Hi Kathleen,

      OMG on of the folks below recommended the song Ramalana (Ruby Blue) and it’s awesome and you can do so much with it! I make it a fun full body song, hand position three, full side to side motion, knee to elbow, going the speed of the music. My class loved it and ask for it again. I also do slow concentrated hills. Good resistance on the bike, slow (heels down, push/pull motion) CONCENTRATED MOVEMENT. Then I slow the pace down again and do hoovers. Burn the thighs, no doubt about it. I know this is not a motion you can do on a bike outdoors, but I love this and get a lot out of it. My classes like it do and are thrilled (at least the say so afterwards) with the ride. First time I did the hoover move, my class was sore after (next day) a good sore, not pain.

      Anyway, I did a theme ride tonight – music with the word Queen or by Queen. I’m going to mix up my December rides with some holiday music and some fun. I was thinking about Simon Says Spin, but just playing with that idea. On today’s theme, I didn’t tell folks what the theme was, they had to guess. Anyway, just some fun ideas to engage the class.

      Good luck,


      1. What were some of the songs you used, Syd? I’m assuming “Dancing Queen” made it to the list?? I’ve used Queen in several of my classes. “Fat Bottom Girls” has an amazing beat…I use it for a heavy out of the saddle climb.

      2. Hey Dana,

        My Queen songs were:

        Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie
        Dancing Queen (dance remix)
        Queen of the Night – Whitney Houston
        Sahara Queen (Arabic music) – Cheb Rayah
        Snow White Queen – Evanescence
        Homecoming Queen – Hinder
        The Show Must Go On – Queen
        Midnight Queen – Nickelback
        King & Queen – Shakira/Wyclef
        Eye of the Tiger – Queen
        Caribbean Queen – Billy Ocean
        We are the Champions – Queen

        Hills, fast, slow, knee to elbows, standing runs…etc…awesome fun.


    2. These are great!

      I actually have “I Like How It Feels” on one of my playlists. I start out with a climb…basically to the beat of the song (adust resistance accordingly). Once he starts singing “I like how it feels…” I have my riders speed up. And yup…they’re speeding uphill to a slower beat. I have them go faster and faster until they basically spin themselves out of the saddle (I do have them slow down a bit first before we get up and take it into third). Listen to the music…and you’ll know when to take it out (after he sings “turn it up let me go I’m alive let me go….”). We keep it up and over in third position on Pit Bull’s part…then do an out of the saddle sprint for the last round of “I like how it feels”. Every single rider lets out at “WOO!” at some point in the song. So much fun.

      For jumps…I tend to use things with a “jumping” beat. One good one is “I Kissed It” from Macy Gray. Start with four count jumps, then cut it half on the chorus. I like “Sexy and I Know It” though.. I’ll have to see how this works for jumps! :) I’ve also used “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry. Same beat. Start with a four count, then two counts on the chorus.

      I have a fun one for rolling hills if you’re looking for another suggestion. I use “Pump It” by the Black Eyed Peas. Start off on a flat road…and every time we hear “Pump It” add resistance. Bring it back down to a flat after the chorus…and do it all over again. And keep your ears open because they sneak some “pump it”s when you’re not expecting them! I’ve also used “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga for rolling hills. Same concept…when she says “Edge”…add resistance.

      My absolute favorite song to end a class with is “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance. The first 1:45 is all uphill….and it’s a big hill. Take the resistance down when the music speeds up and do some speed drills, going for balls to the wall sprints on the chorus. Halfway through the song, the music will get slow again. Take it back up to a heavy out of the saddle climb; you’ll feel the music…make your hill get bigger and higher. Then when the music speeds up again take it back down in the saddle, ease up the resistance a bit and sprint until the end. The music once again slows down during this last sprint. I tell my riders “when that music slows down…you don’t! KEEP. GOING.” There have been one or two “holy shits” after that one. :)

      I hope this helps. Good luck!

    3. I love your playlist Kathleen! This will be a great ride. Not sure which Unstoppable you meant – couldn’t find an obvious one on iTunes. Possible alternatives for a climb are Sweat (Remix) or Moves Like Jagger? I like Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae for jumps. But I think the #1 most important thing about your music choice is that you use only songs you know and love. This isn’t the time to try something new (lots of time to do that AFTER you have the job!) Good luck.

    4. I love Unstoppable–if it’s the Kat Deluna/Lil’Wayne tune- I use the chorus for power surges- can be done in or out of the saddle. How about Beautiful People- Benny Benassi, or the latest from Rihanna-one of my current faves is “Farewell” for a heavy climb- I love the David Guetta mixes for some pump’n tunes. Blow- I tend to use it for the last work song—full on sprints at moderate/heavy (7/10) tension- tell them to give it all they’ve got and finish strong! Anyone can sprint at low resistance in my class they have to work for their cooldown!
      I agree with Cynthia- only use songs that get you going and you are familiar with- you’re enthusiasm will shine as well your ability!

  82. HI Lisa –

    That’s a great playlist–smart and creative. I hadn’t thought Thanksgiving was much of a basis for a ride, but you’ve shown me otherwise. It’s too late for this year, but I’m going to put together something for 2012 based on your selections. Thanks.


    1. Thanks Bob – glad you liked it! Let me know how it goes next year…

      Watch out for that John Lennon Cold Turkey track. It’s quite a random song. It’s about withdrawl symptoms (from heroin, I suppose), but I turn it into a literal thing: You ate cold turkey (frozen in the middle like my MIL served a few years back…), and now it’s making you sick. Every so often, you have to “surge/sprint” to the bathroom… Kinda gross, especially when he starts moaning at the end of the song, If you’re not up to cuing that one just right, you might wanna leave that one out (as I sometimes wish I had…)
      – Lisa

  83. Okay everyone…it’s that time of year! I’m putting together a holiday playlist…and I REALLY want (need!) to stay away from those horrible songs we hear all the time (i.e. “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey.) I’m looking for fun and upbeat songs! Lady Gaga has one called “Christmas Tree”. It’s filthy…but has an amazing beat for jumps so if your riders are open…I say download it! I’ve also got “Christmas Is a Time To Say I Love You” by Billy Squire. Old…but fun.

    I’ll take any suggestions…along with appropriate moves if you’ve got ’em! Thank you!

    1. Hey Dana,
      I like two of Bruce Springsteen songs – Merry Christmas Baby and Santa Claus is Coming To Town. I used both during warm-up but they have a nice enough beat that they can be used in other ways too. I did a climb to Christmas Lights by Coldplay – it has some good surges too.

      1. Thanks for the Coldplay suggestion! A friend of mine…who is of all things a yoga instructor as well as a heavy metal fan (go figure!) suggested Stryper’s verison of “Winter Wonderland.” I’m not a metal fan by any means…but it has a great steady beat! And it’s not head banging stuff….more 80s hair band stuff.

    2. My riders know that I am sick of Christmas songs by December 1 and refuse to use any in my classes (they mostly agree). But there is one now traditional exception. The last song (before cool down) in my classes during Christmas week is always “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses. It has a thumping beat and a variable rhythm. It’s also very sweet in it’s fashion, with clever lyrics, so the 5:20 go quickly.


      1. I don’t blame you for being sick of Christmas songs, Bob! Me, too!! But “Christmas Wrapping” was already on my list…I love that one. :) For a cool down I also have used “The Chanukkah Song” by Adam Sandler. Can’t leave us Jewish people out.

    3. Hey Dana,
      Thanks for including Chanukah in your holiday mix—I use the same Adam Sandler tune. What I do is alternate holiday tunes with contemporary tunes so I dont bombard my riders with music they may not love as much as I do;-)

      Off to teach spin! Anyone have a turkey tunes, lol?!

      1. There’s another good Hannukah song by the Maccabeats. I forget what it’s called, but I got it off iTunes last year. I think it’s a cover of Dynamite.

        As for Thanksgiving, this is kind of a cheesy playlist, but it’s what I came up with a few years ago…

        Linus & Lucy 3:08 Vince Guaraldi Trio A Charlie Brown Christmas (Remastered) Soundtrack 16 11/24/2010 9:33 AM
        Homeward Bound [Live] 2:43 Simon & Garfunkel Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits Rock 17 11/24/2010 9:35 AM
        We Are Family 3:37 Sister Sledge The Essentials: Sister Sledge Dance 15 11/24/2010 9:39 AM
        Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie 2:21 Jay & The Techniques 20 Best Hits of the 60’s (Original Artist Re-Recording) Rock 17 11/24/2010 9:41 AM
        (Do The) Mashed Potatoes 2:15 The Undertakers Beat, Beat, Beat, Vol. 1: The Mersey Sound & Other Mop Top Rarities 1962-1963 Rock 16 11/24/2010 9:44 AM
        Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) 2:05 Dee Dee Sharp Cameo Parkway: 25 Original Hits Rock 14 11/24/2010 9:46 AM
        Feelin’ Satisfied 4:11 Boston Boston: Greatest Hits Rock 14 11/24/2010 9:50 AM
        Holiday 4:06 Madonna The Immaculate Collection Pop 15 11/24/2010 9:54 AM
        Cold Turkey 5:01 John Lennon Lennon Legend Rock 15 11/24/2010 9:59 AM
        Heavy Action (Theme from Monday Night Football) 1:34 Johnny Pearson Heavy Action (Theme from Monday Night Football) – Single Soundtrack 15 11/24/2010 10:01 AM
        Everybody Eats When They Come to My House 2:41 Cab Calloway Jazz Masters: Cab Calloway Jazz 16 11/24/2010 10:03 AM
        Fat Bottomed Girls 4:16 Queen Jazz Rock 45 7/3/2011 8:56 AM
        Thank You 4:18 Alanis Morissette Alanis Morissette: The Collection (Bonust Track Version) Pop 14 11/24/2010 10:12 AM
        Fast Hopi Drums 2:23 American Indian Music Native American Drums World 16 11/24/2010 10:14 AM
        Thank You 3:38 John Mellencamp Words & Music – John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits Rock 12 11/24/2010 10:18 AM
        So Tired $0.99 4:47 Eric Clapton Back Home Rock
        Turkey In The Straw 3:38 Capitol Symphony Orchestra & Carmen Dragon America The Beautiful: Songs And Hymns From The American Soul Classical 17 11/24/2010 10:21 AM
        Our House 3:03 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young So Far Rock 13 11/24/2010 10:24 AM
        Amazing Grace 3:33 Elvis Presley Elvis Inspirational Rock 17 11/24/2010 10:28 AM
        Thanksgiving 4:08 George Winston December New Age 7 11/24/2010 10:32 AM
        Get Together 4:39 FG–The Youngbloods Forrest Gump [Disc 2] Soundtrack 4 11/24/2008 6:55 PM

    4. Hi Dana,

      I have a suggestion..check out “That Christmas Swing” The Dave Williamson Big Band & Singers album….Jingle Bells is a lot of fun. “A Swingin’ Christmas has some nice instrumental pieces with a bit a N’Orleans flare.

      Still searching…have fun!


      1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I’ve got a great mix of holiday and “regular” music. I don’t want to wear my members out with nothing but holiday songs! :) Syd…I can’t find “That Christmas Swing” on iTunes….

  84. Hi all,
    I’m a spinning instructor in Belgium and here’s my playlist for november:

    Stars on 45 : warming up
    Flo Rida – Good Feeling: standing climb from 37″, add resistance 2 times, seated climb from 2’50 for 20 seconds, then again standing climb
    Sexy Bitch (feat. Akon) – David Guetta: pumps during the chorus
    Alphabeat – Fascination: flat road with 3 sprints
    Lykke Li – I follow rivers: jumps 8 times in the saddle, 8 times up
    Chris Isaac – Baby did a bad bad thing: seated climb, 2 times add resistance
    School Is Cool – World Is Gonna End Tonight: recovery
    Admiral Freebee – Oh darkness: jumps 4 times above the saddle, 4 times up
    Stayin’ Hot – Nelly vs. Bee Gees: jumps x times in the saddle, x times up (starting from 8 times, then 4 and ending with 2)
    Rihanna – We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris: starting from a seated climb and 3 times up for a standing climb during the chorus
    Kaiser chiefs – I predict a riot: i create 4 groups in my class. Jumps 4 times up in position 1, starting from group 1 – 2 – 3 and 4
    Find Yourself – John O’Callaghan: flat road with 2 times an acceleration 80% of maximum power
    Herman van Veen – Opzij, Opzij, Opzij: running
    Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody: cooling down
    Birdy – Skinny Love: cooling down & strech

  85. First of all, I love this site! I am a former instructor at 24hour fitness in San Diego. I taught a Friday 5pm class that was literally half 60-65+ and half 20 and under, so profiles had to stay on the “intro/beginning” side.

    I just moved back to NY and am auditioning at a pretty high end club. The audition will be a full 45 minute class for staff members. I’ve been told that the clientele are pretty intense and don’t really like to recover all that much.

    To prevent me from panic, can anyone share a fairly intensive ride profile? I’m a music lover so I don’t really have to many problems putting in the music, but I’m stressing about the best ride profile for an audition at this type of club.


    1. Hi Katie, I’m a new instructor, but I tell you what…I did a strength class (all up hill) and about died. Prob b/c it was my first strength ride but keeping the same pace while increases the resistance was incredibly difficult. I will have to watch/do this class at home several more times before I bring it to my class. If you want more on this let me know and I’ll jot down the routine for you.

      Good luck!!!!


      1. Syd—I’d LOVE to see that routine! I’ve been an instructor now for almost a year and haven’t tried a strength ride yet. I need something good!

      2. Ladies, I’m so sorry for not getting back to y’all. I’ve had a doozey of a week. I tried doing my ladies night of music and it was a bust (it was great by myself in a practice ride, but I just couldn’t get into it during class), so I moved to an all male line up the next class. It was great…really great and it’s below. I made the all male line-up fast and furious and it was just that….and totally awesome!

        No Rain (Blind Melon): warm up (3:37)
        Another One Bites the Dust (Queen): warm up (3:36)
        The Distance (Cake): seated flat with jumps on the Chorus (3:01)
        Low (Flo Rida): seated flat (faster), standing flat on the Chorus (3:50)
        Moves Like Jagger (Maroon 5): seated flats with jumps on the Chorus (3:21)
        Pump It (Black Eyed Peas): seated flat, standing flat, repeats throughout the song, increasing speed and resistance (3:33)
        Give it a Go (Timberland): seated flat, seated climb, standing climb, and jumps on a hill during the oh oh oh oh give it the go go (4:21)
        Wait (Earshot): seated flat, standing flat (on Chorus) maintain speed (3:33)
        Are you Gonna Go my Way (Lenny Kravitz): seated flat – constantly increasing speed and resistance (3:32) small increases, next song, start where you leave off (speed and resistance, so small and steady increases)
        Battle of One (30 Seconds to Mars): start at the speed and resistance you ended with on previous song, continue increasing (2:47)
        Rusty Cage (Sound Garden): seated flat, standing flat, standing climb, seated flat (increase resistance throughout song, should only go to standing climb once the resistance has gotten difficult) (4:26)
        Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm): seated flat and jumps on the Chorus (3:29)
        Get Busy (Sean Paul): seated flat, fast and furious (slow and steady increases of speed and resistance (3:32)
        Billie Jean (Michael Jackson): standing flat and jumps on the Chorus (4:54)
        Veritgo (U2): this is a free for all song as long as everyone does at least four different moves (3:21)
        Indifference (Pearl Jam): Cool Down (5:04)

        This class is all about speed…and boy did this class fly by! Hope Y’all Enjoy!

    2. I do a lactic acid threshold (LAT) drill where you pick a lengthy song (around 8 minutes or so) and you explain where the lactic acid threshold is. The drill would be for you to have the students push to their lactic acid threshold and then you come down right below it, where the burning ceases but your intensity is still high, and you hold it for 20 seconds. If you think they’d want more intensity, you can hold it right beneath the LAT for a longer duration. It is a tough drill.

      1. That sounds really interesting – I’m actually not familiar with that drill. Could you explain? Thanks so much!!

      2. Sorry for the late response…

        Typically, a lactic acid threshold drill takes more conditioning and a base reference to the individual’s stamina, but in a tight class setting, I don’t have the luxury of time. So…I just like to get the students aware of their bodies’ limits. A lactic acid threshold is the line at which you start feeling the burn when you really push hard (e.g. climbing uphill, fast sprint, loaded surge, etc.). I give my class a quick definition of when the lactic acid threshold comes in and I coach them to ease back just a bit until the burn subsides. This is just below your LAT. You’re working, it’s hard, but it doesn’t burn as if you are above the LAT. I tell them to hold that uncomfortable pace for a duration of time. For a mixed class I would start w/ 20 seconds and move up accordingly. It should not be easy, and you would want at least a minute of recovery in between each exertion. I do about 3-5 of these LAT drills in one long song.

        Also explain to the students that the more they train in that zone, the higher their stamina will be, as well as their bodies’ ability to efficiently utilize fuel.

    3. Hi Katie, I’m not a Spin instructor but I am a DJ who was putting together some songs for the instructor for a bit of fun. Although its a bit of DJ advice its still relivent for your situation so I’ll tell ya. In fact I’m suprised how many similarities there are to DJ’ing. Anyway obviously take some advice here about new routines and music you should play (research the crowd in my world) but also dont forget to apply what you already know and don’t venture too far so youknow you can still deliver it with confidence. In my case picking too many songs that you are not used to is not going to allow you to do something really special if even if they are the right songs. Don’t get me wrong you need to give them what they want (play to the crowd) but make sure its not so new to you that you cant deliver it with confidence if you really want to impress them. The only way to do that is to really have the music and routine down packed but I’m sure you will be fine since you are already doing this research and preparing :) Good Luck!

      1. I agree 100% DJ Transcender. I seldom practice my routines before doing them anymore but I always listen to the playlist I am going to use that day.

