challengesCame across this post on the uber-cool  How many of these habits do you employ?  (Me? 20/25.)

I have room for improvement on #1 Arrive early (I’d be late for my own wedding), #6 Meeting Your Neighbour,  #8 The Signature Catch-Phrase, #15 Encourage Noise, #21 More Eye Contact, #22 Learning Everyone’s Names. (I keep a note on my iPhone with names and descriptions and facts about regulars in each of my classes, but I still struggle with names for all but the most frequent riders. I’ve seen instructors who ask everyone’s names at the outset of a class and remember THE ENTIRE CLASS after one go.  This week I had a former regular rider who hadn’t been to my class since last summer.  I greeted her when she arrived (Catherine!  Great to see you!  and she beamed when I came over to talk with her after class to find out how she’d been.  Names are so important, I wish I was better with them.)

I don’t do #4 Touch People (partly because I don’t teach off the bike – no room to circulate between bikes at my gym but also because not everyone appreciates touch), #7 Curse (though I have told riders that if they’re thinking “When is this bleeping bleeping drill bleeping over?” that they’re exactly where they should be), or #19 High Fives.  I had a small, all-female class this week and mentioned that I’d been thinking about high fives and they unanimously rejected the idea of sweaty palm contact as gross, which is kind of why I haven’t tried it yet.  Those of you who do high fives – how do they go over in your classes?

Here is the May Challenge: choose one habit you need to work on and really go at it this month.  For me, it is going to be learning more names.  (Help!  Anyone have any good strategies?)  Drop me a comment to let me know which of these habits you employ, which you need to work on, and which you disagree with.  If you’re in for the May Challenge, tell us which habit you’re going to work on and report back at the end of May to let us know how it went.