Hi!  My name is Nancy MacLellan from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Two years ago I started taking Cynthia’s classes as a regular participant.  Everyday at 1:00 pm you will find me in the spin room at my gym like a piece of furniture.  I was so inspired to become a spin instructor after taking several of Cynthia’s classes.  I didn’t have much of a fitness background until I met her.  I signed up to take the training through my local gym. That was the easiest part. It’s time to apply what I just learned.   I was so nervous to teach the first warm up track with Cynthia.  I was like a deer in head lights.  Cynthia made me feel comfortable and encourage me to do it!  Here I am!  I have been teaching Free Style Cycling for over a year with five regular classes on the schedule.

I knew I wanted to teach more classes.  I couldn’t get enough!!!  MY gym was bought by another chain of gyms and I knew everything was going to change. Since then I enrolled in Schwinn Cycling training to learn more.  Still I couldn’t get enough.  I wanted to know everything about cycling so I enrolled in the RPM training through Les Mills.  After three months of some serious training I heard back from Fitness Assessment and they replied back congratulating their newest Les Mills RPM Instructor.  On top of that I enrolled in the Body Pump training as well.  I am waiting to hear back from Les Mills for my Body Pump Certification.

Thank you, Thank you Cynthia.  You are my inspiration!!

My classes consist of the Bill Board’s top hits but I like to spin it old school at times.  Check out some of the songs your participants will learn to love.

Now You’re Gone – Basshunter (3:32): Mixed Terrain

Pick up your shoulders and roll them up back and down.

Start off with a standing climb (feels like mud) increase intensity around :30 seconds.

:58 seconds increase resistance, hold tension until sprint and dial back slightly.

1:15 seated sprint for 60 seconds. There is no recovery.

2:12 you’re back on your feet with heavy resistance to finish the hill climb. (78 seconds) Add two increases to increase intensity.

Sandstorm – Darude (3:46): 2 – 60 Second Sprints

Overhead stretch, shoulder roll, take a drink, seated recovery.

:29 seconds (1 minute sprint seated or standing or 30 seconds alternating positions).

1:29 recover – posture break, water (30 seconds recovery).

2:00 seated climb to keep heart rate up.

2:28 (1 minute sprint seated or standing or 30 seconds alternating positions).

Good Vibrations – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (4:29): Seated Rolling Hills x5

In the saddle recovery, water break.

:32 1st sprint down the hill to start the work.

:49 gear up, saddle climb, hips back, dig in.

1:12 2nd sprint.

1:28 increase gears, sit back and climb, choose your intensity according to your fitness level.

1:52 3rd sprint.

2:06 quick drink then add a load, back to your climbing legs.

2:46 4th sprint.

3:03 longer climb ahead (48 seconds).

3:50 last sprint to the end (40 seconds).

Staying Alive (Dance Traxx Remix) – Bee Gees (3:52):  Alternating Standing and Seated Climbs

Increase resistance every 30 seconds and alternate positions.  Encourage participants to keep the same pace as the hill increases.

Feel the Beat – Darude (4:17):  60 seconds sprints X2- I usually play this one after a heavy hill climb to give the additional recovery before the 1st sprint.

:58 sprint for 60 seconds (seated or standing).

1:58 recover and grab some water (posture breaks).

3:16 sprint to the end.

Jump that Rock (Whatever You Want) – Scooter Vs Status Quo (3:26): Attacks & Racing

Recovery for 30 seconds, big turn of resistance for attack.

:33 standing attack.

:45 seated racing (maintain resistance).

1:00 seated climb.

1:27 standing attack.

1:40 seated racing.

1:53 seated climb.

2:18 increase of resistance, stay in saddle.

2:45 standing attack.

2:58 seated racing.

3:11 recovery.

I Like to Move it Techno Mix – DDR Dance Dance Revolution (3:47): Mixed Terrain

When music starts take it Standing Tall, stretching through the hip flexors, lifted chest.

:14 hinge forward to standing climb with the tempo (increasing resistance to support body weight).

:30 get low, hips over the saddle (maintain tension) tuck chin in, belly button in.

:45 increase intensity – standing climb.

1:17 get low.

1:48 mix it up to a seated climb.

2:19 standing climb.

2:50 get low (hover).

3:07 seated to the end.

U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer (4:17): Rolling Hills

Shoulder Roll, posture break.

:15 standing climb (support weight).

:44 increase intensity remain standing.

1:12 increase intensity remain standing.

1:40 1st sprint downhill seated.

1:55 standing hill climb.

2:24 2nd sprint.

2:38 climb.

3:08 3rd sprint.

3:21 climb.

3:51 4th sprint until 4:06.

No Limits – 2 Unlimited (3:45): Team Sprinting

I usually wing this one with the tempo.  Split the class into two groups.

1st team sprints for 20 seconds, 2nd team after first 20 seconds, alternate until the end.  5 sets of 20 seconds.

It’s a Long Way to the Top – AC/DC (5:15): Standing Climb with a 60 second sprint to finish.

Standing climb Increasing intensity every 30 seconds.

4:12 seated sprint for 1 minute, decreased slightly after 30 seconds staying close to the working resistance.

How Far We’ve Come – Matchbox Twenty (3:29): Attacks & Racing

Start with a Seated climb.

:45 standing attack (hips come forward, no contact with the saddle, lean slightly forward).

:56 racing (maintain resistance and slid your hips back in the saddle, dig in).

1:08 seated climb.

1:30 standing attack.

1:42 racing.

1:54 back to climb, increase intensity.

2:31 attack.

2:42 racing.

2:54 attack.

3:06 racing to the end.

Beds are Burning – Nova Space (3:23): 3 sprints

:44 1st sprint, seated sprint or standing (30 seconds).

1:20 short recovery.

1:36 2nd sprint.

2:00 recovery.

2:19 3rd sprint to the end (over 1 minute).

Somewhere Only We Know – Keane (3:49): Cool Down

flush out the legs, slow down to the tempo, recover.

Thanks Nancy!  I was so touched that I’ve provided inspiration to you, and I love that you’ve run with it and are doing far more than me!  (By the way folks, you should see Nancy these days – she is looking very buff.)

In the “I knew it” department, a recent Syracuse University study reported in Canada’s Globe and Mail demonstrated that women burn fewer calories than men doing the very same exercise.  Men and women ran, then walked 1600 metres at the same speed.  When running, men burned 124 calories to women’s 105.  When walking, men burned 88 calories to women’s 74 calories.

Nothing to be done about it except to hit the gym a little longer and eat less.

Well folks, Nancy was our last guest poster of the summer and I’m on my last week of maternity leave.  I go back to work after the Labour Day weekend, and my husband will be home with Kate.  I am looking forward to going back to work, especially since I’ll still have a day or two a week to spend with Kate.

I want to send out a huge thank you to all the spin instructors who volunteered their time and expertise over the summer to keep the blog fresh and full of great tunes and playlists for everyone.  Thank you Denise, Judy, April, Tim, Beth Ann, Darcy, Selma, Lisa, Adrienne, Bob, Paul, Amy, Gabriela, Jenn, and Nancy.  I am so grateful!