      2. I COMPLETELY agree w/ you. I took a song that I didn’t know that well and mixed it into my playlist because it was recommended by a lot of instructors. I didn’t feel it, therefore the students couldn’t feel it. I didn’t know where the peaks were in the song, where there were quirky gaps, etc., and bottom line, it sucked. When I know the song or the drill, I’m so confident, it shows in my delivery, and it translates into a higher energy level for the class. Great tip, DJ Transcender!

    4. Congrats on your audition Kathleen! Here are two of my rides that are particularly challenging:
      Live and Let Die Spin Mix – https://spinningmusic.wordpress.com/2010/09/22/live-and-let-die-spin-mix-47-minutes/
      Adrenaline Spin Mix – https://spinningmusic.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/adrenaline-spin-mix-51-minutes-2/

      The Adrenaline Spin Mix is probably a better choice for an audition as the music is more current. Make sure to set the crossfade to zero seconds on your iPod so there is no silence between songs. I would also suggest practicing the ride you choose at least once to identify and work out any bugs.

      Good luck! Come back and tell us how it went for you.


      1. THanks so much! I’m realizing after reading your posts that between California and New York I’ve seen very different approaches to rolling hills. I’m honestly not sure if I’m “teaching them right”. Could you take me through how you teach them? Thanks!!!

      2. How do I set the crossfade on my iPod?? I tend to have a few seconds between songs…too much time for the heartrate to fall!

  86. So folks, I was thinking about doing some themed rides and wanted to start with an all female music list; however, I’m struggling trying to find some good music. Can anyone help me out? Next week is all male music and I def have that, no problem, but any and all suggestions are welcome. Then I was thinking about movie motivation…you know Rocky theme, etc…


    1. I always like Lady Gaga. For “Edge of Glory” I start off uphill…move to a standing climb then sit back down right before the chorus. At the beginning of the chorus, we’re on a full out sprint. Then…each time she says “Edge”, we turn up the resistance by one or two numbers (or one or two turns of the knob…depending on the bike). Back to uphill for the second verse…then do it all over again.

      For her “Born this Way” – it’s sprints on the chorus.

      Pink is always great, too. “Trouble” is GREAT for sprints, as is “It’s All Your Fault.” There’s always “Raise Your Glass”, too.

      Not sure if your riders mind horrible language…but Missy Elliot’s “Lose Control” is GREAT for a steady uphill climb.

      Amii Stewart’s “Knock On Wood”, while really old, is FANTASTIC for jumps, as is Macy Grays’ “I Kissed It.” Fantastic jumping beats on both of these songs.

      “Dreaming” by Blondie is good for a steady flat…your choice to stay seated or be up and out of the saddle.

      Aretha Franklin has a GREAT version out there of “Think”. I love it.

      Other good femaie artists I use are Avril Lavigne & Rhianna.

      I hope this helps!

      1. I have a few to add. . However, Dana’s suggestions and my favorites on her list are Edge of Glory (Gaga), Trouble and Raise your Glass (Pink)

        I have done a few all female singer rides and other artists you can include are: Katy Perry – (Firework), Adele (Rolling in the Deep – Megamix or Someone Like You/Thin Red Men Remix), Madonna, La Roux, GoGo’s, Kylie Minogue, Joan Jet, Ting Tings etc.

      2. Oh…and Florence & the Machine is good too. Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez & Annie Lennox. (I could keep going if you need more. lol)

    2. I have a Women of Rock ride and used Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Lita Ford,
      Heart, Blondie, Jennifer Lopez…some of the songs I used included: “What’s Going ON”, “Call Me”, “Restless” for cool-down, “Poison”, “Baracuda”, “Conga”, “Sweet Dreams (RAVE VERSION)”, “Bad Reputation”, “Anxiety” and “Objection Tango”.

      Some may be oldies, but they have a good driving beat and keep the group moving. Good-luck and please publish your final list!

      P.S. Does anyone ever use “Art of Dying” songs in their rides? I picked up couple…like the group a lot!

    3. Older but should work, most are as fast/faster than Edge:

      Pointer Sisters, I’m So Excited
      Betty Everett, It’s In His Kiss / Shoop Shoop Song
      Tina Turner, Proud Mary (from Working Together album)
      Supremes, Keep Falling In And Out Of Love, Back In My Arms Again and many others
      Martha Reeves & Vandellas, Heat Wave, Dancing In The Streets
      Staple Singers, I’ll Take You There
      Chiffons, One Fine Day, He’s So Fine
      Crystals, Da Doo Run Run
      Sheryl Crow, All I Want To Do, Soak Up The Sun, etc.
      Bangles, Manic Monday; Walk Like An Egyptian
      Aretha Franklin, Since You’ve Been Gone; Respect
      Karla Bonoff, Every Time You Walk In The Room
      Jennifer Warnes, First We Take Manhattan
      Sarah McLachlan, Surrender
      Lucinda Williams, I Just Wanted To See You So Bad
      Olivia Newton-John, Physical (laugh if you like, it’s a hot song)
      Cindy Lauper, Girls Just Want To Have Fun
      Nicolette Larson, Lotta Love
      Linda Ronstadt, Can’t Let Go & many others
      Madonna, Like A Virgin & others
      Lesley Gore, Maybe I Know
      Raindrops, Kind of Boy You Can’t Forget
      Mary Chapin Carpenter, How Do; Down At The Twist & Shout
      Marveletes, Please Mr. Postman
      Little Eva, Locomotion
      Laura Nyro, Wedding Bell Blues, Stoney End, Met Him On A Sunday (cool down songs)
      Bette Midler, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B
      Joni Mitchell, Crazy (slower: You Turn Me On, Car On The Hill, Free Man In Paris)
      Judy Collins, Someday Soon (warm up or cool down)
      Jefferson Airplane, Somebody To Love
      Delaney & Bonnie, That’s What My Man Is For
      Ronettes, Be My Baby
      Janis Joplins & Big Brother, Down On Me

      Hope these help.

    4. Hope I’m not late to the party. Here are the five favorite female artists from my “greatest hits” playlists–they are titled “Superspins” and I use them when we’re my regulars are ready for the tried and true (or a new group may not be ready for my quirky themes.)

      Patty Smyth – Most anything from her Greatest Hits CD works for a ride, but we like “Heartache Heard Around The World” (4:58) and “Good-Bye To You” (3:46) best.

      Stevie Nicks -“Stand Back” (4:59)

      Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders) – “Love Colours” (4:37) or “Night In My Veins” (3:18)

      Patti Austin -“Reach” (4:31)

      Laura Branigan – “Gloria” (4:52) never fails.

      “Gloria” reminds me that one of my favorite themes is “Cherchez Les Femmes.” Every song title is the name of woman. It’s not “Women In Rock” but there are usually a couple of riders to name check with a tune and have some fun. Drop me a note at rbleventhal@gmail.com and I’ll send along one of these lists.


    5. More great women in music….Beyonce, Single Ladies; Britney Spears, Womanizer; for those country folks, Carrie Underwood, Last Name; Cobie Caillat, most songs of her music is great for cool downs; Janet Jackson; Mary Jane Girls, In My House.

      Have fun.

    6. What awesome suggestions!!!! I have a few Rihanna favs and Katie Perry favs…I was just drawing a complete blank…prob b/c I was actively searching. My class is tomorrow and I have a good mix, although not all female. So my class later this week will be all female then all male. I was thinking about doing a themed ride for next Friday in celebration of the opening of the newTwilight Saga. I have two songs in my class for tomorrow from one of the Twilight soundtracks. I’m soooo excited. I just want something more than booty shakin’ music…not that there is anything wrong with booty shakin…just want to provide some spice…and some variety to my classes. Thanks again everyone and I will post my list this week.

      1. A HUGE thank you to Dana, Annette, BAR, Chris, Bob and Cheri for their suggestions on a ride of all-female artists. There’s more than one ride here for sure.

        It’s been a while since I did an all-female playlist. Mine is here: https://spinningmusic.wordpress.com/2008/05/24/girl-power-spin-mix-33-minutes/

        I think a Twilight ride is a great idea. One of my favourite tunes from that series is Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, on the first album.

        I did a quirky Out of India ride when Slumdog Millionaire came out. The soundtrack is incredible. You can find the ride here: https://spinningmusic.wordpress.com/2009/02/01/out-of-india-spin-mix-47-minutes/

      2. Have you used “Tremble for My Beloved” by Collective Soul? I believe it was in the first movie. I love it. I do a seated climb…with a burst of speed on the chorus.

        BTW…I’m going to see Breaking Dawn tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  87. hey guys

    thought id pop on my october mix.

    1. Beautiful Day The Eels 3:31 Nice easy start warming up and adding a couple of gears changes on the way 100rpm

    2. End Of The Line Traveling Wilburys – 3:28 standing run keeping in the time with the beat 70-75rpm couple of gear changes usaully finishing in gear 15.

    3. Crash The Primitives 3:15 first song that we are going to work on. gear 13. looking to hold between 115 and 120 rpm. giving them a singsong at the nanananan bit. they cant breathe when they do it. i usually turn the music down and see if they are all taking part.

    4. Louder DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans 3:02 small recovery to start with and then we add some gear to slow them down to 60 -70 rpm then speed it up towards the end

    5. We Found Love Rihanna – 4:00 standing climb on the verses 60 -65rpm then sprint the choruses. fast as they can go add a gear on before every standin part

    6. Hello Girl, Let’s Party Til The End Titus Jones 5:26 one of my favourites at the moment. freestyle. anything goes up down fast slow, you have to feel the song to make it work.

    7. The Wanted – Lightning 3:26 hill climb standing gear 14 65rpm on the verses then sit for the chorus and add 5 gears and push as hard as you can. 60 rpm should be about right.you will be glad to get standing again.

    8. Shout Lulu 2:57 gear 12 fast as you can go 120rpm get them to join in near the end

    9 Collide Leona Lewis 3:58 best climbing song. you can get them to be right through the gears. standing and sitting.

    10. Rebel Mother Down [Rihanna vs. Danzig vs. Billy Idol] DJ Schmolli 3:42 a seated climb pure torture. 60 rpm for the mother part and then 70-75rpm for the in the midnight hour bit. heart rates are through the roof

    11. Dancing On My Penguin [Avicii vs. Robyn vs. Beyoncé] 3:40 another mash up. alternate between standing climb and seated. adding gears when seated.

    12. Freakin you baby – Jungle Brothers 5:07 standing usually do this or the 2nd song. stay with the beat adding a few gears on the way.

    13. Can’t stop moving Sonny J 2:57 100rpm for the verses 120 for the chorus. right good on to get the legs going again towards the end.

    14. Ed Sheeran – The A Team 4:50 cool down

    hope you enjoy the tunes

  88. Hi everyone!

    I’m a newly qualified spin instructor currently teaching in New Brunswick up on the east coast. We have a brand new facility and a lot of newly enthused spinners,so I thought I’d share a playlist that is very popular with my early morning class! It’s 45 mins with a bit of a mix of everything and is geared towards a slightly more high intensity workout.

    Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger – seated climb
    Chicane – Stoned in Love – sprints
    Calvin Harris – Feel So Close – Standing climb

    Ting Tings (wideboy remix) – Hands – Mixed terrain – Stand and climb for the first chorus then increase speed to a standing sprint @ 1.14. Bring it up for another climb @ 1:58 then slow it down @ 2:42 and finally drop it and sprint @ 3.00

    Kickstarts – Example – Quad burners. Everyone up at a high resistance and really slow RPM to work just those quads. hold for between 45-60seconds.

    Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisend – Jumps of 4 and 2 counts

    DJ fresh – Hypercaine – Another mixed terrain track to act as a breather before the final all out track.

    Darude – Sandstorm – A track made for long all out standing sprints. Increase the resistance as the beat builds. @ 2:45 explode out of the saddle for a 60 sprint. Same again @ 5:00 and give the option to finish the sprint seated.

    Enjoy everyone! This site has helped me build my track selection so much I hope I can help someone else out :)


    1. Great to hear from another Maritimer, Hannah! Love these tunes, especially Feel So Close, Kickstarts, and Hypercaine. Much appreciated.

  89. I had no idea that I could crossfade songs on iTunes until this weekend, thank you master intructor D! Someone else may be in the dark on this too so here is how to do it. Go to iTunes, Edit, Preferences, Playback and click on Crossfade Songs. Now you have one continuous flow but can control the songs individually as opposed to it being one long song like MixMeister. I love MixMeister and mostly use it but if I have a new crowd I may veer from my plan. This way I can skip songs if I want. Yay!

    1. jennifer, thank you for that great tip! What a wonderful idea. I usually have cyclists drink up during that 10-20 sec pause so now this is more professional. I dont use mixmeister, I just cant get the hang of it but i have no problems with my playlists and now it just flows. great suggestion!

    2. I love it! Sometimes my Ipod is located far away from bike and the song takes a while to change, which leaves me with the sound of heavy breathing.

      Thanks for the tip.


  90. Hi guys!! So as I allready told I’m a cyclinginstructor from The Netherlands. To give you some lookaround in the spinningworld on the otherside of the ocean I’ve put one of my best playlists online.
    This is the ONE!!!!!
    Start on 45 – 45 (2:40)

    Enrique Iglesias ft. Nicole Scherzinger – Heartbeat (Digital Dog Radio) (3:46)
    Racing on: 0.44-1.16 / 1.51-2.35 / 2.49-3.06
    Between the racing (with the resistance of a light climb) it is a light climb.

    James Blunt – Stay The Night (Buzz Junkies Remix) (4:52)
    In the first minute we put up our resistance for 5 times, all the time we stay seated.
    0.59 standing climb
    1.23 jumps on 4 (up and back seated)
    1:53 seated climb
    2.15 standing climb
    2.45 seated climb
    3.16 standing climb

    Snoop Dogg & David Guetta – Sweat (David Guetta Remix) (3:16)
    2 rounds, seated climb – front fix – standing climb
    First round fix at 0.36 / second round fix at 1.43

    Don Fardon – I’m Alive (Dominatorz Edit) (2:32)
    Time for a good running!! (there is a possibility to cut this song in 2 parts).

    Partycrashers – Just Be Good To Me (3:10)
    After the running time for a short recovery. At .044 we start to put on resistance and we gone jump on 4. 1.15 seated climb (moderate). And then the surprise in this one. FIVE short sprints, and I say they are real short!!! (2.00 / 2.03 / 2.06 / 2.10 / 2.14. And then to the end with a standing climb.

    Headhunters – Something About You (3:04)
    Start with recovery (standing). Then put up resistance at 0.27. In one minute we put on 5 times more resistence. Then recovery (resistence goed back to the start PLUS one). Second round same route, start at 2.14.

    Master Blaster – One Night In Bankok (6:34)
    Great song, great exercise. We gona use the back and front fix.
    0.27 back fix / 1.24 standing recovery / 1.42 back fix / 2.13 front fix / 2.42 standing climb / 3.41 seated climb / 4.22 back fix / 4.54 front fix / 5.07 standing climb / 5.38 seated climb / 6.19 recovery.

    Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turnerr – Written In The Stars (3:29)
    Start with a short running (20 seconds). Then standing climb (resistance moderate). We gona increase the resistance several times (40 seconds to go). Then it’s time for a racingpart at 1.03. After 30 seconds racing we increase the resistance for al heavy climb. At 2.16 we gona race!! First decrease your resistance.

    Solex – Close To The Edge (8:10)
    Hill climb time!! The mountains are great and the edge DEEP.
    Start with a moderate seated climb. At 1.25 stand up and increase the resistance. 1.53 pause time. 2.22 back on track with a seated climb. 3.18 standing climb. 4.15 seated climb. Don’t forget you have to increase your resistance several times. 5.10 pause two. Then start with a standing climb at 6.08 (everybody makes it his/her 2 minutes).

    Alphabeat – Fascination (3:04)
    Downhill. The music tells your route.

    Rene Amesz & Baggi Begovic – Smells Like Teen Spirit (3:08)
    A nice mix up. Light seated climb is the start. 0.43 jumps on 2 / 1.29 seated climb / 1.45 back fix / 2.09 sprint with your resistance on! / 2.16 jumps at 4 / 2.31 seated climb.

    Swingfly ft. Christoffer Hiding – Me and My Drum (3:05)
    Standing climb. Increase your resistance at 0.45 / 1.36. There is a pause at 1.04.

    Brooklyn Bounce – Bass, Beats & Melody (Video Edit) (3:05)
    For the real bass-lovers.
    Seated climb at 0.14 / 0.30 standing climb / 1.01 back fix / 1.54 front fix / 2.23 back fix / 2.55 standing climb.

    Darren Styles – Holding On (4:10)
    FINAL!!!!! This is the real spinning stuff!!! The speed is the murder in this one.
    Seated climb is the start, moderate resistance.
    1.10 time for a sprint with your resistance on
    1.19 jumps on 4
    1.42 standing climb
    2.05 racing time, with the resistance on.
    2.28 seated climb
    2.50 jumps on 4
    3.24 standing climb
    Last 10/15 seconds seated sprint with a light resistance.

    Adele – Someone Like You

    I hope you will enjoy this class a much as I did with my class.

    Sportfull greating from Holland!!!

      1. Front fix => stand up, shoulders frozen. Your position is in the middle betweet the seatpost and bars. Important is that you do bent your knees to mutch. It is training for the mussles is your legs, not your ACL.

        Back fix => stand up and make a move as far your can backwards. If you ‘re there stay there.Important by this one, stretch your back and keep your body steady. This one is also a very good training for the lef mussles.

  91. Does anyone have a good classic rock playlist? Some of my riders have been asking. I’m not a HUGE fan…I like it well enough but not enough to put it to the pedal. But I want to make everyone happy so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!!!

  92. Hi all, here is my 55 minute class
    I haven’t actually used these songs in this exact order, but I thought I’d try put in as many that I haven’t seen on this blog (at least since I joined) as possible. Surprisingly there aren’t any Pink songs in this playlist because I usually have at least one of her songs in every class I teach. My favourite is Raise your Glass for seated flat with seated sprints (I’ve also used it for jumps after seeing that a few times on here). Otherwise I use F***ing Perfect for climbs (obviously the clean version) and So What, for a hard standing flat. Katy Perry is another favourite of mine that doesn’t feature in this playlist. I generally use her songs for my first warm up, Hot n Cold is my favourite.

    All time low, The Wanted (3.25) – Warm up seated flat

    I’m only human, The Parlotones (4.01) – Warm up 2 seated flat/standing flat
    Great South African band. If you like this one, also check out Bird in Flight, it’s quite similar but a little slower

    Jump that Rock (Whatever you want), Scooter/Status Quo (3.26) – standing flat
    I’ve also been using Stamp on the Ground, Italo brothers, which I discovered on this site and is awesome, and Club Can’t Handle Me, from an Aerobics CD so a little faster than the original (Flo Rider and David Guetta)

    How do you do, Cascada (3.19) – a couple of long sprints
    (it’s making me spin now, spinning within!)

    Sweat, Snoop Dogg (David Guetta remix) (3.20) – Seated climb, with slow jumps for chorus
    I tell my class to come up for 4 counts every time they hear the word sweat, saves me from counting and gives them something to take the mind off the pain. Always gets a smile!

    Tonight I’m loving you, Enrique Iglesias ft Ludacris (3.51) – Standing flat/climb

    Untouched, The Veronicas (4.14) – sprints on chorus

    Proud Mary, Cast of Glee (3.43) – Jumps

    Roisin Murphy, Ruby Blue, Ramalama (Bang Bang) 3.35 – Seated climb, one leg drills
    A little bit of a weird one but I love the beat (rediscovered it whilst watching CSI a couple of weeks ago!). I also use Rolling in the Deep by Adele for seated climbs as many times as I can without boring my class

    Fighter, Christina Aguilera (4.09) – Slow standing climb
    Love this for a heavy climb, Dirrty is also good if you fast forward the first minute or so which is pretty boring 

    Born this Way, Lady Gaga (4.20) – Seated sprints
    I often play Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory as well

    Break your heart, Taio Cruz, I use an Aerobics version –standing sprints

    Neon Trees, Animal (3.32) – Rolling hills, class can choose their own intensity either to work hard right up to the end or as an active recovery/beginning of the cool down after two hard sprint tracks
    I also like to use Jaiho, Pussy Cat Dolls for hills

    Pack Up, Eliza Doolittle (3.07) – Cool down/upper body stretches
    My absolute favourite cool down

    Crack the shutters, Snow Patrol (3.21) – cool down/lower body stretches off bike
    Can’t go wrong with Snow Patrol, I also use Chasing Cars

    1. Michelle,

      I did this class last week and again today (two different locs) and it was great. I edited it a bit, but I tell what…what a great lineup of music. I really really REALLY love Ramalama and got great feedback on that particular song and was asked to play it again. I did something different with that song. I did a fast climb, knees to elbows, in order to really engage the core and boy does it work. My entire class loved it!

      Thanks again for sharing!!!


      1. Yay! So glad you enjoyed and got some use out of my playlist. I’ve been so inspired by this website, as I take 4 classes a week and am often in need of ideas :) I need to spend this week putting together some new playlists for January so hopefully I’ll have at least one to put up in a few days

  93. I put together what I considered to be quite a hard playlist for a 30 min session. When I actually gave the class last week it turned out to be even more difficult than I had thought. Fortunately, everyone coped and enjoyed it (retrospectively of course).

    Here is the playlist:

    I Still Remember – Bloc Party – Warm Up
    Friday on My Mind – The Easybeats- Fast Flat – Sprints
    Uprising – Muse – Hill – Press-ups
    Nightmare (Sinister Strings mix) – Brainbug/Oakenfold Hill – Jumps – Press-ups
    The Catalyst – Linkin Park – Hill – Seated
    Same Jeans – The View – Fast Flat – Sprints
    Salva Mea – Faithless – Hill – Seated Sprints
    Blue Monday- Flunk – Cool Down

    1. Press ups? Risky move on a bike, sweaty hands + sweaty handlebars = Slip and broken nose!!! Just my opinion though, you are entitled to do your classes the way you want.
      That is why I call myself an indoor cyclist not a spin instructor, even though I was trained as spin instructor. In Spinning there are only so many moves you are supposed to teach. But with indoor cycling, a little imagination can come up with great moves.





















    1. Hey Ellis, I was really interested in your music choices, but I’m having the darnedest time finding some of them. I was hoping to find the Fake cooldown song, but no luck there. Can you help me out and point me in the right direction?

      Thanks, Syd

  95. Thanks SO much to you ALL! I appreciate the support, camraderie and all the great playlists!

    Cynthia-you have created a wonderful community! We are all scattered in various cities, states, and nations despite the distance we have bonded- and this all through your wonderful site!

    Idea—wouldn’t it be a blast to have a weekend get together?!

  96. I think we can all agree that Judy’s situation regarding the content of her music is exasperating and ludicrous. After all, “it’s only rock and roll.”

    But I have a solution, at least for a class or two. I’ve used a few lists titled “The Power Of Positive Thinking.” They are class favorites. Here’s the “Best Of” version. I’ve chopped the start and ending of several of the tunes to help the continuity, so the times won’t match up with iTunes.

    Hope it helps.


    Best Of Power Of Positive Thinking
    Title Artist Time Tempo/Ride Rating
    1) Accentuate The Johnny Mercer 1:58 Warm-Up _____

    2) Keep On Moving UB40 4:37 Warm-Up _____

    3) Gotta Be Positive Eddy Grant 3:37 Standing Run _____

    4) Let’s Go! Wang Chung 4:09 Standing Climb_____

    5) Reach Patti Austin 4:15 Standing Climb_____

    6) We’re Gonna Win Bryan Adams 2:27 Sprints _____

    7) I Won’t Back Down Tom Petty 2:53 Seated Climb _____

    8) New Attitude Patti LaBelle 3:58 Standing Climb_____

    9) Don’t Give Up Third World 3:12 Recovery _____

    10) Don’t Stop Fleetwood Mac 3:09 Standing Run _____

    11) Push It To The Limit Corbin Bleu 2:56 Standing Climb_____

    12) When I’m Up Oysterband 2:24 Sprints _____
    I Can’t Get Down

    13) Let It All Go Jeff Healey Band 3:24 Seated Climb _____

    14) I Believe R.E.M. 3:31 Fast/Flat Rd. _____

    15) I Will Not Be Johnny Clueless 3:45 Standing Climb_____
    Left Behind

    16) Jus’ Can’t Stop Me J. Geils Band 3:12 Fast/Flat Rd. _____

    17) You Can Do It Dusty Springfield 4:13 Cool Down _____
    Total Time: 58 Mins. Ratings: 1 through 5 (1 – Most Like, 5 – Least Like)

  97. Can anyone offer insight or tips to teaching on a RealRyder bike? I just started at a facility that has them and they are tough. Hard for me to use and I’ve been doing this for years—no other gym in my area has them. Can’t ever hold the handlebars still- standing is crazy ( lots of torque on the knees- ouch) since they sway side to side-I think that the weight of the fly wheel causes the resistance to be somewhat
    erradic wherein it goes from light- moderate- kick butt har nothing between mod and kick butt hard. It’s a great gig and I want to continue but dont want to do my riders or myself a disservice by not teaching properly. Thanks!

  98. Thanks! I am fine with radio edits—but that alone does not solve my problem- I need music that isn’t ‘suggestive’–‘language’ is obvious but we have to review for content as well , which just about curtails myuse of most current tunes;-)!

    1. I am fortunate that I teach in my home town and in one club, so I know most of my riders, so anything goes, i just apologise prior to any swearing etc. My riders especially like Eminem songs, which are hard to find without swearing or suggestive content.

      1. I was in a spin class once where the instructor played a clean version of Shake That. I had to giggle, every other word was bleeped.

        I push the envelope musically and pray that nobody gets offended. I have been guilty of finding something to say just when a swear word comes around, and also for mea culpas a few times when I accidentally downloaded the explicit version of a song.

        Judy, I agree with Lisa – your gym is being unreasonable! I mean, they say f**k on late night TV now & not just HBO.

    2. Wow – you have one sensitive group! Even stuff that’s cleared for public radio waves isn’t ok? Even older music from tamer times can be “suggestive” (Elvis?) — how the heck are you supposed to be the arbiter of what’s ok for everyone? I teach at a Y too, and I love that it’s a family friendly place, but as long as it’s a radio edit, I feel ok about it – if they can hear it in the lobby, then they can hear it in class for heaven sakes. There are definitely some songs that make me a little nervous, and I talk over key bits, but I think it’s unreasonable for any club to expect you to screen for what’s “suggestive.” IMHO that’s absurd and there’s absolutely no way for instructors to abide or for them to effectively enforce that.

      1. Wow…I don’t know if I could play all “easy listening” songs. If I know a song has a bad word…I’ll either say “Oops..I didn’t hear that” after it’s said…or talk over it if I know exactly where it is. A few songs on my lists drop the “f’ bomb…but I draw the line at racial slurs! How many riders have complained Lisa?

        Here are a few that I think could be okay:

        All In – Lifehouse
        Hey (Nah Neh Nah) – Milk & Sugar
        Carnival de Paris – Finger Eleven (no words! Can’t go wrong!!)
        Proud – Richard Niles
        I Run For Life – Melissa Etheridge

        Good luck! :) BTW…I just downloaded Shake That…

  99. Sorry about the formatting of my lists, you’ll have to do some separating because they’re Side A and Side B lists from the tapes. If you would like them “clean”, contact me and I’ll send them to you as .pdf or .doc or.wpd files.

  100. Hi everyone, this is a mainly 1960’s with a smattering of later decades (Lucinda Williams is probably the most recent) set of lists.

    I’m a p/t volunteer music provider for a class that tends to be older. Which is fine b/c I don’t have much after the early 80’s. It’s a 30 – 45 minute class but the tapes I record on are 45 per side.. I have times for some of these lists if anyone wants them. Not every list has been used yet, the last 2 are works in progress and some of the songs have already been used. I threw them in anyway. I won’t try to say how to use them in class, you’re the instructors.

    No one’s talked about playback systems, that’s been an issue some places I’ve been. I record 90+ % from my lp’s onto high end cassette decks/tape, then use a Sony WM-D6C Pro Walkman playing through Bose Roomate II powered speakers. I also have two different Denon mini-systems, one with Creek speakers, the other has Missions, but they’re too tempting to sticky fingers, and hard to transport; what I use fits in the Bose bag designed for the speakers. The sound is good, and we have fun.

    For all the iPod fans, there’s an inexpensive (compared to what they used to cost) Digital to Analog (DAC) out that you should like: HRT iStreamer ($200.00). It somehow pulls differently from the iPod’s hard drive. If you have more to spend, you could read the June 25, WSJ article “Audio Alchemy In A Box” (which is where I learned about the iStreamer. I’m an analog holdout, but finally looking because so much music I would like to have is digital only.

    Thanks to the other posters, I have enough new ideas to last the rest of the year.

    Mamas & Papas, Do You Wanna
    Association, Along Came Mary
    Swinging Medallions, Double
    Shot of My Baby’s Love
    Paul Revere & Raiders, Just Like Me
    The Cars, Tonight She Comes
    Standells, Dirty Water
    T-Rex, Bang A Gong
    Cyndia Lauper, Girls Just Want To
    Have Fun
    Karla Bonoff, When You Walk In
    The Room
    Buffalo Springfield, Do I Have To
    Right Out And Say It

    Lucinda Williams, Crescent City War, Summer
    Steve Earle, Guitar Town John Hiatt, Memphis In The
    Ventures, Hawaii Five 0 Meantime
    Ventures, Walk, Don’t Run Lucinda Williams, Lines Around
    Taj Mahal, Ain’t Gonna Whistle Your Eyes
    Dixie (No Mo) Johnny Rivers, Seventh Son
    Los Lobos, One Night In America Young Rascals, Good Loving
    Neil Young, The Emperor of Ritchie Valens, La Bamba
    Wyoming Lucinda Williams, Righteously
    Dion, Donna The Prima Donna The Supremes, Back In My Arms
    K.D. Lang, Constant Craving Again
    Joe Turner, Shake, Rattle & Roll Sly & Family Stone, Dance To The
    Johnny Rivers, Mountain of Love Music
    Graham Parker, Discovering Japan Spencer Davis Group, Gimme Some
    Roy Orbison, Oh Pretty Woman Loving
    Bobby Fuller Four, I Fought The Law

    Karla Bonoff, Got Me In Trouble Marvin Gaye, Sexual Healing
    Again Marvin Gaye, What’s Going On
    Joe Cocker, Feeling Alright Bruce Hormsby & Range, Every
    The Boxtops, The Letter Little Kiss
    The Band, Promised Land Lucinda Williams, I Just Wanted
    Commander Cody, Hot Rod To See You So Bad
    Lincoln Jennifer Warnes, First We Take
    Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, Manhattan
    Dancing In The Streets Major Lance, Um, Um, Um, Um,
    Aretha Franklin, Since You’ve Um, Um
    Been Gone ` Rod Stewart, Maggie May
    Fleetwood Mac, Go You Own The Guess Who, Shaking All Over
    Way Dionne Warwick, Walk On By
    Sarah McLachlan, Surrender

    Staple Singers, I’ll Take You There Isley Brothers, Harvest For
    Paul Simon, You Can Call Me Al The World
    Crystals, Da Doo Run Run Martha Reeves/Vandella, Heat
    Human Beinz, Nobody But Me Wave
    The Strangeloves, I Want Candy Pat Benatar, Hit Me With Your
    The Beatles, Please Mr. Postman Best Shot
    Mitch Ryder, Devil With The Blue Van Halen, Jump
    Dress/Good Golly Miss Molly Rolling Stones, Start Me Up
    Bobby Lewis, Tossing And Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels,
    Turning Little Latin Lupe Le
    James & Bobby Purifys, Shake A Graham Parker, Discovering Japan
    Little Tail Feather Sheryl Crow, Soak Up The Sun
    The Chiffons, One Fine Day Shadows Of Knight, Gloria
    Roy Orbison, Oh Pretty Woman
    Jay & The Americans, Come A
    Little Bit Closer

    The Bangles, Manic Monday Roxy Music, More Than This
    Rolling Stones, Start Me Up Lou Reed, Love You Suzanne
    Jimi Hendrix, Fire Lou Reed, New Sensations
    Love, Little Red Book Steve Earle, Guitar Town
    Cream, Sunshine of Your Love Ventures, Hawaii Five 0
    The Doors, Light My Fire Ventures, Walk, Don’t Run
    Jefferson Airplane, We Can Be Los Lobos, One Night In America
    Together Neil Young, The Emperor of
    Led Zeppelin, Rambling On Wyoming
    Yardbirds, Shapes of Things Steve Earle, Last Of The Hard
    Neil Young, Cinnamon Girl Core Troubadours
    The Beatles, No Reply
    The Strangeloves, I Want Candy
    The Who, The Kids Are All Right

    Danny Gatton, Sailing On Sheryl Crow, Leaving Las Vegas
    Brian Setzer, Bobby’s Back Sheryl Crow, All I Want To Do
    Brian Setzer, The Knife Feels Everything But The Girl, These
    Like Justice Early Days
    Brian Setzer, Boulevard of Lucinda Williams, Six Blocks
    Broken Dreams Away
    Marshall Crenshaw, Marianne Lucinda Williams, Lines Around
    Marshall Crenshaw, Mary Jean Your Eyes
    Marshall Crenshaw, Girls Little Eva, Locomotion
    Marshall Crenshaw, Someday, The Chiffons, One Fine Day
    Someway Carol King, Jazzman
    Marshall Crenshaw, She Can’t Carol King, Going Back
    Dance Carol King, What Have You
    Bob Seger, Trying To Live My Got To Lose
    Life Without You Joni Mitchell, Troubled
    Jackson Brown, Running On Child
    Empty Joni Mitchell, Raised On Robbery
    Jackson Brown, You Love Linda Ronstadt, Just One Look
    The Thunder

    1. Thanks Chris – tons of ideas here. I remember T-Rex!

      I’ve been thinking of a 60 Years spin playlist for a while now. It would start in the 60s and then head through to the current decade, with songs from each decade in between. You could use iconic songs, or less well-known tunes and get riders to guess which decade they are riding to.

  101. Love the 80’s theme—I need some new material- CLEAN material- I teach at 4 gyms but one, the Y, makes it difficult to compile playlists because though the members want current hits, those hits contain ” inappropriate content”- maybe 80’s tunes will do the trick!
    Questions: What do other instructors do to replicate an outdoor ride- should standing be reserved only be for climbing ?
    Should our ride profiles be geared more to outdoor rides or should we do “tricks”, as many instructors do, to keep riders engaged for the duration of the class?

    1. Judy look for radio edit versions of new songs, they will contain no explicits.
      I noticed that if you stick to just road moves the people soon get bored, so tricks give you new dimensions.
      Just need to make sure whatever you try is safe. I have seen some crazy moves on youtube, like guys standing on one pedal and going around the outsidie of the bike….scary!!!
      This is a great site, keepup good work guys.

  102. Just done an 80s routine and it went down an absolute stromer.

    Sesson time 58 minutes

    Session name – 80s leg warmer

    Warm Up – Wake me up ~ Wham

    Standing flat/Running – I’m so excited ~ The Pointer Sisters

    Standing Flat/Climb On Chorus (Full turn) – Footloose ~ Kenny Loggins

    Fast Flat – Breakaway ~ Tracey Ullman

    Standing Climb (Whole song) – Heart and soul ~ T’pau

    Fast flat/sprint chorus – You spin me round ~ Dead or Alive

    Seated climb/standing climb – Addicted to love ~ Robert Palmer

    Standing Flat/climb chorus – Get out of my car ~ Billy Ocean

    Fast Flat/Running – I think we’re alone now ~ Tiffany

    Jumps 4×4 Making your mind up ~ Bucks Fizz

    Standing Flat/Running – Walk like an egyptian ~ Bangles

    Seated/Standing Climb – Wild boys ~ Duran Duran

    Running as long as they can – Atomic ~ Blondie

    Standing Climb slow/fast on chorus – Nellie the elephant ~ Toy Dolls

    Cooldown – Waiting for a star to fall ~ Boy meets girl

    Bye bye – I can make you feel good ~ Shalamar

    Yes you did read right Nellie the elephant, the riders loved it. Really heavy standing climb, then when song goes wooooooooooohhhhhhh they sit down reduce the resistance and start picking up the pace, then on chorus they go flat out. Even I was tired after the last double chorus.

    1. I love this! I’ve never heard of Nellie the Elephant…I think I like it. I’m going to try it out. Never heard of Making Your Mind up Either. And I grew up in the 80s! It sounds like it was from a TV show or something…

      Thanks for the playlist. Can’t wait to check it out.

      1. Dana making your mind up won the Eurovision song context for Britain, now its gone all political we will never win it again.
        I like to add a wee comedy song to my routines now and again, like Nelly the elephant. But I tell you done right it gives you a very hard profile move.

    2. Thanks Ellis! I am ready to do another 80s mix. I grew up in the 80s so the music brings out a lot of nostalgia for me.

  103. Playlist I used today:
    Pjanoo warm up
    Dont Stop the Music warm up
    Move Like Jagger
    Written in the Stars
    I Wanna Go
    Cheers-I’ll Drink to That
    Take Over Control
    Party Rock
    Rain Over Me
    The Reason ( my FAVE)
    Mr.Saxo Beat
    Camina Burano Remix-Tiesto
    What a Feeling- Kelly Rowland -Stretch/Cooldown
    Forever- Chris Brown- more of the same
    Anyone have ideas what do for the ‘work’ phases tunes—I’d love some fresh, new ideas for this ride?

    1. whoops–pressed send too fast– last sentence should read ‘Does anyone have ideas for what to ‘do’ for the ‘work’ phase tunes…’

      1. Hi Ann,
        Truth be told I don’t ever do the same ride profile–I play it by ear! I look at my group and ge a sense of what they need. I typically teach intervals-I’d love to teach more specific classes (strength, interval, race day, endurance) but since folks don’t always come on a regular basis that becomes difficult to coordinate. I am Mad Dogg Athletic and IFPA certified. I love to teach classes based upon heart rate and try to encourage riders to invest and wear them but there are times when I’m the only one with a HRM :-(

  104. Hey does anyone teach on Realryders? I start next week currently I teach on a variety of bikes, Star Trac, LeMonds, Schwinn, CycleOps but they are stationary – Realryders move side-to-side to simulate a ‘real ride’, wondering how to cue, what ‘tricks’ to do ( jumps, loops…)? It’s a trick in and of itself to keep the bike centered when you are standing;-) Any advice?

  105. It has been raining like crazy in Florida which prompted me to construct a playlist that contained many songs that have ‘rain’ or ‘reign’ in the lyric…
    1st work song- Rain Over Me- Pitbull
    3 song climb:
    Set Fire to the Rain- Adele ( start at RPE 6, end on 7)
    Love Reign Over Me- Pearl Jam version (begin RPE 7, end on 8)
    Purple Rain-Prince (8-10)
    Livin La Vida Loca- Ricky Martin
    Cool down & Stretch:
    Please Dont Stop the Rain- James Morrison
    Listen to the Rain- Evanescence

    1. It’s been raining constantly in Nova Scotia, too. I’d add:

      It’s Raining Men – the Weather Girls (there’s a workout version by the All stars)

      Summer Rain – Slinkee Minx (this one first suggested by Tim. It’s incredibly catchy)

    2. Hi Judy —

      Tropical Storm Lee has been harder on us than Irene. So rain is all anyone is thinking about here in No. Va. I have a list from a couple of years ago that at least offers some reminders that there is nice weather in the forecast once in a while.

      Rain Or Shine
      Title Artist Time Tempo/Ride Rating
      1) Right As Rain Adele 3:17 Warm-Up _____

      2) Shine Like It Does INXS 3:05 Warm-Up _____

      3) Summer Sunshine The Corrs 2:53 Standing Run _____

      4) Shine Luther Vandross 4:50 Standing Climb _____

      5) Fall Like Rain Eric Clapton 3:51 Fast/Sprints _____

      6) Shine Cyndi Lauper 3:46 Seated Climb _____

      7) Shine Patty Smyth 4:22 Standing Climb _____

      8) Who’ll Stop The Rain John Fogerty 2:33 Recovery _____

      9) Rockin’ With The The Judds 2:42 Standing Run _____
      Rhythm Of The Rain

      10) Rain The Wreckers 4:09 Seated Climb _____

      11) Shine The Holmes Bros. 3:14 Fast/Sprints _____

      12) Shine On (Live) Peter Frampton 3:25 Seated Climb _____

      13) Summer Rain Belinda Carlisle 4:18 Fast/Flat Rd. _____

      14) Shine It On Allman Bros. 4:52 Hill Climb _____

      15) Rain King Counting Crows 4:16 Fast Climb _____

      16) Talk To Me Patti Scialfa 3:45 Cool Down _____
      Like The Rain
      Time: 59 mins. Rating (1 – Most Like, 5 – Least Like)

  106. Sorry forgot to add artist and ride time.

    3 Sweaty Hills

    55 minute ride

    Warm Up – Hot N Cold ~ Katy Perry
    Standing Flat – S&M ~ Rihanna
    Standing Flat/Climb on chorus – Love Love ~ Take That
    Medium speed Flat – Walking On Sunshine ~ Katrina and the waves
    Fast speed Flat – Kids In America ~ Kim Wilde
    Standing Flat – Lose Yourself ~ Eminem (apologise for swearword before song)
    Standing Flat/Climb on chorus – Sweat ~ Snoop dog
    Medium speed Flat – Make You Sweat ~ C+C music factory
    Fast speed Flat – Everlong ~ Red Hot chilli peppers
    Standing Flat – Stamp on the ground ~ Italo Brothers
    Standing Climb (Hard RPE 8-9) – The Climb ~ Miley Cyrus
    Medium Speed Flat – Shine a light ~ The wanted
    Fast speed Flat – Keep Warm ~ Jinny
    Cool Down – California King Bed ~ Rihanna
    Bye Bye – Don’t Speak ~ No Doubt

    I use this routine with a wall planner with a picture (linear) of the hills in question. Each song time is charted on the picture so the cyclists can see where they are getting on and next time the routine comes around they can beat it.
    I have to say again, all instructors listen to Miley Cyrus The Climb, this is probably the best hill climb song ever!!

    1. Great playlist! I like “Stamp on the Ground.” I’d never heard it before. That’s why I love this blog so much…it introduces me to new tunes!

      Also, isn’t Everlong by the Foo Fighters? I couldn’t find the Red Hot Chili Peppers version…

  107. 3 Sweaty Hills

    Warm Up – Hot N Cold
    Standing Flat – S&M
    Standing Flat/Climb on chorus – Love Love
    Medium speed Flat – Walking On Sunshine
    Fast speed Flat – Kids In America
    Standing Flat – Lose Yourself
    Standing Flat/Climb on chorus – Sweat
    Medium speed Flat – Make You Sweat
    Fast speed Flat – Everlong
    Standing Flat – Stamp on the ground
    Standing Climb (Hard RPE 8-9) – The Climb
    Medium Speed Flat – Shine a light
    Fast speed Flat – Keep Warm
    Cool Down – California King Bed
    Bye Bye – Don’t Speak

    I use this routine with a wall planner with a picture (linear) of the hills in question. Each song time is charted on the picture so the cyclists can see where they are getting on and next time the routine comes around they can beat it.

  108. Enjoy :)
    Moves like Jager – Maroon 5 – Warmup
    Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant farm – seated sprints
    Sandstorm – Durade – Sprints
    Singing in the rain/Umbrella – Glee – light climb in 1st, take it to 2nd from :32-:53 and 1:26 – 2:09
    Harder to breathe – Maroon 5 – Climb
    End of time – Beyonce – 8 count jumps, taken to four count jumps at :54-1:10, 1:27-1:41, 1:58-2:14, 2:31-2:50, 3:07-end
    Start me up/Living on a prayer – glee – steady seated climb
    So what – pink – climb, switch to 3rd at chorus
    Lose control – Missy Elliott – 8 count jumps, seated sprints at :50-1:05, 1:51-2:06, 2:37-end
    Mercy – Duffy – (these moves were stolen from another reader’s playlist, flattery is the most sincere form of flattery!) climb in saddle – :59, take off resistance and sprint :59-1:21, add resistance in saddle 1:22-1:50, take off resistance and spring 1:51-2:12, climb in 1st 2:13-2:30, climb 2rd 2:31-3:16, climb 1st 3:17-3:40
    Remember the name – Fort minor – very heavy climb
    Raise your glass – Pink – 8 count jumps, take to 4 count at chorus, or seated sprint at chorus
    Rain over me – Pitbull – Start in first, take it to 2nd at :15, take it to 3rd at :30, back to 1st at 1:00, continue that pattern adding resistance each time.
    My kind of party – Jason Aldean – cooldown
    Sunday morning – maroon 5 – cooldown/stretch

  109. hi
    not sure if i saw it here…….someone posted a profile with a wave. it sounded like it would be fun. has anyone here tried it?

    1. Yes, I did see that as well. Here are the instructions (I modified them for my spin class) Have fun!
      • Participants in the class are set up in rows or a half circle (it works either way).
      • Participants increase intensity to their 60-70%, or RPE 6-8. We start their right and move to the left (or you can start left to right).
      • For rows, everyone starts seated, then the front and back person on my far right (or left) move from seated to a standing jog for 30 seconds while everyone else stays seated. For a circle, you can start from the left or right, move from seated to standing jog for 30 seconds while everyone else stays seated.
      • After 30 seconds, the next person moves to standing, and all the way until everyone is in a standing jog. Then we move back, the people on the right or left (opposite from the direction you started) move to seated, then a new set sits after each 30 second set.

      I usually do this during the active recovery time. Keeps people moving.

      Let me know how it works!

      1. Did it today during an endurance/recovery song—kept my riders on their toes ( mentally and physically) lol!

  110. Ok guys this is not a playlist but a big tip. For those who like to have their playlist and routine at hand, there is an iPhone app called seconds.
    This is an interval trainer app, which you can add your own intervals/times and comments. Everytime I do a routine I add the move to be performed, and the track time. So when I start my session I press start and all my song times and routine is right infront of me. Very handy.

    1. It is only $2.99 at the App Store and gets great reviews. I am going to try it. Ellis do you have to make each song a separate workout, or can you combine them?

      1. Sorry just saw your post, no just make a new workout then you can add as many song titles as you want. For example:
        Standing flat/climb chorus – Love Love (then add the time below.)

  111. Hi have just recently became a qualified instructor (thanks to Barry Ross)
    I am having so much fun making up classes and music for mostly virgin riders. I add a bit of visualization for added effect. (See *)
    This was my 1st weeks playlist, please comment.

    Warm up – The Scientist – Coldplay chillout cover by Wen
    A great slow warm up track with a great cadence testing beat.

    *This I tell them them is them getting to the race.*

    Faster beat song – Can’t Stop Moving – Sonny J
    A faster beat so faster pedaling. I get them to lean over slightly every often from left to right so one leg is working harder.

    *Now they are told the race has started, their working hard to get off the line and maintain a good postion.*

    Standing Flat – Break My Stride – Blue Lagoon.
    The chorus is fantastic to introduce the class to standing flats.

    I advise them their is a breakaway pack and they have to keep up.

    Focus song – Adele – Rolling in the deep.
    This song I ask them to focus on their breathing, while maintaing a regular pace the whole song through. While listening to Adele’s amazing voice this goes down well.

    *They are in the breakaway pack and staying with them.*

    Hill Climb 1 – Miley Cyrus – THE CLIMB.
    Seriously this is the best song I have ever heard for a hill climb. Every line, in fact ever word she sings is perfect. Like this >

    ‘Cause there’s always gonna be another mountain
    I’m always gonna wanna make it move
    Always gonna be a uphill battle
    Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

    Ain’t about how fast I get there
    Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
    It’s the climb, yeah!

    *They are now making their way through the breakaway pack.*

    Standing Flat – The Doors – Riders on the storm.

    *This one they are advised it is starting to rain (as in song effects) their saddle is getting wet so they have to last the whole songs standing*

    Jumps – Call On Me – Eric Prydz
    4/4 beats jumps on chorus.

    *They are now fighting to maintain their postion in leading pack*

    Resistance Building – Deadmau5 – Strobe
    An eigth resistance added every 20 seconds, keeping same cadence.

    *Now they are getting to front of pack and are side by side with the leading rider*

    Climb 2 – Evanescence – Bring Me To Life.
    This song is amazing for a climb, it builds up and up until you can’t resist adding resistance and fighting up that hill.

    *Now theare to visualize overtaking the front rider and pulling away from them up the hill*

    Resistance/Cadence building/Sprint – Eric Prydz – Pjano
    A slow build up of cadence then resistance thena sprint for the line.

    *They are told the line is in sight, the pack is catching so they have to work as hard as they can to get to the finish first*

    Cooldown – Paramore – Misguided Ghosts

    I have had 100% retention of riders from 3 classes of 14. They are all loving the ride. Long may it last.

  112. Hi! This is a 60 minute ride! Some of the songs are old, and some are new!

    Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Two Tribes (3:56) – One of my favourite warm up songs. A really good energy to it (fairly dated now though!). Start with fast legs and low resistance, gradually increasing resistance throughout the song!

    What a Feeling [Radio Edit] (Featuring Kelly Rowland) – Alex Gaudino (2:48) – Increase resistance to match the pace of the song, and lift up and down off the saddle in intervals of 8/4/2 beats!

    Aiii Shot the Dj (Radio Version) – Scooter (3:27) – It’s time for sprints! I like this song for sprinting but it goes by quickly! I like doing 3 big sprints at 0:38-1:11, 1:45-2.20, 2:47-3:27

    Love Love – Take That (3:43) – Turn the resistance way up. The song is slow, but it shouldn’t be easy. We’re climbing off the saddle with regular freezes/isolations!

    Holding On – Darren Styles (4:16) – Lower your resistance because we’re sprinting! Normally I’d divide the group in two and have them race against each other, when one half is sprinting the other are keeping the pace at about 80% (which is still fast, remind people not to slow down to 8% it only makes it harder to get going again!!).

    The Edge of Glory – Lady GaGa (5:20) – We’re at the base of a mountaineous hill. The next few songs will take us all the way to the top (I love these continuous hills, very tough but rewarding!). This song is seated, go with the speed of the song first, then increase the resistance to match!

    Don’t Hold Back – The Potbelleez (3:27) This song is a continuation from the last, so don’t slow down or stop between songs! Take it into a standing climb. As you now have your body weight to help you push and pull those pedals, don’t hold back with resistance!

    Don’t Stop the Party – Black Eyed Peas (6:07) This is a long but energetic one. Keep climbing, still out of the saddle, occasionally increase resistance slightly. If anyone looks too comfortable, suggest they turn up the resistance (or if you’re feeling extra cruel, get off, walk around, and do it for them :) )

    Born to be Wasted – 009 Sound System (6:13) We’re still climbing. This time it’s a slower pace, so increase the tension!

    Love is on Fire – ItaloBrothers (3:23) The top of the hill is in sight. Increase your speed – we want to get to the top in record time! The song is short but fast, so keep standing but you can lower resistance (slightly) if you need to. Once we get to the top, we can have a break!

    Congratulations on finishing a 24minute climb! I love the sense of achievement, and how good it feels to stop climbing. Take a short break, get a drink, towel etc., and get ready to sprint down the other side!

    Waiting for a Girl Like You (KB Project Remix) – Ultrabeat (4:10) – We’re sprinting down the other side of the mountain! It feels a bit weird at first after all the climbing, but keep the speed up nonetheless! Combine seated sprints with intervals of standing sprints! NOTE: This song is misspelled on itunes. It has it listed as Waiting for a Girk Like You (somewhat oddly). I got this song, and the next song, on Alex K’s album “Ultimate NRG 5”

    Loco (KB Project Remix) – Manian (5:29) – Again, sprinting. This song is a great sprint song. Do whichever you prefer – everyone sprinting at once, divide into half, girls vs. boys, call every second person ‘Number 1’ and every other person Number 2 and have Number 1’s sprint, then Number 2’s sprint, or have them race against each other – whichever!

    Shot Caller (Matrix and Futurebound Remix) – The Ian Carey Project (5:01) – Final song. Increase resistance, take it into a standing position, and climb the final hill. This song is very fast so give it everything you’ve got. I love this song as it has a high-energy about it. Make your mark on this last one and you won’t feel the 5 minutes go by! Imagine you’re trying to catch somebody to beat them over the finish line!

    Perfect Stranger (feat. Katy B) – Magnetic Man (5:57) – Cool down and stretch – congratulations!

  113. So I had to sub for a class not long ago and was told that it was all Big Guys. I had to tweak a bit…some of my playlists include Justin Bieber (surely someone would have walked out), Jennifer Lopez (nice to look at…but do Big Guys really like her music?), etc. So here’s what I was calling my Man List. Feedback is appreciated! :)

    Warm up: Use Somebody, Kings of Leon

    First time, Lifehouse. Still warming up…but increasing resistance and coming out of the saddle during the chorus.

    Harder to Breathe, Maroon 5. Seated climb…sprints on the chorus.

    Burn It To The Ground, Nickelback. Uphill climb. Take it to a standing position before you bring it down for two count jumps on the chorus.

    Heavy, Collective Soul. Freezes! (some may call them “hovers”). On the chorus. everything above the legs stops moving…and we focus on just the quads and butts. Freeze when you hear “All your weight….it falls on me, it brings me down.” NOTE: The second time you hear it…the freezes are LONG.

    Sing, My Chemical Romance. Another seated climb with sprints…heavier on the resistance this time. Take it up and out of the saddle for a quick break…and when you hear “Keep Running”, park it back down for another set of sprints.

    I Kissed A Girl, Katy Perry. Four count jumps, transitioning right into two count jumps on the chours.

    Walk, Foo Fighters. Heavy climb, switching from the saddle to third position.

    Personal Jesus, Marylin Manson. Some songs were just MADE for spinning…and this is one of them. Seated climb, take a standing climb break during the instrumental part.

    Painkiller, Freestylers. I found this one on this blog! LOVE IT. Uphill battle, then take it to four count FAST hill jumps on the chorus.

    It’s All Your Fault, Pink. Switchbacks. Start on a flat road, crank it to a heavy resistance on the chorus and run as fast as you can out of the saddle. Back it down to a flat road…then do it again.

    Welcome To The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance. I could play this on a loop I love it so much. But it’s a GREAT song to end your class with. The first 1:45, you’re all uphill. Heaviest hill yet. Take it back down when the music picks up for some speed/sprint drills. You hear the music slow down…you crank it back to that tall mountain and get yourself out of the saddle. Sit back down again when the music picks up for some more sprints. The music will slow down once more…but you don’t! Sprint to the finish line.

    COOL DOWN: Tonight, Tonight, Hot Chelle Rae
    My Next Thirty Years, Tim McGraw

    1. Hi Dana,
      A few suggestions:
      ‘ I am a Man’- Black Strobe

      I’m also lovin’ Sick, Sick, Sick by the Baysides. Take a look at Cynthia’s ‘Give Me Everything’ playlist- it rocks and it gender neutral! ”I kissed a girl’—I’d omit that one and in keeping with the holiday atmosphere go with Fireework if you are a Katy Perry fan. As far as ‘freezes’ my certifications ( IFPA and Mad Dogg) say that’s a contraindicated move-therefore on my list of not-to-do’s.

      Have a Happy 4th!

      1. Thanks Judy! I couldn’t find “I Am A Man” on iTunes. Any other suggestions? I got certified through Madd Dogg, too, and I know freezes are on the “not-to-do” list. But I LOVE them! Can’t help myself!! :)

    1. Hi Carleen –

      Drop me a note at rbleventhal@gmail.com and I’ll add you to the email list for playlists I send out each week that are heavy on 60’s and 70’s music. I’m on vacation, so it will be a week or more until my next list goes out.


  114. So glad this website is up! Here is my playlist:

    (66 minutes)

    1. WARM-UP “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy“ – Big & Rich (3:20)
    2. CLIMB 1 “Oh No”- Girl Talk (5:39)
    3. CLIMB 2 “The Stroke” – Billy Squier (3:39)
    4. SURGE “Clocks” – Coldplay (5:07) *Add ¼ turn each minute
    5. SPRINT “Prrrum” – Cosculluela (3:58) * 20 second sprints x 3
    6. SURGE “Sandstorm” –Darude (3:45)
    7. CLIMB 1 “Another One Bites the Dust” – Queen (3:36)
    8. CLIMB 2 “Edge of Glory” – Lady Gaga(5:21)
    9. RECOVERY “Rock Your Body” – Justin Timberlake (4:27)
    10. SPRINT “On the Floor” – J.Lo (3:51) *sprint on chorus
    11. CLIMB 1 “Electric Feel” – MGMT (3:50) *seated climb-add ¼ turn each minute
    12. CLIMB 2 “Feeling Good” – Michael Buble (3:57) *3rd position climb- add ¼ each minute
    13. JUMPS “Raise Your Glass” – Pink (3:23)
    14. SURGE “Run Like Hell” – Pink Floyd (4:25)
    15. COOL-DOWN “Another Gig in the Sky” – Pink Floyd (4:47)

  115. Here’s another playlist:

    All songs are available in iTunes and mixed together with MixMeister.

    Warm Up
    SF – ZON 1-2
    ▪ 3.56 min, Szerelem, miért múlsz (What Abou My Dreams? – Kati Wolf, 65 RPM
    ▪ 3.27 min, Who’s That Girl (feat. Eve) – Guy Sebastian, 65 RPM

    Block 1
    ▪ 3.18 min, Glow – Madcon, 64 RPM
    SF=>StF – ZON 2-3 @ 0.34, 1.19, 2.09 och 2.55. (15/15/15/15 sec each)
    ▪ 3.49 min, Born This Way – Lady Gaga, 63 RPM
    SF – ZON 3. Increase the cadence in the chorus @ 0.47, 1.56 och 2.05 30 sec each.
    ▪ 3.13 min, Sweat – Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta, 65 RPM
    StC – ZON 3.

    Active Recovery
    2.57 min, I Can – Blue, 93 RPM
    SF – Zon 2-3

    Block 2
    ▪ 3.09 min, In My Head – Jason Derülo, 64 RPM
    SF – ZON 3 Increase both resistance and cadence in the chorus @ 0.44, 1.37 och 2.23, 24/22/22 sec each.
    ▪ 2.58 min, The Girl Got Hot – Weezer, 68 RPM
    SC – ZON 3 Keep and hold the same resistance the entire song and into the next song.
    ▪ 2.48 min, Crawl Back In – Dead By Sunrise, 68 RPM
    StC – ZON 3-4. Increase resistance @ 0.33, 1.15 och 2.12

    4.17 min, Broken Heels – Alexandra Burke, 80 RPM
    SF=>StF – ZON 4-5 @ 1.06, 2.24 och 3.38. (23/23/37 sec each)

    Cooldown and stretch
    ▪ 2.24 min, Our Song – Taylor Swift
    ▪ 3.17 min, Bless the Broken Road – Rascal Flatts
    ▪ 6.02 min, Summer – Joe Hisaishi

    SF = Seated Flat
    StF = Standing Flat
    SC = Seated Climb
    StC = Standing Climb

  116. I use this site all the time so I thought I should post something for all of you- I started teaching about 6 months ago and use a wide variety of current & classic music. I really like to end the class with a strong classical song (or remix) so here are some of my favorite ending songs & drills etc…

    Requiem for a Tower 4:10 London Music Works & Clint Mansel Requiem for a Tower Dream
    4:10 0:00-0:50 seated climb adding tension
    0:50 – standing climb – hard
    1:25- seated break
    2:03 – pedal faster, layer on speed & resistance
    2:52 sprint all out (seated)
    3:17 transition to climbing sitting, up tension until you have to stand
    finish strong

    Asturias 4:43 William Joseph Beyond
    easy ride – 0:00-0:48, 0:49 – speed up, 1:08 faster – sprint 1:54-2:13 (20 second sprint), SLOW, 3:16 – speed up, 3:36 faster! 4:12 end with a 25 second all out sprint

    A Last Illusion 5:26 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Beethoven’s Last Night
    mainly 2 classical songs “flight of the bumble bee” & ode to joy – flight of the bumble bee is all about speed – ode to joy focus on the climb
    0:20 get ready to sprint
    sprint 0:28-0:41
    recover 10 seconds
    sprint 0:53-1:06
    very fast pace standing for about 30 seconds 1:18-1:49
    sit and get ready for sprint 1:50-2:00
    sprint 2:00-2:14
    ode to joy 2:30 – 3:06 slow – recovery – get ready for a slow seated climb
    3:06- add tension – slow climb in saddle
    3:46 – (singing starts) standing fast climb (30 seconds)
    4:20 slow muddy climb tension way up ~ 40 seconds!!!!!
    5:00 finish seated

    Palladio symphony mix my version is just under 8 minutes – I love the build up!

    0:00 – find beat, layer tension with song – big hill ahead!
    1:45 – out of saddle keep climbing increasing tension
    2:37 – small break, flat- ease tension sit – bad news hill ahead steeper
    3:00 – climbing again, slower with beat, out of saddle
    3:30 – fast climb out of saddle
    4:25 sit, undo tension, flat – break but get ready for speed
    4:50 (tweaky music) start to speed up….
    5:20 a little more speed
    5:45 all out speed!!!!
    6:15 back to a fast pace
    6:40 – sit and climb slow last hill to the peak! adjust tension and stand and climb slow
    7:13 sit, climb double time (out of saddle if needed!)
    7:44 done!

    1. Hi Jordan Ann –

      To answer your question — what classical music pieces are good for a cycling class? I read a story once — it might have been a reader’s contribution to Cynthia’s blog — about an instructor who was also a classical music critic for a newspaper in Oregon. His riders challenged him to make up a playlist of nothing but classical. I never did find out what he chose.

      Here is some of what I have selected over the years; no remixes or added beats, they stand on their own. In general the pieces are short, used as bridges or changes of pace, usually a sprint. I most often use classical dance pieces. One of the best music finds I ever made was the CD “25 Classical Dance Favorites,” pulled from a bin at a thrift shop. It has provided me with “Sabre Dance” by Katchachurian (2:31); “Can Can” (Orpheus) by Jacques Offenbach (1:23); “Midsummer Night’s Dream: Scherzo” by Mendelssohn (2:50); and Slavic Dance in G Minor, Op.46 No. 8 by Dvorak (3:01, but I use the first 2:30). It also has Sousa’s spritely Washington Post March (2:27), which fit nicely into a theme ride for Inauguration Day. A surprisingly effective instrumental is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s version of “Hail To The Chief” (1:39), I used on that same ride.

      I have also used segments of Mendelsohn’s “New Hebrides Overture”, Dvorak’s “New World Symphony,” and Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony.” My editing starts by finding the movements titled “”Vivace” or “Presto” and then further listening for the minute or two of high-energy crescendos.

      There is also the perfectly named “Spinning Song” by Mendelssohn (1:37). But my favorite of all is 1:19 of a frenetic, but controlled aria from Mozart’s “Don Giovanni,” (K. 527: ‘Fin ch’han dal vino). It’s a great sprint.

      Finally, there is always the William Tell Overture. Riders suggest it every time I use a classical piece, but I haven’t played it yet. No Bolero, either. But what I do play is greatly appreciated, perking up the class by stimulating a bit of refocusing during my usual mix of blues, soul and alt country and rock.


    2. Thanks Jordan Ann! I’ve used Palladio and gotten positive feedback. I really like all of the songs on this playlist. Your post and the comments that followed have gotten me thinking about doing a classical playlist.

  117. Here’s a new playlist I used tonight:

    Loser Like Me (Glee Cast Version) 3:19 Glee Cast Pop 20 5/19/2011 10:25 AM Glee: The Music, Vol. 5 3/15/2011 10:43 PM

    Barbra Streisand 5:00 Duck Sauce Electronic 1 5/19/2011 10:30 AM Barbra Streisand – Single 5/18/2011 9:47 PM

    CLIMB W/ 3 “BREAKAWAYS” (StC, first 10 seconds of it all out)
    Evacuate the Dancefloor 3:28 Cascada Dance 2 5/19/2011 10:10 PM Evacuate the Dancefloor 5/18/2011 10:20 PM

    Golddust 3:12 DJ Fresh Dance 2 5/19/2011 10:21 PM Kryptonite 5/18/2011 9:46 PM

    Rolling Till The World Ends 3:59 Jarod Ripley 2 5/19/2011 10:28 PM 5/18/2011 8:48 PM

    Give Me Everything (feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer) 4:16 Pitbull Pop 2 5/19/2011 10:35 PM Give Me Everything (feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer) – Single 5/18/2011 10:18 PM

    S&M 4:03 Rihanna Pop 3 5/19/2011 10:45 PM Loud 5/18/2011 10:26 PM

    Pure Soul (feat. Matisyahu) 3:16 DeScribe Reggae 1 5/19/2011 10:52 AM Pure Soul (feat. Matisyahu) – Single 5/18/2011 9:55 PM

    Kissed It (feat. Velvet Revolver) 4:36 Macy Gray Pop 2 5/19/2011 10:58 PM Kissed It (feat. Velvet Revolver) 5/18/2011 10:20 PM

    Save Me, San Francisco 4:09 Train Pop 2 5/19/2011 11:02 PM Save Me, San Francisco (Bonus Track Version) 5/18/2011 9:46 PM

    Tonight Tonight 3:20 Hot Chelle Rae Pop 2 5/19/2011 11:07 PM Tonight Tonight – EP 5/18/2011 9:53 PM

    JUMPS (OPTIONAL – Cut if short on time)
    Blow (feat. B.o.B) (Remix) 4:33 Ke$ha Party Rap 1 5/19/2011 11:09 AM DirtyMexicanLemonade.com 5/18/2011 10:44 PM

    Hello 4:41 Martin Solveig & Dragonette Dance 1 5/19/2011 11:17 AM Hello – Single 5/18/2011 10:06 PM

    More (RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix) 3:40 Usher R&B/Soul 2 5/19/2011 11:17 PM More (RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix) – Single 5/18/2011 9:56 PM

    SEATED CLIMB W/ 3 “Spin ups” (Optional – cut if short on time)
    Sing 4:30 My Chemical Romance Alternative 2 5/19/2011 11:21 PM Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (Deluxe Version) 5/18/2011 10:06 PM

    Hell to the No (Glee Cast Version) 3:05 Glee Cast Pop 20 5/19/2011 11:26 AM Hell to the No (Glee Cast Version) – Single 3/15/2011 10:44 PM

    Uncharted 3:35 Sara Bareilles Pop Kaleidoscope Heart 5/18/2011 9:52 PM

  118. Hi All, Thanks so much for making this such a great resource. I am a new instructor. I am team-teaching right now with a very seosononded instructor and it’s been a great way to learn. Last night I taught the first half of class and it was amazing. I just wanted to share my fave song from the class:
    “Dog Days Are Over”-Florence + The Machine.
    I used it for the warm-up and included a cadence increase, but this would be great for all-out sprints as well.

    1. Congrats on your new class! Great to team teach but don’t let that influence your ability to be yourself.

      I just used Dog Days this AM as part of my warm-up- I totally agree that it’s a great choice!

    2. Hi Gabriela, welcome to the blog! I have only team-taught once, but our gym now encourages it so I expect I’ll be doing it more. I liked the Glee Cast version of Dog Days even more than the original.

      1. Hi Cynthia and Judy, Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve have a great time team teaching so far- I don’t think I could have gotten this kind of teaching experience otherwise. I’m doing a Fitness Leadership program at my school (I’m a grad student). It’s a year long program and part of the requirement is to assist with various group fitness classes. I’m taking my personal training exam next month and same with my spin certification.
        I just started my own blog about my experiences and lessons learned as I transition into the fitness industry. I’m so excited and I hope people will visit and add their own advice that they learned on their own personal journey.
        You can check it out here: http://peacelovefitness.wordpress.com/
        Thanks again,

      2. Thanks Gabriela,

        I’ll include a link to your blog. Please feel free to include a link to Spinning Music on yours. Good luck with your journey!

    3. Hey Judy – I use Dog Days for a fast paced climb in third and with the three up tempo portions I have the riders sprint up the hill – the music and the words work perfect – give it a try! The last two are back to back and killer. The first sprint is at 1:17 – 1:44 next sprint is 2:15-2:53 and quickly at 3:06 all the way to the end! Puts you to breathless and above threshold!

  119. Hi Everyone

    This blog is so inspirational! I’m trying to set up my own spin studio and want
    to have a lot of musically themed workouts to appeal to everybody. If the business takes off, you guys can all have a cut :)

  120. Hey there! So here’s a playlist I’ve used a few times. It’s all about jumps and hills. We start off with a quick warm up, then head into five songs that are all jumps. These jumps are done on hills…so resistance is HIGH!! One recovery track and then it’s all uphill for five songs. The class runs a bit over an hour. Enjoy!!

    Loser Like Me, Glee cast (I’m a HUGE fan of the show). Warm up.

    Right Round, Flo Rida. Start with four count jumps. Take it to two counts on the second half of the chorus. This is done throughout the whole song.
    Tubthumping – We start off out of the saddle…and when he says “DOWN”…we sit down! Two count jumps the whole song..

    I Don’t Care, Fallout Boy. I do what I call “loops.” They’re like jumps, but instead of going straight up and down, we go up, over, back up, back down. That’s one loop. Start off with a four count, take it to two on the chorus.
    Jump Around, House of Pain. How can I do a jump playlist and not include this one??? Two count jumps…taking it to singles on the chorus.

    Tipsy, J Kwon. Four counts to two counts. This has a fantastic beat…easy to perform all these jumps.

    All In – Lifehouse. RECOVERY TRACK

    Now let’s get ready to climb. All of these songs are done at a high resistance. It’s hills after all.

    Price Tag, Jessie J (feat. B.o.B.). In the saddle the whole song…but take it out when B.o.B. does his thing. Back down, increase resistance, finish it off.

    Personal Jesus, Marilyn Manson. Again – in the saddle for the entire song…one break out of the saddle during the instrumental section…then back down.

    One Thing. This one’s tough. It’s a slow song, so it’s heavier resistance. Run on the chorus. It’s HARD!

    Lose Yourself, Eminem. Heavy, heavy, heavy. We’re almost done!

    Home Sweet Home, Motley Crue. Take it home with this last hill. Start out of the saddle, take it in the saddle for the chorus.

    This, Darius Rucker. Ahhhh….no resistance whatsoever. Flush out your legs, get the heartrate back to normal. STRETCH.

    And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going , Jennifer Hudson. This is basically background music as your class drips out the door.

    1. Thanks Dana, I have never tried five jump songs in a row – I bet that would be wicked hard. Can you explain your loops? I’m not familiar with them and I’m having difficulty picturing what you mean.

      1. It is wicked hard! BTW, I love hearing “wicked hard”. I grew up in Massachusettes where “wicked” was a part of my daily vocabulary. Not so much here in NJ.

        Okay – let’s see if I can explain loops. It would be so much easier if you could just…come to New Jersey. (ha ha).

        Let’s use a four count jump as an example: As you know, a regular jump is straight up, straight down. Here’s what the four count jump looks like: Up (two, three, four) Down (two, three, four). And so on. Slower or quicker, depending on the beat of the song (obviously).

        A four count LOOP would be Up, Over, Up, Down: Example: Up (two, three four), Over (two, three, four. ‘over’ meaning third position…or hands at the ends of the handlebars, flat backs, butts right above the saddle). Back Up (two, three, four), Down in the saddle (two three four).

        You need a song with a great beat to do this. “I Don’t Care” from Fall Out Boy is a great one. “Uprising” from Muse works great, too. “Spicy McHaggis” from Dropkick Murphys is excellent, if you can get past the disgusting lyrics (it’s about a guy who likes…um….larger women. He finds one and knocks her up!). If the song doesn’t have a good beat, it won’t really work, and you’ll get confused as well as your riders!

        I really hope this helps. Let me know!

      2. Ah. Got it. I am going to try them with one of the songs you suggested. Thanks, Dana. We must be about the same age – I grew up in Ontario and wicked was a popular adjective there, too.

      3. Good luck Cynthia! Let me know how it works out. I did “I Don’t Care” today. I went from four count loops…to two count loops on the chorus and sat back down in the saddle in between sets.

        I just turned 42 in April! Fabulous 40s, I say! You?

      4. I did Dana’s loops this AM with my class to Commander- worked well on the chorus. Fun too since I typically do a move similar to the loop but have my riders go from position 2 to 3 ( up and over in Dana’s terms) repeatedly during the chorus-they are used to that so the loop was a new, unexpected twist!

    2. Judy – yay!! I’m glad they worked. I would have hated to post a suggestion…and then have it suck! :)

  121. Hello boys and girls :o)
    I have been using this site for a while now without actually posting a playlist up myself! So I thought it was about time i shared some of my favourite tracks with you all. I have been teaching for almost 2 years and i currently do 7 classes a week and I revert back to this site everytime i make a new playlist! So i’m basically constantly here :o)
    This isn’t one of my playlists – just a couple of my favourites!
    Hope you like the songs!!

    1. Painkiller 5:31 – Freestylers featuring Pendulum
    This is BY FAR the most loved tune I have ever used. I normally leave it for the last track in the set because it really gets people pumped!
    I go for a sadle climb with some sprints when the beats kicks in but you can put anything to the verse really. The part my class love is the chorus. I get them to whack their resistance up real high, start pushing the pace as much as they can and then everytime they hear word PAINKILLER they have to do one explosive jump into standing and then sit straight back into the saddle again. When the chorus is done resistance goes right down and straight into sprint! Give it a try!

    2. Gold Dust (Radio Edit) 3:14 – DJ Fresh – Speed work!

    0:00 – 0:30 = (aprox) Building up the pace and getting ready for the minute of speedwork ahead
    0:30 – 1:30 = fast run + saddle sprint + fast run (about 20 secs on each, you’ll know when to change position as the music cues you!)
    1:30 – 2:00 = quick recovery and start building up the pace, get ready to go again!
    2:00 – 3:00 = saddle sprint + fast run + saddle sprint (again 20 secs on each position, I start with the saddle this time jst to mix it up a bit)

    3. Tubthumping 3:34 Chumbawamba
    For this track I get my class to listen to the words in the song for cues. It gets them thinking and takes their mind off the battle! It makes me laugh everytime I play it and you can really feel the good energy build up in the class!
    The idea is to use 3 positions – Elbows, Saddle and Standing.
    Verse = Moderate/Heavy resistance Elbows
    Chorus = Low resistance, Speed Work!
    You’re riders will be on elbows for the verse and when the chorus comes in with “I get knocked down” They do exactly that and shift into the saddle posiiton. Keep that speed up though and here comes the next line “but I get up again” You guessed it! Up you come into a standing sprint position and finally “you’re never keep me down” Drop back into the elbows position. This repeats a few times in the chorus so simply get your class to keep changing positions until the verse. I try and encourage my class to keep sprinting while changing positions. It’s great for building up confidence in how fast you can actually sprint in the standing position.

    4. I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor 2:48 – Sugababes = Sprints
    (0:15) 10/20/30/45 – Saddle sprints
    Start at 0:15for the first sprint and leave a 0:15 recovery break inbetween each after that! WHOA!!

    5. Disturbia 4:03 The Cab – Resistance is only going in one direction, no prizes for guessing which!!
    It takes 0:15 for this track to start – the routine repeats itself throughout
    0:15 – 1:00 standing climb – Adding a turn every 10 – 15 secs
    1:00 – 1:15 saddle sprint (but don’t touch resistance)
    1:15 – 1:30 elbow sprint
    The basically repeats through the song so
    Verse = standing climb – starting turning up that resistance again!
    Bridge = into the saddle get sprinting with that resistance!
    Chorus = Shift to elbows but keep pushing!

    Well guys that’s going to have to do for now, hope it makes sense to you!! I have a class to teach at 18:00 so I don’t have time to put up anymore.
    Enjoy! Love and happy energy your way – Greta :o) X x X

    1. Hi Greta, thanks so much for posting! I bought Painkiller (I accidentally bought the Judas Priest song first) and had never heard that version of Disturbia before.

  122. Hello boys and girls :o)
    I have been using this site for a while now without actually posting a playlist up myself! So I thought it was about time i shared some of my favourite tracks with you all. I have been teaching for almost 2 years and i currently do 7 classes a week and I revert back to this site everytime i make a new playlist! So i’m basically constantly here :o)
    Hope you like the songs!!

    1. Painkiller 5:31 – Freestylers featuring Pendulum

  123. Hi Dana —

    Here are the two playlists you asked about. As you can see, they play off the titles. Most of my themed rides do unless its a holiday, special occasion or music theme like “British Invasion” (that was last week’s ride). I send out my playlist via email every week to folks who are interested. If you are, drop me a note at rbleventhal@gmail.com. This week it’s “On The Run.” I ask for feedback from riders; mostly they let me know what they didn’t like. Keep in mind my classes are planned, as I say, for “Old Folks and Old Souls.” Most have no idea of what’s popular at the moment.


    Wild And Crazy

    Title Artist Time Tempo/Ride Rating
    1) Crazy The BoDeans 4:35 Warm-Up _____

    2) Wild Honey U2 3:47 Warm-Up _____

    3) Crazy Men At Work 2:36 Standing Run _____

    4) Wild Stroke 9 3:23 Fast/Flat Road _____

    5) Wild Night Van Morrison 3:33 Standing Climb _____

    6) Crazy Little Dwight Yoakam 2:22 Flat Road/Sprints_____
    Thing Called Love

    7) Crazy Mama Rolling Stones 4:34 Hill Climb _____

    8) Little Wild One Marshall 3:52 Faster Climb _____
    (No. 5) Crenshaw

    9) Crazy Widespread 4:21 Recovery _____

    10) Crazy R.E.M. 3:03 Seated Climb _____

    11) Wild Woman Little Jimmy & 3:40 Flat Road/Sprints_____
    The Memphis Soul

    12) Wild, Wild West The Escape Club 5:43 Fast Climb_____

    13) Wild Women Dennis Rowland 3:34 Standing Climb _____

    14) Child Of The John Hiatt 4:28 Fast Climb_____
    Wild Blue Yonder

    15) Crazy Love Aaron Neville & 4:30 Cool Down_____
    Robbie Robertson

    Total Time: 58 minutes Ratings: 1 through 5 (1 – Most Like, 5 – Least Like)

    Hit Or Miss

    Title Artist Time Tempo/Ride Rate
    1) This Is Me James House 3:28 Warm-Up _____
    Missing You

    2) Hit The Ground Jonny Lang 3:31 Warm-Up _____

    3) Hit Me With Pat Benatar 2:42 Standing Run _____
    You Best Shot

    4) Miss Me Blind Culture Club 4:32 Standing Climb_____

    5) Hit The Road Eve Selis 2:43 Fast/Flat Rd. _____

    6) Hit The Highway Proclaimers 4:02 Seated Climb _____

    7) Never Miss Chaka Khan 4:46 Fast Climb _____
    The Water

    8) Wish I Didn’t Angie Stone 4:31 Recovery _____
    Miss You

    9) Hit The Road Jack Ray Charles 2:18 Standing Run _____

    10) Never Miss A Beat Kaiser Chiefs 3:11 Sprints _____

    11) I Miss You Honeydogs 4:31 Seated Climb _____

    12) Miss You Rolling Stones 5:34 Standing Climb_____

    13) Missing Pieces Voxtrot 5:17 Fast/Flat Rd. _____

    14) Missing You John Waite 3:55 Slow Climb _____

    15) One Hit Wonder Everclear 3:30 Standing Climb_____

    16) Hit The Ground Lizz Wright 3:33 Cool Down _____
    Time: 60 mins. Rating (1 – Most Liked, 5 – Least Liked)

  124. Carsten
    Here’s a few ideas—one suggestion, I would not use Thunderstruck and Sandstorm back to back- typically I use one of the 2 as the last song in a work phase or the entire session- I have my people do all out sprints to the chorus of Thunderstruck and with Sandstorm I have them start out at 75% effort for speed then increase to their all out 100%, we go back to 60% when the beat slows considerably then right back up to 85%, 90%, 95% and finish with 100% while I encourage them to give it all they have so they can finish strong. For the Safari Duo- yes great beat-it can be an endurance phase-since the song is long and a bit repetitive I would vary positions during the song- perhaps do 0-2 mins in the saddle, 2-4 standing in position 2
    (upright), then move during 4-6 to standing in position 3 or toss in a few single leg leads or have them increase to heavy resistance for 10 seconds, then back it off for 10… the problem with this type of song is keeping your riders interested. One minute of silence is tough- when I have songs with brief breaks I tell my riders to use that time to mentally challenge themselves- keep their feet moving, focus on themsleves, what they are doing, their breath…you can edit that minute of silence out as well- sort of cut and paste the song or change where the song starts- start after the silent portion just find a good new starting point and go with it. Other option is to use it as warm up and talk thru the silence- it could be a good time to explain the ride profile, instruct about proper form, ask your riders about themselves…all while they keep pedaling. You’ll be surprised how fast that minute will pass!

    1. @Judy..

      Thanks for awesome input :)

      And you got it all correct about thunderstruck and sandstorm… Gonna leave one of them out of this setlist :)

      Im just on a tough task here.. I about making a 1hour class with only a few rock and hard rock songs, that is what i listen to.. But gotta have a few sets with pop/dance for when im taking classes for others in last minute… I do enjoy spinning to some of this music, but its harder when making the set i think. Couse i dont know the music, or the name of the bands or songs etc. :) Right now im having an hour put down, with a few rock songs in it.. But i have no idea right now what to do in each song..

      1. The best advice I can offer is to make sure that every song on your playlist is something that keeps YOU motivated so that you can keep your class motivated. I have always felt that if you don’t ‘feel it’ , it won’t work.
        I also will tell you that pop/dance/hip-hop tunes are the easiest to work with–the choruses are so obvious–easier than most rock/purely instrumental tunes. I’m sure you can find many that will get you going!
        Additionally, the more prepared you are the better you will feel when you hop on a bike to lead a class–after instructing for 2+ yrs now I still make a playlist then before I put it out there for my class to ride to I either ride it ( I own a spin bike) or run to it. If a red flag goes up-if I feel a particular song just doesn’t work- I dump it. I’d rather have to add another good tune then work thru a bad one- that can be stressful. You need to feel confident that you will offer your participants a motivating, well thought out ride. No one can expect anything more. Once in a while I’ll tell my riders that they may not love a playlist or the way I cue…but they have to respect every instructor for all the time and effort they put forth for the riders’ benefit. We can surely be taken for granted at times.
        Good Luck!

  125. Hi

    Ideas wanted for this song.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UtaZkXzucI
    Right before this song i have britney spears with oooops i dit it again.. (a VERY slow song), where my plan is it gotta be standing and VERY HARD..

    After 1min 42sec there is almost silence for 1min in the song.. I think its great song with great drum rythm, where it must be possible to use it for a spin class. :) But dont know what to do with the 1min break.. And now im also in doubt of what to do for the entire song.. :(

    After this song i plan to have sandstorm – darude (where i want to have some hard work in it) and then after that thunderstruck with ac/dc to just go crazy with double double tempo.. and then after thunderstruck the class is over.. So these 3 songs has almost the last 33% of the class in it..

    Thanks.. And happy easter :)

    / Carsten

    1. Carsten,
      That Safri Duo song is awesome. I have 3 different versions of it and none of mine are the same as the one you linked. Search for “The Bongo Song” and you’ll find other versions that are between 3-8 minutes long (without dead spot). My class love it and call it the “drum song”.

  126. Does anyone know where I can download Aerosmith’s “Come Together?” I’m trying to put together a Cover Song theme ride…and I love that one. The problem is…I have to download the whole album to get that one song and I certainly don’t need the entire soundtrack from “Armegeddon.”

    1. You can go to youtube- highlight and copy the version of the song you like in the youtube browser- then go to either vidtomp3.com or listentoyoutube.com paste it into that browser and it will convert the tune into an MP3- it will save directly to iTunes or your desktop. That’s how I do many of my songs-otherwise I’d go broke, lol!

      1. Thanks, Judy! So I have it…but for the LIFE of me can’t figure out how to move it into my iTunes library. When I drag it…it SEEMS like it’s dropping in there…but nope. I’m so close! :)

  127. Hi Cynthia —

    I noticed a couple of recent posts, one about featuring just one artist and another looking for something different than the current crop of radio hits. I fully agree that a class full of songs performed by the same person/group is a non-starter, but on other hand, how can any of us who grew up in the Sixties fail to celebrate Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday next month (the 24th)? So here’s my playlist for that week. Note that Bob himself only gets a couple of minutes at the end, an edit from his segment of The Band’s “The Last Waltz.” I know that some folks aren’t enamored of his voice. Someone has counted the number of Dylan covers, more than 32,000. The vast majority wouldn’t work for a spin class, but these will do fine for my riders. It’s a bit longer than my usual class. There is still a few more weeks to tinker with this, so if anyone has other suggestions, I’d love to receive them.


    Happy Birthday, Bob

    Title Artist Time Tempo/Ride Rating
    1) I’ll Be Your Baby, Tonight Robert Palmer 3:21 Warm-Up _____

    2) My Back Pages The Byrds 3:06 Warm-Up _____

    3) If You Gotta Go, Go Now Manfred Mann 2:27 Standing Run _____

    4) Everthing Is Broken Kenny W. Sheppard 3:47 Standing Climb _____

    5) Forever Young Rod Stewart 4:01 Seated Climb _____

    6) Don’t Think Twice… Elvis Presley 3:56 Sprints _____

    7) The Times They Are A Changin’ Phil Collins 4:56 Standing Climb _____

    8) Highway 61 Revisited Dr. Feelgood 3:53 Fast Climb _____

    9) Born In Time Eric Clapton 3:38 Recovery _____

    10) Most Likely You Go Your Todd Rundgren 3:23 Standing Run _____
    And I’ll Go Mine

    11) We Can’t Turn Back Now Rodney Crowell 4:41 Fast/Flat Rd. _____

    12) Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 Tom Petty 4:30 Standing Climb _____

    13) Absolutely Sweet Marie Jason & The Scorchers 2:52 Sprints _____

    14) Gotta Serve Somebody Etta James 5:59 Seated Climb _____

    15) It’s All Over Now Baby Blue Bryan Ferry 3:59 Standing Climb _____

    16) Watching The River Flow Joe Cocker 3:11 Standing Climb _____

    17) Baby Let Me Follow You Down Bob Dylan 2:18 Fast Climb _____

    18) Better Days The Jayhawks 4:32 Cool Down _____
    Total Time: 63 minutes Ratings: 1 through 5 (1 – Most Like, 5 – Least Like)

    1. Bob, I am always in awe of your creativity and now for the fact that you’ve got a playlist ready for next month already. Thanks for posting. Can I vote for Matt Andersen’s version of Wagon Wheel (Dylan wrote the chorus)? It’s on Youtube for sure, not sure about iTunes. Matt is a local singer and I have seen him do Wagon Wheel live twice. Both times I was utterly transfixed. This guy can sing and play guitar. It’s awkward to spin to… maybe jumps, or recovery, or the cool down? The chorus is so catchy.

  128. Terrific! Thanks! Happens that I have What’s the Point in my iTunes- that will be perfect!

    I’m not familiar with mixmeister…available in the US?

    Happy Holidays to you too!

  129. Ove- great playlist—I went to youtube, listened then downloaded it in its entirety! Any other tunes you would add—haha, I need 10 more minutes of music and love your choices!

    1. Hi Judy!

      Thanks a lot! I forgot to mention that my music is all mixed together with Mixmeister, a common used program among instructors.

      To prolong the existing class I would maybe put in one or two songs before the active recovery.

      3.40 min, Who’s That Girl (feat Eve) – Guy Sebastian, 64 RPM
      4.03 min, Idiot (Soundfactory Remix) – Lena Philipsson, 64 RPM
      Some combination of climbing with a higher resistance but at a lower cadence.

      To get the heart rate up after the recovery I would increase the cadence in the chorus of, 4.16 min, What’s The Point – Johnossi, RPM 70.

      Wishing you a Happy Easter!


  130. I’m looking for some out of the ordinary tunes for a 55 min ride–getting bored with the ‘radio’ tunes- haven’t been impressed with most of the new releases, any ideas?


  131. I’m on my way becoming an instructor here in Sweden and here’s my first 45-minutes class.

    Warm Up
    SF – ZONE 2
    2.37 min, In the Club – Danny, 65 RPM
    3.06 min, Resuscitate Me – September, 65 RPM
    3.29 min, More – Usher, 65 RPM

    Block 1
    3.27 min, If I Had You – Adam Lambert, 70 RPM
    SC=>StC – ZONE 2-3 @ 0.36, 1.37 and 2.46. (28/28/41 sec long)

    3.38 min, You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home – Hannah Montana, 77 RPM
    SF – ZONE 3. Increase resistance in the chorus @ 0.50, 1.58 och 2.48. 25 sec long.

    3.17 min, Wash My World – Laurent Wolf, 70 RPM
    StC – ZONE 3.

    Aktive Recovery
    2.56 min, Upp Och Hoppa – Frida, 110 RPM
    SF – ZONE 2-3

    Block 2
    3.24 min, River Flows – Jasper Forks, 70 RPM
    StC – ZONE 3 @ 0.41 and 2.31, 55 sec long

    2.50 min, Walk On By – The Real Booty Babes Compilation Edit, 70 RPM
    StC – ZONE 3 @ 0.36 and 1.44, 35 sec long

    3.15 min, Down – Jay Sean, 70 RPM
    StC – ZONE 3-4. Increase resistance @ 1.16 and 2.10

    3.00 min, Me and My Drum – Swingfly feat. Christoffer Hiding, 92 RPM
    SF=>StF – ZONE 4-5 @ 0.41, 1.36 and 2.28. (22/22/32 sec long)

    Cooldown and stretch
    2.24 min, Our Song – Taylor Swift
    3.17 min, Bless the Broken Road – Rascal Flatts
    6.02 min, Summer – Joe Hisaishi

    SF = Seated Flat
    StF = Standing Flat
    SC = Seated Climb
    StC = Standing Climb

    1. Hi Ove,

      I second Judy – this is a great playlist! I especially liked Wash my World and River Flows. Thanks, too for the lyrics and Mixmeister tips.

  132. @Linda

    I curius.. What do you do to the songs like volbeat and hammerfall and nightwish ??
    Thats 3 bands i know already. And have heard a lot from.. I just not sure what exercises to do listening to them ??

    I can understand when people that is not used to rock / metal say that its not possible to spin to this music. But can also be because i just told them to do the wrong things :)

    / carsten

    1. Hi Carsten,

      To the rocksongs we most often sit in the verse and then stand up in the refrain, but it depends of the song of course. For example Volbeat – I only wanna be with you we stand the whole song.
      I think rock/metal is the best music to spin to :)


      1. @ Linda

        Come to Aarhus denmark and do some spinning classes.. I would LOVE spinning to rock and metal my self.. Think im going to use the summer to try and find out what to do in wich songs.. And see if i can find some instructors doing rock / metal spinns and then attend them..

        / carsten

  133. The remake of purple rain is made by a band that have a style what we in Sweden call dansband… maybe it’s so simple in english you call it dance-band :)

    You can listen to all the songs on youtube!



  134. Ok, here it comes :) There are Swedish songs you may not recognize, but please take a listen! ;)

    Urbanmyth – Africa (Toto)
    Carola & Marit Bergman – Waterloo (ABBA)
    Lars Kristerz – Purple rain (Prince)

    Hammerfall – När vindarna viskar mitt namn (Roger Pontare)
    Italo Brothers – Moonlight shadow (Mike Oldfield)
    Volbeat – I only wanna be with you (Dusty Springfield)
    Novaspace – Beds are burning (Midnight oil)
    Nightwish – Over the hills and far away (Gary Moore)

    David May feat. Kelvin Scott – I’ll be watching you (The Police)

    Jay Smith – Like a prayer (Madonna)
    Plura – Det hon vill ha (Christer Sandelin)
    Marilyn Manson – Personal Jesus (Depeche mode)
    Pet shop boys – Always on my mind (Elvis)
    The Baseballs – Pokerface (Lady GaGa)


    Westlife – Total eclipse of the heart (Bonnie Tyler)
    Maia Hirasawa – The worrying kind (The Ark)

    I hope you like it :)

    1. Thanks for posting these! You’re right…I’m from New Jersey so I don’t recognize some but I can’t wait to check them out. I didn’t realize there was a remake of Purple Rain….I’m going to go have a listen…

  135. I teach a theme class this Saturday the 16th.
    Theme: COVERS! Many of my favourite songs, in a new version.

    I can post the playlist if you like?
    All the songs are available on youtube if you haven’t heard them before :)

    /Linda, Sweden

    1. Yes…please post! Speaking of covers…David Cook just did a remake of “Don’t You Forget About Me” from the movie The Breakfast Club. It’s going on my Movie theme list!

  136. If you get them to guess on decennium, then you can also use songs that have the title of the movie in the lyrics. And even better, you can do an entire quiz during the class! Here’s how: I have spin quizzes from time to time at my gym and what I do is ask people at the end of each song what decennium they think the song is from. I then count to 3, and everybody then answers with their fingers. “If you think the song is from the fifties . five fingers in the air”, “if you think its from the seventies – seven fingers” etc. Each biker with a correct number of fingers in the air get a tangerine to put in front of their spinning bike. It takes a little bit of running between each song on my part to hand out the tangerines, but it makes it a breeze to keep track of the scores. The class loves it, but its important to play songs that everybody knows about. The goal is for everybody to answer corract decennium on at least half of the songs, so you should not be afraid of making it too easy.
    Afterwards, everybody gets to keep their tangerines, and the winner of course gets an extra prize. Its hectic but fun!

  137. There are thousands of good movie songs. I’m sure I posted a oscars spin and gave everyone an envelope with a piece of paper in it. One of the papers had 2 tickets to the cinema. The guy had to come to the front and do an acceptance speech. An easy idea is to do some golden years and get them to guess the year, will post a few up and see how u do

    1. I LOVE the idea of an acceptance speech!!!! And believe me…I know there are thousands of good movie songs. I just can’t think of any! :) Thanks for your help…I look forward to seeing your list!

  138. I love themed rides—I have my riders guess the theme. Tonight I used your tipsy playlist, I asked my peeps to listen to lyrics then after class tell me what they thought the theme was, if they were correct I offered a prize- a drink, on the house, at my new restaurant;-) Promoting my new business venture while giving incentives to my peeps—mutually beneficial! Of course I told the winners that they could have any drink they chose—water, iced tea, didn’t have to be alcoholic.
    One type of playlist I have found not to ‘work’- single artist. I tried a Beatles playlist and my regulars said they got bored- next time I wanted to feature an artist I made sure to mix it up, like my Adam Lambert ride—1 Adam to 2 parts assorted artist, I continued that pattern throughout the class- it got rave reviews. Of course I have holiday playlists- love them plus they are timeless, you can reuse year after year or change it up a bit by adding/deleting oen or two songs.

    1. I love themed rides, too. I’m not convinced that single artist playlists are workable. Unless maybe a lot of other artists have covered the songs in different genres (e.g. a Michael Jackson playlist with Alien Ant Farm’s version of Smooth Criminal, Fall Out Boy doing Beat It, etc.) I did do an Out of India soundtrack ride (all A.R. Rahman) when Slumdog Millionaire was huge – some people liked it, some didn’t. Lesson learned.

      Love the idea of giving a prize for guessing the theme, Judy.

      1. I LOVE theme rides and I’m all for giving out a prize to the correct guesser. I’m working on a movie theme ride. But it’s hard because if I play…say Footloose…that’s a dead giveaway. I’ve got Coming To America by (don’t laugh) Neil Diamond (from The Jazz Singer. OLD OLD!), Tremble for my Beloved by Collective Soul (from Twilight). I figure I can use Footloose…but I want to have the tough ones first. Any other suggestions??

  139. Thanks Judy! I totally agree. As a person who frequently “drops” by and takes a spin class (ok more like 2 -3 classes), I need that motivation to get me to the finish line! woo hoo…! Most recently, my classes have been themed (classic rock love songs, 80’s rock) with a place to go (riding along the coast or down the “pot-hole” roads of New England) usually ending with sprints.

    Thanks for advice!


  140. Hey Cheri-
    Loved your ‘tipsy’ playlist- I had to alter a bit as I work at the Y and some of the language was questionable- I added ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Raise Your Glass ( the clean version, fo course)’ stretching and cooldown to ‘Need you now’ and ‘Champagne Super Nova’.
    I taught a 75 min class for several months-we modified it back to 60 mins because members said it was overwhelming- I loved it ;-). I can tell you that your playlist has to be extremely motivating- especially the last 15 minutes of your class otherwise you’ll lose people- they get this blank stare on their faces. THe best advice I can offer is to make sure that every song on your playlist is something that keeps YOU motivated so that you can keep your class motivated. I have always felt that if you don’t ‘feel it’ , it won’t work.

  141. Thanks Carsten! I am glad you liked it! I am more into the KISS method when it comes to teaching..(‘Keep It Simple Stupid’), not that anyone is stupid :) it allows me more time to coach and motivate.

    I have been asked to teach a Concert Spin Class (75 – 90 min), does anyone have any ideas? Music? Profile?

    Smiles and spins!

  142. I used my ipod today. And followed the plan all the way. :)
    This is my playlist for 30min today:

    Pretty fly for a white guy – Offspring
    Whiskey in the jar – Metallica
    Waterline – Dizzy Mizz Lizzy (Danish band – english lyrics)
    Fallen – Volbeat
    (A danish song singing about a blue bike) :)
    Bad craziness – DAD (danish band – english lyrics)
    Paradise City – Guns n Roses

    To relax afterwards: Lets get rocked with Def Leppard and Eye of the Tiger.

    Stole some of the ideas from you Cheri.. :) We were only 4 (me included) :( But they loved the standing attacks. (i did it 10/10)

    Dont know all the songs from the list you posted. But i will try and find it and see how it is.. Would be good to have a none (or little less) rock music class as well, when im standing in for others :)

    1. Thanks for posting Carsten. Just wait until you get a packed class to instruct. The energy is amazing.

  143. Hey everyone! Thanks for all the advice with chit chatters! They came back and once they started talkin, I was able SQUASH it very quickly! I shouted “If you are talking, you are not working hard!!! Turn up the resistance and let’s ride!” I could see everyone in class smiling from ear to ear! (the black lights make their teeth very white!) :)

    Anyway, I thought I would post one of my first spin classes a couple of years ago. It’s fun for those who teach Friday’s (TGIF!). It’s called “Happy Hour Loop”. I can’t take full credit, I borrowed from someone but include some of my own touches.

    Have fun! Keep smiling and spinning!


    Happy Hour Loop
    Complete the loop 5 times, add 5 minute warm up, 5 minute cool down, and you have an hour routine.

    Warm up – 5 min
    3 Minutes seated
    minute 1 -Level 4 last :15 sprint
    minute 2- Level 5 last :15 sprint
    minute 3- Level 6 last :15 sprint
    :60 standing Climb (leaving above gears on) 60-70 RPM
    :60 standing Attacks (:10 on/:05 off)
    :60 Hover/ Aggressive (butts back, brushing the saddle)
    :60 standing Attacks (:10 on/:05 off)
    :60 seated removing 1 gear every :20
    :60 standing Attacks (:10 on/:05 off)
    :60 seated Flat 100-120 RPMs

    Cool Down – 5 min

    Tubthumping – Chumbawumba
    Tick Tock – Kesha ft. P.Diddy
    Love Drunk – Boys Like Girls
    Champagne – CAVO
    Whiskey Hangover – Godsmack
    I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
    I Drink Alone – George Thorogood
    Mas Tequila – Sammy Hagar
    Burn it to the Ground – Nickelback
    Brass Monkey – Beastie Boys
    Tipsy – J Kwon
    Nightrain – Guns N’ Roses
    Girls on the Dance Floor – Far-East Movement
    Something in Your Mouth – Nickelback
    Bartender – Rehab (my class LOVED this song! It is very funny!)

    1. Thanks Cheri – looking forward to checking out these songs. I want to try a loop class and an out and back class.

    2. I LOVE this playlist! I actually have a lot of these songs already (great minds think alike!). But one of my classes is at 4:30 on Fridays. I love the Happy Hour theme! Thank you!

  144. Does any one of you teach activio spinning, with heart rate chest belt?


    I have a class with this type of training once a week, and also one “regular” spinningclass :)
    I have since I started (as a substitute instructor) in october 2010 advanced and now teach 2 own classes every week :) Like it a lot!

    Norrköping, Sweden

    1. Hi

      In the center im training its called suunto. But im pretty sure its the same thing. Heart rate belt, and then i 70″ screen with every persons heart rate on, and heart zone. I have not instructed it yet. But its actually the only thing i have education on at the moment. :)

      / Carsten

    2. Hi Linda, I clicked on the link but it’s broken. Haven’t done activio spinning, but sounds interesting.

  145. If you have an iPOD it’s easy- right click each song individually, you’ll get a box that opens with various options- left click on “get info” , left click again on “options”- when options opens you will see ”volume”–there is a blue arrow, it should be in the middle of the scale, it os labeled ‘none’, if the arrow is to the left of ‘none’ the song’s vol will be too low, if it’s to the right, the vol may be too loud- I usually keep all my songs on ‘none’. That’s not to say that there may be a song that is old, or poorly recorded that needs adjustment. I listen to each song on every playlist to be certain that the volume is just right because as you stated you don’t want to have to adjust the stereo constantly. Good question!

  146. Another thing i just thought about..

    What program do you use to give all songs the same volume ??
    I think its a problem when you have to turn the volume up / down all the time through the class..

    I have tried mp3gain. But dont think i can get it to work like i want. :( Maybe im just doing it wrong. But wanted to hear how you do it :)

    / carsten

  147. HI

    Thanks for all the feedback. :)
    I put the music on ipod. But didnt think about using that as timer as well.. Not even sure the wire there is long enough to that. But will check it out :) I did ask the class what they thought about the entire 30min. But didnt ask about the music it self. All the instructors in the center use CD. Im the first one using ipod. And sure is a lot easier.

    At the moment i only got that 30min playlist. Ive made it with mixmeister so its just 1 song on the ipod. So cant shuffle it. Need to make some more playlist next few weeks so im prepared. :)
    Thinking about making a all danish band class. And also an all metallica class. With most songs from black album. Since it has 20year aniversary in august.

    @Judy. I really like your number 9. I agree 100% with you.. I also love those songs.. Although the only one i can think of right now is Sandstorm with Darude. It has a great pause in the middle. And a lot of changes in tempo’s through the 7min or how long it is.. Would love if i could think of others :)

    Also.. Great 10 things you have mentioned. Thats a keeper for sure :)

    Have uploaded my 30min set to dropbox now. Should be possible to download for all.. Will only be there for a couple of days. Its around 340mb
    [audio src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21505437/rock%20spin%20fors%C3%B8g%201.wav" /]

    Also here is the complete list on when to do what i used for the class:

    If any of you want to listen it through (or use it your self) :)

    Damn now its midnight here.. Gotta go to bed. :)

    / Carsten

    1. Thanks for posting that, Carsten!

      Can you use Mixmeister and still keep the songs separate? It sure makes it easier for cueing because once you’ve written down where the music changes, you can use it again and again. The cord from the stereo to my iPhone is long enough that I can perch the iPhone on the handlebars. I have a rubber case for it to help it stick, and to ensure it won’t break if it falls off (it never has). If the cord at your gym isn’t long enough you can buy one inexpensively. I keep an extra one in my gym bag just in case and I think I paid about $20.00 for it.

      I love the idea of an all-Danish spin. I need to do an all-Canadian spin soon – maybe for Canada Day (July 1). Might be risky to do all one artist before you’ve established yourself and have a bunch of regular riders.

      1. In mixmeiser you can keep the songs seperate or make it as one file.

        The metallica class would also be a special class if i did.. It would be mentioned before people signed up what it was. :) Not sure i will do it anyway.. Im in a small center. There is only 500 customers there in total.. Dont know how many % of them that do spinning.. So would problably be hard.. And also its in august.. Still summer in denmark there.. So problably not many active indoor spinners at that time :)

  148. Carsten,
    I’ve been wanting to reply to you but I’ve been terribly busy…here are my suggestions:
    1. always be prepared- I keep a few CDs with me in case my iPOD fails, like the time I forgot to charge it before class; make sure you are familiar with your music, I usually run or spin to a new playlist before I use it in one of my classes, this way you know it ‘works’ if it doesn’t you can tweak it before class; know your participants-each class has it’s own personality, my morning class participants are quite different from my evening participants.
    2. learn to make lemonade out of lemons- just today I must have pressed ‘shuffle’ on my iPOD, whoops, I always place my songs in a specific order but oh well. I told my class that I was technologically challenged, they all giggled and despite the fact that I had no clue as to what song was going to play next, we had a great class.
    3. Try to know your regulars by name, connect with them, ask questions about their lives and show that you are interested in them as a person, i.e. “hey rob, I missed you last week, were you out of town?”
    4. I always tell my participants that their CONSTRUCTIVE comments are welcomed—
    5.I honor requests for music but joke if anyone complains about their choice I will be the first to say that the song was not my choice but Leslie’s choice;-)
    6. Make your class challenging-most folks are looking for a kick a– class BUT do not take yourself or your class too seriously, this is spin, not life or death you have to enjoy what you are doing, if your energy, passion and skill shines, you will shine and your class will be a great success!
    7. Give concise, clear clues
    8. As far as motivating your riders- I find that telling people what I would want to hear works well. Think about what you would want to hear or what you think to yourself when you are working through an intense exercise session, ‘come on you can do it, I know you can, I have confidence in you’..’just a little farther’…
    9. Keep your profiles fresh, one thing I like to do is challenge my riders both physically and mentally, I love to use songs that have lots of variation in tempo, especially those that make you think they are winding down only to pump back up, even stronger than before—some tunes seem to end, but in actuality have a 10 or 15 second pause, I love it, it keeps my riders on their toes.
    10. This is a GREAT resource and Cynthia provides amazing support! Visit this site for music ideas, guidance/support/from experienced instructors. We allwant to see you to succeed!
    Good luck! No worries-sounds like you have all it takes to be a terrific instructor!

  149. Well.. That was my debut now…
    30min of high intensity spinning..

    Besides that some of them didnt like my music style, and says it cant be used for spinning, i think it went ok. I was nervaus.. And “clever” enough to start the music but not my stop watch.. I forgot. And my program was made down to 15sec of what to do at what time etc.. And it all went wrong from the first minute :D So had to do some changes along the way.. Went ok i think..

    Not sure i was that good of talking to them along the way giving them fighting spirit. I think i told enough of that to do, and in good time (for the most part of it) :)

    Think i will be nervaus (cant spell that) :) next time also… But also know that within a week or 2 i will most likely have a full 60min spinning class.. But i dont feel ready for that :( But we will see..

    Regards Carsten

    1. Hey Carsten,

      It sounds like your first class went just fine. One way to combat the stop watch issue is to use an iPod as a timer – if you tap right at the top of the screen, a timer comes up. That’s what I use in my classes – I rest my iPhone on the handlebars so I can see the timer. If you don’t have an iPod or MP3 player that offers a timer, I recommend springing for an iPod as soon as you’re able. They make teaching much easier. When I first started teaching, there were still instructors who burned their own CDs every week. Maybe there are still some people doing this, but it sure isn’t the easiest way to teach.

      Don’t worry about motivating just yet – there are so many layers to what we do. Get the cueing down first, then work on motivating your riders. It will all come together soon.

      I really liked your play list. Did you solicit opinions about it? My suggestion would be not to do that right now – wait till you’re more experienced and confident. Instead, ask for requests for particular songs or types of music during cool down rather than asking riders how they liked what they heard. That gives your riders input without being able to lay anything negative on you.

      I think you’re well on your way to becoming a great spin instructor. Why? Two reasons. First – you were able to improvise when your stop watch got behind your class (this can be hard to do, and you did it right away!) Second, you’ve obviously given careful thought to how it went and what you could do to improve. As a teacher, this tells me you’re going to improve quickly – this sort of self-reflection is so important to mastering a new skill.

      Good stuff! Thanks for letting us know how it went.


      1. I have a tip when using an iPod, iPhone or even an iPad. When you’re making your playlist. Right click on a song and select the option show info. Click on lyrics and then write your instructions here. Don’t forget to press OK to save the changes.

        Now when you’re playing the song the instruction will show on the display and you’ll never get lost again. :o)

        Regards from Sweden
        //Ove Eldståhl

      2. Great tip regarding lyrics! I use an ipad, with an app called Djay for spinning classes. It allows for smooth and customizable transitions between songs, and displays a graphic profile of the current song. Great info during classes. It also has larger numbers than the ipod-app for the ipad, But Djay doesn’t show the lyrics texts I have entered, so I have to multitask between the notes I have made and the djay app if I don’t have all the numbers in my head.
        Hmm, maybe I’ll have to reconsider whats the best app for spinning. I’d go for Djay, but now I don’t know.

      3. Nils, I am going to check out the Djay app for sure. I got an iPad for my birthday and have been playing with it ever since.

  150. I second all what Cynthia said.

    I dont have any spinning instructor knowledge yet.. Still has my debut waiting just ahead of me. But would defently do what Cynthia said.

    Also i have planned that i wont mind telling that its my first class. And next time that its my second and so on for the first 3-5 classes. And let people know that you would be really happy if they would come afterwards and tell anything good or bad.. Doesnt matter. As long as they say what they really mean so you can learn and be better :) And then just be your self and if you make errors just ignore it. Unless the class sees it. Then just make fun of your self :)

    Spread some good mood by singing along. It always seems to bring some happiness to a class when a instructor with a REALLY bad voice sings along. :)

    GL with it..

    1. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! The first class is the hardest but once it’s done, you’ll be off and you’ll never look back. Smile, make eye contact, throw in a few quips here and there, know your music and routine…and you’re good to go. ROCK THAT ROOM!!!!

      1. Emily, I love your playlist. I downloaded the Usher song. The 50 Cent song is Baby By Me, right?

        The only song I wasn’t sure about was Sweat. It’s sexy (reminded me a bit of Nelly’s Hot in Herre), but I’m not sure it’s got the energy to sustain a 4 minute seated climb. If it were a regular class I’d use it and see what happened but I don’t know if I’d use it for an audition. I thought your Maroon 5 song had EXACTLY the right energy for a seated climb.

        I think the profile looks really good, too. I like finishing with a sprint.

        Fingers crossed for you!


  151. Hi!! im new to the teaching world of spinning. I have a teaching gig already but tomorrow is my first LIVE audition, where i actually have to teach a class. any suggestions and tips????

    1. Hi Emily,

      Welcome to the blog! Pull out your best go-to profile. If you’re relatively new as an instructor, a practice run-through in an empty classroom can be a huge help. If you’ve got lots of experience but just haven’t done an audition, I’d focus on how you’re going to demonstrate that you know your stuff and can run a great class.

      Come early. Find out if there are any new spinners. Offer to help with bike set up for anyone who needs it. Include a proper warm up and cool down of at least 10% of the class length. 5 minutes for each is also a good rule of thumb. Do dynamic (moving) stretches before the ride, static stretches after. Introduce yourself at the beginning of the class and say how long the ride will be. Make sure to give pointers about proper form at the outset. Pull out your best ride. Ideally it should be an interval ride with chances to climb and sprint in and out of the saddle, and jump (if your program includes jumping). Don’t do anything fancy or potentially contra-indicated – no creative moves, stick with the basics. (If you Google contra-indicated and spinning some sites will come up that list these moves). Bring 100% enthusiasm even if they’ve got you teaching to a small class or just to the evaluator (tough for sure). Demonstrate what you’d do to motivate riders to give their best effort. Wind it up with proper stretching off the bike and make sure to thank everyone for riding with you.

      Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


      1. here is what i have as a playlist/workout for class. its a 45 minute class

        1) Stereo Love – warm up. stretches, slowly increase tension to a 5 (out of 10)
        2) Britney Spears – Til the World Ends: Standing Run (6/10), slowly increase to an 8/10
        3) Usher – More: remain standing – heavy climb with surges at refrain of song
        4) Billie Myers – Kiss the Rain (remix): 8 count jumps on 7/10
        5) Snoop Dog and David Guetta – Sweat: seated climb
        6) OutKast – BOB: sprints in and out of saddle (5/10)
        7) Maroon 5 – Harder to Breathe – seated climb up to 3rd position heavy climb
        8) Janet Jackson – All for You: keeping pace, adding tension
        9) Pitbull – Hey Baby: 8 count jumps with increasing tension
        10) Benny Bennassi/50 cent: climb and finish with sprint
        11) Train – Meet Virginia: Warm Down

  152. Thanks for the feedback..

    Was the plan that i should have my debut in 4hours time.. But had to cancel todays session. :-/

    Think its the flu that has got me.. (maybe combined with the hard and loud megadeth / Slayer concert last night) :) But know for sure i got feber, nose is full and just feel like ****

    So got one more week to be really nervaus in :-(

    1. That’s too bad Carsten. You definitely don’t want to teach your first class sick. Good luck, tell us how it goes.

      Sent from my iPhone

  153. Hi all.. Been reading in here for a while.. Im not an educated instructor (yet). Hoping to be later this year.. But on tuesday im having a 30min class for the first time ever. Also im the only one in the center listening to rock (hard rock/metal) music. But the other instructors think it could be nice if there were some rock classes.. So im giving it a go, even though im very nerveaus :(

    But maybe you could give a short view on my playlist, to give me some confidence :)

    En Wannebe Darth Vader – Nephew (danish band so problably unknown for most of you)
    Best of You – Foo Fighters
    Amerika – Rammstein
    Welcome to the jungle – GNR
    Enter Sandman – Metallica
    Heaven Nor Hell – Volbeat
    Thunderstruck – AC/DC
    Bring me to life – Evanescence

    Evanescence is for cool down.. Thunderstruck ends the show with Standing ST and when people yells “HEP” its 15sec seated sprint and then up again until next “HEP”

    Best regards

    Carsten – Denmark

    1. Hey Carsten,

      A big hello to you and the other spinners in Denmark. I really like your playlist – it’s high energy, hard rock, but not inaccessible to non-metal heads. I love using local artists so kudos for including Nephew in your mix. I listened to the song on Youtube & especially liked Heaven nor Hell from Volbeat.

      I did a hard rock class (GNR, Metallica, AC/DC) a couple of weeks ago and got lots of positive feedback. I think people will really like your class, too. Good luck tomorrow!


  154. And I also start a class on fridays. Here is the playlist if you’re interested :)


    Pink – Raise your glass
    Pitbull – Hey baby
    Eric Saade – Popular

    Block 1:

    Shakira – Objection
    The Ark – The worrying kind
    Michael Jackson – Beat it

    Madonna – Celebration

    Block 2:

    Jay Smith – Like a prayer
    Lena PH – Kärleken är evig
    Scotty – The black pearl


    September – Vem ska jag tro på
    Pink – Fuckin’ perfect
    Arash – Broken angel


  155. Hello from Sweden again!

    Tomorrow I’m gonna have a rock n’ roll/heavy metal class :)

    Warm up:

    Mando Diao – Long before rock n’ roll
    Sha-Boom – R.O.C.K
    Lordi – This is heavy metal

    Block 1:

    Guns N’ Roses -Live and let die
    Fall out boy – Dance Dance
    Offspring – Pretty fly (for a white guy)
    Jay Smith – Like a prayer


    Rolling Stones – Paint it black (2 minutes)

    Block 2:

    Nightwish – Wish I had an angel
    Damn I can’t remember the secondsong in block 2 :) am at work so don’t have the playlist, haha!
    The Poodles – Night of passion
    Ozzy Osbourne – Paranoid

    Cool Down/Stretch:

    Greenday – Boulevard of broken dreams
    Skid Row – I remember you
    Sparzanza – Follow me


    Hugs from Linda

  156. This is great Stacy! Love Tubthumping. We have the same tastes in music…I have Higher Ground, Burn It To The Ground (I do two count jumps on a hill on the chorus for that one), I’ve Gotta Feeling…thanks for the playlist!

    1. Thanks Stacy! Well worth checking out folks – she’s using a great mix of recent songs, including Lady GaGa’s latest hit, Born this Way.

  157. Here’s my playlist for this week! I used it today and three riders said it was their new favorite so I wanted to share it. I hope you like it!

    When I Get You Alone, Glee Cast – Warm up
    Since U Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson. Still warming up, but start bringing the work in by popping out of the saddle on the chorus with some increased resistance.

    Numb – Jay Z/Linkin Park (make sure you download the clean version!!). Switching between standing and seated climbs, increasing the resistance with each move.

    Baby I’m A Star – Prince. Sprints!

    The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson. Two count jumps on a hill…sit during the chorus. Add resistance before you get out to jump again.

    Maybe – Sick Puppies. Standing to seated climb. Start off pretty heavy…and INCREASE resistance before you sit down (on the chorus). Up again…and again, increase before you sit. By the end of this one, there’s not one dry person in the room.

    Now You’re Gone – Basshunters. Flush the legs out to this great beat with a standing jog.

    Spirit in The Sky – Four count jumps on a hill.

    Seven Nation Army – White Stripes. Start off on a flat road…increase resistance a bit before you stand…increase again before you take it over to that third position. Sit back down, keep resistance where it is…and do that combination two more times.

    Mama I’m Coming Home – Ozzy Osbourne. Heavy, heavy seated climb. Challenge your riders to increase the resistance as high as it can go for at least 10 seconds (you’ll probably have to stand for this one).

    Life is a Highway – Rascall Flatts. Seated flat to a standing run.

    Ballroom Blitz. The legs will feel great after the two previous songs with some sprints. Get the room to scream out “Awwwwwwwww Yeeeeeeeeeah!” at the appropriate part. It’s fun!!!

    Bat Out of Hell – Meatloaf. You can literally be all over the place for this one, as the music goes up and down. It’s a 9+ minute song, loaded with sprints, climbs, flats. It’s the last one, so encourage the riders to let it all on the floor.

    F**ing Perfect – Pink. Cool down
    The Riddle – Five For Fighting – Cool down.

  158. Thanks Dana! I downloaded What the Hell and Trouble. I like the country flavour to this playlist. I was rooting around iTunes for something from Lady Antebellum to use in class and came across the Jason Nevins Dance Remix of Need You Now. (Would work for a Grammy mix.)

    1. I would love to do an all country class but I don’t think my riders would love it. But one or two thrown in every now and then is okay. “White Trash Wedding” by The Dixie Chicks is an AMAZING sprinting song. It’s extremely short…so you can go all out for the entire song. I’ll ask for a couple of “yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaws!” and usually am not disappointed!

  159. I’ve gotten some positive feedback on the playlist I used this past week. I love this site and come back here daily for ideas!

    Warm up: Come on Over – Jessica Simpson

    If I Had You – Adam Lambert. Start in the saddle, take it straight up..then over, increasing resistance with every move…but leaving it where it is when you sit back in the saddle

    Tempted – Squeeze . Seated climb…adding resistance every time you hear a change in the melody.

    Ball and Chain – Social Distortion. I use what I call “Loops.” Instead of just up and down jumps, the jumps are a two count…up, over, up, down.

    Saturday Night – Bay City Rollers. Fun fun!!! Standing sprints

    What The Hell – Avril Lavigne. Breakaway with heavy resistance on the chorus…lightning it up a bit when you sit back down.

    Trouble – Pink. Climb, with bursts of speed on the chorus.

    Sandman – Metallica. Put the metal to the pedal on this super heavy seated climb.

    Candyman – Christina Aquliera. Standing sprints/recover a bit.

    St. Elmos Fire – our second breakaway. Jam on the breaks before you pop it out of the saddle and run. Lighten up when you sit back down.

    My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson. Start off with a standing climb…on the chorus, sit, lighten up the resistance…and sprint.

    Amen – Kid Rock. Seated Climb…last one of the ride so make it heavy!

    Mama Kin – Aerosmith. All out sprints. Good way to end the class!

    Ever Ever After – Carrie Underwood. Cool down
    Live Like You Were Dying – Tim McGraw. Cool down.

  160. Hi friends:

    3 things:

    1) Anyone know where I can get a clean version of Little Lion Boy by Mumford & Sons? I love the song, but the f-bomb is enunciated a bit too clearly for comfort for me to play in my classes…

    2) Anyone putting together a Grammy’s playlist class by any chance? I’d love to see that! :-)

    3) If you’re interested in quirky songs, here’s an unusual one that might make a good climb song, and you can get a free download of it here:

    Oh wait, bonus #4!) I am interested in learning more about power & becoming a better teacher. And, I’d love to support others but the cost of membership at that ICI website is too much for me. Anyone have knowledge to share here for free? Cynthia?

    1. Hey Lisa,

      Great to hear from you again. Can’t help on Little Lion Boy but I really enjoyed the song. You’re right – the f-bomb comes through loud and clear. Thanks, too for the song suggestion from Pledge. I agree it would be a good climb, but didn’t download it because they want you to join their mailing list and I guard my e-mail address like gold.

      I absolutely adore the idea of a Grammy playlist. I hope someone did one and is willing to post it.

      It’s hard to find resources on becoming a better teacher outside of the Spinning website (though there is a decent amount of free content there). One site I visit is an instructor forum at http://www.pedal-on.com. There is a ton of information there and the forums are really well-organized. The only thing I don’t like about it is a general attitude of superiority from some of the posters.

      ICI charges $24.95 per month or $144.00 per year. They also do a free 7 day trial for $1.00 and offer a money back guarantee. I haven’t joined or done their free trial. Has anyone else? What did you think?

      I listen to John McGowan’s free podcasts on iTunes from time to time. (He runs the ICI Pro site you mentioned.) My favourites are the ones where he interviews other instructors about what they actually do in class. There are also a lot of interviews about new products or services, which I find less interesting. But there’s a description of each podcast so you can download only the ones that interest you.

      You’ve given me an idea, Lisa. There’s really nowhere on this blog for us to congregate and ask each other questions and learn from each other. I’m going to set up a new page where we can post questions and answers. I don’t have the technical skills to make it a forum, unfortunately.

  161. Hi all I have just uploading another class on mixcloud…
    this classe have the purpose of stimulate the heart beat and working near the anaerobic maximum of 85% of the HR.
    This extended intervals class have a 2:1 ration ex: stimulation of the heart for 10 minutes and active recovery for 5 minutes… stimulation on a hill and recovery on a flat road!
    Also consider that this class was prepared using Schwinn Cycling Program!

  162. Great idea regarding Ping. I’ve now published a list in Ping, “Spinn60: Circle of Life”. I think you can find me using my email: nilshakon@brettspill.no

    Only problem was that I couldn’t publish an already made playlist, I had to make a new playlist specifically for ping. Any ideas to make this simpler?

    And: Anyone else care to share?

    1. Hi Nils,

      I tried to find you by email, but that didn’t´ work. Found you by adding full name. I´m new to ping so maybe I do something wrong… Could not find any playlist, all I could do was to ´follow´ you on Ping. Maybe the playlist will be available later?

      I prefer to use Spotify Premium. It gives me millions of tracks to choose from and I can use it offline on computer or iPhone. Playlists can also be shared with other users. Works like a charm!

      Br, Vegar

  163. I really like the commentary on all the previous playlists. Do any of you Ping your playlists in iTunes? Much faster and you can sample the music without spending a lot of time searching for the songs if you want to hear them. You can also download the music directly from published playlists… very fast and efficient.